10 Best Free & Paid Ways for Advertising Your Business

Advertisement is a method in which a pictorial or video-based clip is run on any platform like TV channels, Youtube, blog site, etc. about a product or anything else.

Types of Advertisement

There are two types of advertisement i.e online & offline.

Online Advertisement includes Advertising of products on mobiles, televisions, website, etc.

Offline Advertisement includes Advertising a product offline like on newspaper, sticker, carry bag, walls, etc.

Why Advertisement is done?

1. Business Growth: Advertisement help a business to grow faster no matter the age of the business.

2. Boosts the sale of New Product: Let’s say, a company launches a new product, now without running ads the sale of this product will not increase as people don’t know that this company has launched something new.

But with an advertisement, millions of people can know that this company has launched a new product in which they are interested.

3. Finding customers becomes easy: For any company customers are their God, no doubt, every company tries their best to increase their customer base.

Advertisement helps them a lot to get new customers.

Paid advertisement means the company or the person who wants to advertise their product will need to pay money:

1. Google ads

Google ads is one of largest ad network in the world known for it’s service and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Google Ads

1. Billions of visitors: As we all know Google and YouTube are the most used search engine all over the world.

Every second millions of people search their query on Youtube and Google, which makes these the favourite of advertisers.

2. Find the right customers: Many ad network companies don’t show ads to the right people who are interested in that products, they just show ads to everyone which also increases the cost of advertisement.

But this is not with the Google because they have their own AI, which shows the ad to the right people who are interested in the advertiser’s product by processing the data of users behavior & activity.

This directly decreases the cost of advertisement and increases the customer interaction.

3. Highly advanced and easy to use the platform: Some ad networks provide very sophisticated platforms where Google being different from others provide very easy to use and implement.

4. Ease of Location selection: If you think that your customers are from a specific city or location then with Google ads you can choose that city or location to show ads.

This will help you to find your desired customers which can directly increase your profits.

5. Name is Enough: Google the name itself is enough to tell about the quality of service. Almost all the big companies like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, etc. also uses Google to advertise their products including newly launched.

6. No Boundation of Industry: No matter in which niche/Industry your company is working, you will be able to find customers or people related to that industry, which again makes Google the best. 🌟

2. Website Ads

Websites ads are the second paid advertisement method which I like the most.

In this, we need to contact our desired website on which we want to show ads through their ” Advertise with us ” or ” Contact Us ” page.

Benefits of Website Ads

1. Audience as You want: On Google, we can find websites in every niche or micro-niche, so you don’t need to worry that will you find an audience related to your business.

2. Cost-Effective: In very rare cases you need to pay a high amount of money & most of the time the cost of advertising on a website is pocket-friendly.

3. Different ad placement areas: There are multiple sections in a site where we can ask the site owner to place ads according to our needs.

Best ad placement is at the header and the footer section of a site to gain more & more visitor engagement.

3. Facebook Ads

With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is my third best available option for advertisement.

As most of the people in the world use smartphones so I think most Facebook users use their app, ads are displayed both on apps and websites.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

1. Multiple ad layouts: We can choose multiple ad layouts like video ads, photo ads, carousel ads which are used mostly for shopping-based products.

2. Lots of statistics: We can filter out people on the basis of their interest, age, gender, location, country, etc. in Facebook ads pltform.

4. Youtube channel ads

Here I am not talking about using Google to show ads on YouTube videos, it’s about contacting YouTubers according to our industry and products.

If our business is related to tech then we need to contact tech channels, if it’s about education then we need to check educational channels.

Probably you are thinking that how to contact YouTube channels?

These days many YouTube channels have started to give their official email address in the description box of every video & on the about us page, through this we can contact these channels to shows our ads in their videos.

We can use either photo-based or video-based ads.

Imp: Big Youtube channels charge a very big amount of money per ad & on the other hand small channels charge less, so it’s always better to choose channels that have not many subscribers.

5. Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are the same as Facebook but we all know that there are more genuine audiences available on Twitter.

On Twitter, advertiser tweets are advertised, we can promote everything like website, products, etc. but it should not be against their policies.

Like this we can also run ads on Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

6. Using Known Social Media Profiles

There are too many people, who have thousands of followers on their social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Let’s say we want to show ads for our cat feed products then we need to find less popular people who are directly involved in pets rearing.

After finding these people we need to contact those persons who charge less to show our products and the audience which is connected to these persons should be loyal otherwise our money will be wasted.

One thing which I like about this type of advertisement is that we can tell the account owner everything about our friend and we can also do some bargaining. 🤑

There are many other paid advertising ways like newspaper ads, carry bag ads, vehicle ads, poster and board ads, etc.

Free Advertising Ways

A person requires zero money in the free advertisement but as per me there are very few ways to advertise for free and I think these are also less effective than paid ways.

Here are some of the free best advertisement ways:

1. Using Own Profile

Many people have doubts that, can they promote products on their social media profiles?

The answer is yes, we can promote any product including our own, on our social media profile.

If you have a decent amount of followers then you can advertise a product on this profile and this is free of cost.

2. Advertising on Your own Products

This is a very effective way of advertising which very few people know about.

The process is very simple, we need to print or link other products to a product.

Let’s say I am running a spice business & I sell all kinds of spices, on every product packaging I have written with pictures that I also sell these products.

If someone purchases my turmeric, then that person will be able or see clearly on the packaging that I also sell chilli and coriander, because at the time of packages manufacturing I have told the owner to write all the which I sell with an image.

This doesn’t follow in offline markets, you can also use for online services.

But the products which we are linking should match together i.e from the above example we can understand that coriander, chilli, and turmeric correlate them, so on these products, I cannot advertise any other products like clothes, sweets, etc. which do not correlate with spices.

So, make sure to link products wisely.

3. Joining Online Groups

There are thousands of groups available on Facebook, telegram, WhatsApp, and other platforms.

Most of these groups are free to join and we can also advertise our products in these groups but make sure to not do any kind of spamming otherwise the group creators will remove you.

Many will think that this will not work which is totally wrong.

We need to join groups that are related to our business, let’s say I have a hosting service for websites then I need to join groups that have members related to SEO, site building, & blogging.

If we choose groups other then our business niche, then this trick will not work.

So friends I hope you have understood all the ways clearly, make sure to share this post with your friends.


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