10 Easy Steps To Be A Good Brother [ Real Life Examples ]

The relationship between a brother & a sister is the purest relation in this world as there is no greed, lie, and betrayal in this.

There is a saying in my country which makes me always cry ” Every house is incomplete without a daughter “. I don’t know how many of you can understand this saying.

But a brother of a sister will be able to understand the deep meaning which is hidden in the above saying.🤝

10 Steps to Be a Good Brother

Every brother loves his sister a lot & want that his sister get all the happiness & good things of this world but sometimes many brothers are not able to understand that how to be a good brother?

So to solve this I have written the best 10 easy steps which I myself follow:

1. Behave Good With Your Sister

1. Behave Good With Your Sister

A sister always behaves kindly with her brother but many brothers talk rudely with her sister which makes her feel sad & sometimes cry as well.

For example, if a brother is doing his written homework of school but suddenly her sis come in and asked him to play snake & ladder with her, nowhere a good brother should say kindly say ‘ yes I will play ‘.

But if he replies ‘ get out from here, I will not play ‘ then this is not good, she will feel bad.

So never behave impolitely with your sister. 🙏

2. Never Get Angry on Your Sister

2. Never Get Angry on Your Sister

Anger is the biggest enemy of our mind & sometimes in this situation human can lose control over their mind.

If you often get angry with your sister because of any reason then please don’t get angry with her as she is your sister.

Before showing anger on her remember that she is the one who makes some delicious stuff for you so that you can enjoy eating it.

She does much of your work without any interest so that you can sit and do your work.

I also try a lot to control my anger, if I am not able to control my anger, then I try to control my hands because no one can’t be called a warrior by raising their hand on her sister.

So make sure to keep your anger in full control and take care of your sister.

3. Give Treats To Your Sister

3. Give Treats To Your Sister

My sister often makes treats for me, at least once a week but as a brother, it’s also my responsibility to prepare treats for my sister so that she can also enjoy and know that her brother is the best in the world.

To know which that your sis likes, you can directly ask her or can check her YouTube & Google history, this will help you to know which food she most searched.

After that, you as a brother need to check the process of that dish preparation on YouTube at least five times so that the treatment can be prepared with perfection without any fault.

4. Bring Your Sister’s Favorite Things

4. Bring Your Sister's Favorite Things

My sister likes new clothes a lot and I know this, so one day I bought a beautiful dress for her and after seeing this, she was very happy and that feeling was exceptional.

Like this you can also bring your sister’s favorite things, this can be a toy, dress, a pet, cycle, new school bag, hair bands, wristwatch, new shoes, and more.

As per me, this is the best way through which you can prove that you are a very good brother of your sister.

5. Protect Your Sister

5. Protect Your Sister

Protecting your sister not only includes protecting her from bad elements & bad eyes but also many other things.

Knowingly unknowingly sometimes our sister can lift too much weight which can cause her body pain & sometimes injuries, so tell her that she shouldn’t lift too much weight than her body capacity.

Like this, you can also create awareness about sharp objects, machines, cycle chains, etc which can harm her body.

A good brother has this kind of concern in his mind about her sister, do you have as a brother?

6. Show Her Right Path

6. Show Her Right Path

When your sister is growing, you need to also think about her career.

Regarding this, you need to find the subject & fields in which she is perfect & interested.

Then start researching on those jobs which she can easily get by continuously focusing on her interesting subject.

After finding the right information, guide your sister according to that so that she can decide her goal can proceed towards that.

By doing this you are fulfilling your responsibility of being a good brother of your sister. 🤝

7. Play Game With Your Sister

7. Play Game With Your Sister

Bro the ultimate truth is that one day our sister has to leave her house to move to another house after marriage.😑

A brother gets very little time to spend with her sister, so bro doesn’t let this time go waste.

My sister likes super mario, subway surfers, temple run, etc. a lot, in the same way, your sister also likes many games, even you can order some indoor games like badminton, tennis, golf, etc.

She will be very happy to see that you are playing games with her.

If your mom is a housewife then nothing is best than this, as you can also make your mom play games with both of you.

Believe me, you will never forget this moment in your entire life, as I am also not able to forget. I still remember that me, my sis, & my mom played carrom board a lot in summer school vacation.

I wish that time will come again in my life.

Don’t forget to choose multiple player mode in every game before starting. 👍😃

8. Never do Discrimination With Her

8. Never do Discrimination With Her

Believe me or not but, indeed, discrimination is down everywhere in this world.

Don’t let any discrimination be done with your sister while eating, playing, purchasing clothes, etc.

Discrimination created a wall between the relation of a brother and sister.

Let me share my example, there was a lot of discrimination where I lived, in my house, my sister get fewer sweets than me, she had to do more housework than me & more.

When I saw that, I felt guilty in my heart that discrimination is done with my sister but after some time everything becomes normal as my family starts to become aware of equality that both son & daughter are same, due to govt. schemes.

9. Never Bother Your Sister

9. Never Bother Your Sister

When I was a child I unknowingly bothered my sister a lot like pulling her hairs, pinching, jumping on her, snatching her food, disturbing her while sleeping & more.

If you are reading this post then make sure don’t bother like me, because I didn’t do it knowingly.

If you don’t bother then the relationship bond between you and your sister starts to become very strong.

10. Be Her Hero

10. Be Her Hero

Every sister sees her brother as a hero, you can be a spider man, Superman, Batman & more for her.

You can wear dresses of these heroes to make your sister happy and even can play with her.

Sister is like a diamond that enlightens our lives with her existence, smile, joy, and work.

Bro always try to stand with your sister in every condition, try to make her smile as much as you can because she is one of the important people in your life who only wants your happiness and success.

How to be a Good Big Brother

Above we discussed that how you can be a kind brother of your sister, but here we will discuss that how you can be a good big brother:

1. Understand Your Responsibility

You as elder brother need to do look after your younger brother and sister.

You can take care of their daily routine, like wake up them early in the morning and ask them to brush and then Yoga so that they can grow both physically and mentally.

Don’t let them watch mobile screens late at night because this will harm their eyes and in some cases can cause headaches.

Like this, you can do take other things related to their daily routine.

2. Keep Away Your Brother and Sister from Bad Company?

We can find bad company everywhere from school life to college.

During growing age many bad things and activities can attract your younger bro and sis, so keep a close watch on their behavior.

To do this you can check are they doing school homework properly, are they watching anything bad on YouTube, etc.

This will help your younger bro and sis to become a successful man & woman, and you be a good elder brother.

3. Guide Them To Make Parents Proud

As an elder brother, it’s your responsibility to guide your young bro & sis to make parents proud, you can check the below post for more information 👇

4. Take Care of Them in School

School is a place where your young bro & sis will learn about how to live life.

You are elder among all, then it is quite obvious that you are also studying in the same school where they are studying.

So when you get time then you can keep a watch on them that are they talking with other students or learning something while teachers are teaching?

Also, take care of them when they are entering or exiting the school bus as they are young & any inadvertence can cause injuries.

Now let’s see something about little ones.

How to be a good younger brother?

How to be a good younger brother

I am younger than my sister so I can easily tell you how you can be a good younger brother.

1. Always Listen To Your Elders: Bro you are still young and have very little experience but do you know how much experience your elders like your grandpa have?

All your elders have years of knowledge & experience about both life and success, so if they are guiding then please listen to them with full concentration.

2. Pay Respect to Elders: Never try to speak against your elders especially your parents.

Make sure to follow your elder’s decisions than your’s because they know better than you, that what is wrong & right for you.

If someone says that you shouldn’t follow your elder’s suggestions then tell him/her that you are a good son, I will follow my elders. 👍

3. Enjoy your days: Bro this age is for fun and schooling so stop everything else, spend good time with your family & enjoy your life and learn everything in school which your teachers teach you. 👍🌟

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How to make my 13 yr old brother understand that with his interest in singing he also have to get good marks in his class?

I can understand your concern, the simple things which you can do is that tell him that you can continue singing, but only give one hour to it so that you can continue your studies to become successful in life.

If still, he is not able to understand then show him the reality of the singing world that there are only 5 – 10 famous singers, rest who started singing are either struggling in their life for money or they have nothing, so brother please continue studies, once you got a good job then you can start singing again.

#2. How can I make a nice and easiest gift for my brother at home in lockdown in the age of 6?

You can easily make the favorite dish of your brother & if online shipments are open then you can order something special for your brother as well. He will be very happy after watching this.👍

#3. How to make my small brother good?

As I understand your small brother is lazy, one thing which can help is that you can create awareness about things where he is not good like if he is not brushing his teeth on time, then tell him diseases which can occur if he doesn’t do regular brushing of his teeth’s.

Thats it for today and I hope you like the post.

Thanks, have nice day ahead👍