10 Easy Steps To Show Attitude in Your Life [ Ultimate Guide ]

” Attitude is a kind of expressions in your voice and body style which makes you looks different from the crowd “

If you want to see any example then check the above image in which I have clearly mentioned that ‘ Don’t Click ‘, this means I don’t want you to click on my post. ( Just an example 😆 )

10 Ways to Show Attitude

Below listed points are some of the best ways which I have experienced and personally followed to show attitude:

I don’t think you will find these points in other posts available on Google.🤠

1. Walk Like a Horse & Stop Like a Lion

1. Walk Like a Horse & Stop Like a Lion

I have seen many persons that when they walk it seems like someone has absorbed all the energy & some do overacting while walking which I don’t like.

This kind of walking doesn’t create an impression on anyone instead of this, people think that they are lazy and overacting.

To show attitude you need to walk like a horse, your back should be straight and your chest should be a little bit upward with eyes straight towards your path.👁️

You should then stop like a lion.

Have you seen people that when they stop their body balance gets spoiled either by wrong footsteps or slipping?

So, you should take your steps wisely by check and avoiding things that are in your way, then try to stop like a LION.

2. Make Weight & Boldness Come in Your Voice

2. Make Weight Boldness Come in Your Voice

Some people speak very loudly in their homes but when it comes to public places their voice becomes like a woman or very soft, which I think is normal with many men and women.

And when you speak with a very low volume voice then it is quite obvious that people who are present there will ignore your or will see you as a normal guy participating in the daily rat race.

So to avoid this you need to show your attitude but you can’t do with low sounding voice, then what you can do?

You can speak like a normal person like you are speaking in your house, you can also make your voice a little bit heavy and bold to show attitude.

3. Let Your Face & Eyes Show your Attitude

Many people take their heads and eyes down while talking to a man or woman, which shows that along with attitude they also lack inner confidence, so to avoid this try to talk with confidence.

I believe you have seen many people in your life who always try to laugh or to do any activity just to get noticed in the eye of people, but in reality, it’s like a child activity.

As attitude doesn’t mean that you should keep your facial expressions always funny or angry, it’s about keeping your face serious and calm like a lion.

4. Never Let Your Self-Respect Get Harmed

4. Never Let Your Self-Respect Get Harmed

So many people don’t know that self-respect is another aspect of attitude & most of them don’t care about this.

Let me share my grandpa’s incident which my grandma told me often.

My grandpa is not alive😑 in this world but I feel proud that I am His grand son.

The incident:

My grandpa had a habit of drinking tea and he was a doctor as a profession. One day he went to a tea stall and ordered two cups of tea ( one for him & the other for assistant ).

The owner did the same & brought tea in cups made up of glass. After drinking tea my grandpa & his assistant paid the amount & started to move.

Then, the owner of the tea stall interrupted asked that you both ( grandpa & assistant ) need to wash the glass cup as this was their rule.

My grandpa was a very bold man, seeing that the owner wants to harm his self-respect, grandpa asked the price of the glass, the owner replied ‘ 20 rupees ‘.

My grandpa paid the 20 rupees to the shop owner & asked his assistant to throw the glass on the wall, which was in front of them, the glass got broken in pieces, my grandpa then left and that shop owner was shocked….

This is what called ” self-respect “.

So always try to protect your self respect. 👍

5. Avoid Trying to Get Attention

5. Avoid Trying to Get Attention

Getting attention in school, college, university, etc. is a favorite of many of us, but I really don’t like and a person with an attitude will also not like it.

Many wear new shoes, adopt new hairstyle, & more in schools to get the attention of other students but this is nothing.

The real attention comes when you achieve top rank in school exams when every student sees you taking the prize from the teachers…

This is what real attitude means when you achieve something with your hard work now everybody will respect you and your attitude in the school.

6. Build Courage to Say ‘ No ‘

6. Build Courage to Say ' No '

I myself was not able to say ‘ no ‘ to anyone as I was feared that if I say ‘ no ‘ then what that person will think about me?

But I was strict to show my attitude, so from the past two years, I have started to say ‘ no ‘ many times.

This is for useless work, I always say ‘ yes ‘ for any work related to needy people.🤝

So if you don’t have the courage to speak ‘ no ‘ then you can build courage for it day by day.

7. Speak Only, When Needed

7. Speak Only When Needed

I really don’t like people who speak every time like a radio, it seems like they have all the knowledge of the world & are free to share this vast knowledge with others.

Sometimes I have to leave that place where these kind of people are giving their lectures.

If you also have a habit to speak a lot without any reason or need then you will never be able to show your attitude.

There is a saying that ‘ Speak Only When It’s Necessary ‘, even continuous talking can cause pain in the jaw and overall mouth.

So, if you want to show your good attitude then only speak when it’s better than being silent!

8. Build Good Body

8. Build Good Body

Believe me or not but in reality, attitude doesn’t suit people who are thin or have zero body.

We all know nobody gets feared by a thin guy & if he starts to show attitude then it’s obvious attitude will not fit him.

Two years ago when my weight was very less & when I went outside to any function then I always thought that I was thinner than others, as a result, I was not able to even think about attitude.

After that my weight started to increase because of taking heavy diets, at the same time I was also doing home-based exercises due to which my body was also shaping & you will not believe me my attitude & confidence level was increasing with gaining weight.

So as per me if anyone wants to show good attitude then he should eat good food & do bodybuilding to shape his body.

9. Start Building Wealth

9. start building wealth

There is no doubt that without money anyone’s attitude is useless as money is everything for almost all the people available in this world.

My father always told me that ” Son try to become a wealthy man so that I ( Dad ) can all those who are jealous of us & think that we ( my family ) will be in the same condition in which we are living “.

So it’s my responsibility to fulfill this dream of my dad and I am pretty sure one day I will become a rich person as my father wants. 🙏🏼🤝 ( Post related to this point 👇 )

Hope you have understood the importance of money if you want to show attitude.

10. Wear Casual Clothes

10. Wear Casual Clothes

In the past 22 years of my life, I have found that people give more attention to persons who wear casual rather than those who wear fancy & trending dresses.

And i also know that casual clothes are favourite of almost all the people.

Probabaly you are thinking that why to wear casual dresses to show attitude?

Well, have you seen a top richest person in the world? If yes then probably you have seen that all these wear casual dresses not fancy.

Fun Fact: I always try to purchase casual wear in summers also because I feel comfortable and can easily show attitude as well.

Above mentioned points are the ways through which you easily get attitude in personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

I found a lot of questions related to attitude among readers of this blog, so here I am trying to answer these all one by one:

#1 How can attitudes be changed?

The attitudes among all the people are different & continuous following of these attitudes becomes their habit so to change attitude you need to practice every day until you are not able to completely change it.

#2. How to not have an attitude?

If your attitude is creating problems in your daily life then it’s better to remove any kind of attitude.

To do this you need to check that how your body shows attitude & especially that attitude which is creating the problem, for example, some people talk rudely because of their attitude, so you are one of them then you can easily, fine-tune your talking style from rude to normal.

Like this, you can remove any kind of attitude from your body after finding it.👍

#3. How to work on your attitude?

Here as I can understand, you want to know that how to develop any attitude style?

So for this simple answer is, it will take at least 10 days to develop or work on any kind of attitude.

#4. How to have a better attitude at work?

A work area is a place where a person tries to show a better attitude but sometimes many are not able to show.

The simple thing which you can do is that do your given work with full dedication and deliver it on time, this will help you to build an attitude of doing good work which will make you different from other employees.

Now due to this attitude, every important work will be given to you.

#5. How to have a great attitude?

There is no perfect answer for a great attitude but as for me, this is related to humanity.

If someone needs your help and you help him/her then it is the greatest attitude that exists on the Earth.

For example, an old man wants to cross the road but due to heavy traffic he is not able to cross, now you are going nearby the old man & you helped him to cross the road then this is a great attitude which shows humanity is still available on our planet. 👍

So friends that’s it for today hope you like my post.

Thanks, Have a wonderful Day Ahead👍