10 Popular Questions While Having Crush & Their Best Answers

Okay, you have a crush on someone but you are confused about her activity on social media & daily life.

So, in today’s post, I will answer your 10 queries which either you have today or maybe can get develop in your mind in the future.

1. What To Do When Your Crush Follows You Back On Instagram?

First of all, my best wishes that your crush has followed you back on Instagram.

When she has followed back you then try to do a direct message first ONLY for normal greetings.

Start doing comments on her pics and videos, like them, you can also share your crush’s post on your profile, etc.

You can also check comments on her profile, if you found that anyone is doing a bad comment then give an answer to those and also tell your crush to block them.

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2. What Does It Mean When Your Crush Accepts Your Friend Request?

When your crush accepts your friend request on Facebook then nothing can happen best than this, as she also wanna make you her friend.

You can say thanks to your crush the next day when she meets you.

3. What Should I Comment On My Crush Pic?

Here are the 9 sentences which you can use to comment on your crush’s pic:

  • Touchwood, Nice Pic 🙂
  • The Other Side Of Your Life Is Too Beautiful.
  • Take Care & Enjoy The Day.
  • May The Sun Protect & Moon Enlighten Your Beauty.
  • Nice Pic, This Made My Day.
  • Can I Set This Pic As My Smartphone Home screen Wallpaper?
  • Today You Are Looking So Happy & Energetic, Best Pic Of Your Life.
  • May This Smile Never Ends.
  • These Glasses Suits You.
  • I’m Going On A Ride in My Car, Are You Going With Me, if you are free?

4. What To Do When Your Crush Blocks You?

Without a second thought, your crush has no interest in you that’s why he/she has blocked you.

Ask yourself that why you will block someone on any social media profile? If you can find the answer of my question, then your answer will the reason that why your crush blocked you.

As per me, a guy/girl should forget their crush completely from his/her mind when their crush has blocked them & start a new journey with other friend and should enjoy their life.

5. Why Does My Crush Look Down When I Walk By?

Your crush likes you a lot and he also sees you many times but he doesn’t want to see you when you start to see him because he fears that what you will think about him as he constantly looks at you & this is the reason why your crush look down when you walk by.

When you are not seeing him then he will try to see you but the moment when you look at him, he will instantly look away as he respects you a lot and doesn’t wanna make you think that he is a bad guy who is looking constantly at you all the time.

6. Why Did My Crush Stop Texting Me?

These are the reasons why your crush stops texting you:

  • Your crush doesn’t like you.
  • Your crush is angry with you.
  • Your crush has some work in his/her house.
  • Your Crush’s Parents have restricted him/her to text you.

Like this, multiple issues can stop your crush to do text messages to you.

7. What Does It Mean When Your Crush Texts You First?

Yes, you are assuming right, your crush likes you back that’s why he/she is texting you first.

There is a high possibility that your crush is more excited than you to chat and talk with you & maybe he/she wanna tell you his/her heart’s voice.

8. Why Am I Scared To Text My Crush?

You are scared to text your crush because you are fearful and have a negative mindset.

Before sending you are thinking that he/she will reply or not?, He/she will like your messages or not?, He/she will mute your account, etc.

From the above examples, you can easily understand that most of the time you are thinking negatively, & to solve this, you need to build a positive mindset and start to send good things which your crush will like.

9. What Can I Text My Crush To Make Him Smile?

Here are the sentences which you can text your crush to make him smile:

  • Send Text-Based Jokes.
  • After the end of text messages add ” I know you are reading my messages ” this will make him smile.
  • Send smiley emojis.
  • Share the funniest incident of your day.

10. What To Do When Texting Your Crush?

Here are the things which you should and shouldn’t do while texting your crush:

  • Be Calm & Silent.
  • Focus Only On Your Crush’s Messages.
  • You Can Sit In A Silent Room For More Focus.
  • Check Your Internet Connection To Avoid Any Kind Of Problem In Texting Your Crush.
  • Send Good Things Only.

That’s it for today’s post friends, I have written this post in a hurry so I apologize in advance if I have done any mistake.