10 Secret Benefits of Having A Car During School & College Life

School & college life is the most enjoying part of our lives for both boys and girls as we can see our friends daily, play games with them, & many more.

But what about a guy who has a crush on a girl or has a girlfriend in his school or college?

He tries to find out & follow various kinds of tactics to impress his crush ( girlfriend ) & regarding this, today I am going to share 10 Secret Benefits of Having A Car During School & College Life….. 🤝❤️

I have found out these benefits based on my experience in my school & college life.

So, without delaying, let’s get started…….

1. Status Among All Girls

In schools, most of the students come by cycle or by bus which is common everywhere.

But when you start to go daily with a car and park it in your school’s car parking area then it makes everyone look at you especially girls, which directly increases your status among them and makes them know that you are a GENUINE guy not like others. 🔥

While entering the school, you should give greetings to your teachers so that you can become a good student in their eyes.

2. You Can Take Her To College From Her Home in Your Car

If you have a girlfriend & daily she travels a lot every day to access her college then you can try to convince her to come with you in your car.

If she agrees then you can take her to college from her home in your car and you both can enter the college at the same time.

Since she has agreed to come with you in the morning, you can also try to get her permission to drop her home in your car when college is over, if she agrees then that is great news for you.

For more safety, you can tell your girlfriend to ask her parents to go to college with you(her friend).

Imp: Remember Her Permission is Compulsory.

3. You Can Show Your Affection To Your Girlfriend

While traveling with her towards her house, you can play your most favorite romantic song in your car to impress her, and trust me, this works.

To find your favorite song that you think can impress her, you should try Youtube to find that song.

If her house is far away from the college then you may try to stop your car at a restaurant or cafe to enjoy some snacks or delicious food with her & no doubt, she will be very happy after seeing your affection towards her. ❤️🤝

4. You Can Take Her On Shopping

To show your affection, you can take her shopping with you and let her shop her favorite dresses, beauty products, body-care products, and many more.

To go shopping, you both need to make a plan because you can’t go the next day of reading this post as you both need to decide the right shopping mall to buy quality products and to search for the right shopping mall in your city takes time.

As she is your girlfriend, so there is a high possibility that she will tell you to pay all the shopping bills. ( yes, these expense comes with a girlfriend )🤠

5. You Can Help Your Girlfriend’s Best Friends

If your girlfriend denies going with you to college then there is no problem as you can give a lift to her best friends.

But for this, you need to find who is her best friend?

As per my experience, the girls/guys whom with your girlfriend spend most of her time in college are her best friends.

First of all, you need to do friendship with them and then when you are leaving the college from your car, you need to do eye contact with her best friends and then you need to ask them if they want to go with you then can, if they agree you can give them lift.

The benefit of giving a lift to your girlfriend’s best friends is that they will start to know that you are kind by heart and you can also tell them that you like a girl which is their friend and there are very high chances that they will help you to impress your girlfriend.

But make sure that their house is in your way otherwise, your car will require more gas…….👍

If you don’t like this point then you can leave it, no problem with it, as there as many other ways through which you can impress your crush or girlfriend.

6. You Can Help Your Girlfriend To Reach School/College During Exams

Exams are very important for students and it is more important for them to reach their schools/colleges on time so that they can get entry in the exam hall.

God knows if your girlfriend is coming in a bus and the engine of that bus got jammed then it can restrict her to enter the school/college during exams.

So, before exams, you can tell and convince your girlfriend to go with you during the exam so that she can’t miss any paper.

Make sure your car is okay both internally and externally.🤠

7. You Can Take Her On Long Trip

If everything is going right between you and the girl whom you likes the most then you both can make a plan for a long trip especially for weekends where you both can enjoy food, amusement parks, and nature.

8. You Can Give Lift To Your Teachers

When I was in school, many teachers used to went to their houses either on their legs or by the school buses after the school/college is closed.

If you know that any teacher of your school goes daily his/her home by walking on legs then you can give a lift to him/her.

And it will be a proud moment for a teacher that his/her student is giving them lift and for a student that he can help his teacher. 👍

9. You Can Help Your Girlfriends Parents

Let’s say your girlfriend’s parents haven’t any car then you can help them with your car.

Like, on weekends you can drive your car near your girlfriend’s house and if you find her mom or dad is standing outside their house then you can ask where she/he wants to go and then you can take them to their desire place.

There are many other ways through which you can help your GF’s parents but as the situation varies from guy to guy so you need to find yourself the various ways through which you can help her parents.

10. You Can Be On Time

Going to school by bus or cycle can consume & waste your precious hours which you can save by using a car and can use saved hours in studying.

If your school/college is 10 kilometers away from your house then a car will hardly take 10 minutes to reach there but if you cover this distance by bus then it can take up to one hour!!

Which Car is Best During School or College?

Without a second thought, my favorite is Chevy. I have still my Cruze and trust me, it talks with the wind while driving.

If you are interested in sedans then you can check Chevy’s Malibu & if you are interested in SUVs then you must check Chevy’s Blazer. 👍👍👍

Sweet Words

Okay, you have read the benefits of having a car during school/college life but to drive it without breaking rules, you need to get a driving license, which is must compulsory if you want to drive any car.

After getting a driving license, you can drive your car and make a good impression on your crush/girlfriend.

Till that take care & have a nice day ahead…..

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Drive Slowly and Be Safe…..

Disclaimer: All the information provided in this post is for informational purposes only. I am not advising anyone to purchase a new car or drive a car to their school/college.

# The link of Chevy’s site is not affiliated link, I just linked their site because I love their cars.