12 Reasons Why Does Your Girlfriend Go Through Your Phone

So, your girlfriend often go through your phone whenever you meet her and at the same time, you are not sure why she checks your phone…..

No issue, I am going to share 12 reasons which are making your girlfriend to go through your phone🤳……

Therefore, without wasting a single second, let’s dive in……🌺⤵️🌺

1. She Doubts Your Love💔

This is the main reason why your girlfriend is going through your phone.

It is common for a girl, if she doubts your love she tries to check your smartphone to know that you are not doing anything wrong which a guy in a relationship should not do.

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2. She Suspects You’re Cheating On Her

If your girlfriend trusts you then she will never try to check your phone and at least not without your permission.

Now, if she has started checking your phone without your permission then one thing is for sure that she suspects that you are cheating on her….

So, what you are waiting for? Go and Tell Her That How Much You Love Her and How Important She is in Your Life….🌺💕🌺

3. She Wants To Make Sure There’s No Other Girl In Your Life

If you are cheating on her then this is for sure that you will have her contact details, social media profile, photos, etc in your phone.

And if your girlfriend has a little bit doubt on your then she knows very well that she can find something in your phone if you are cheating on her and this is one of the reason which is forcing her to go through your phone.

4. You Are Becoming Secretive of Your Phone📱

These days, if you are being secretive about your phone, then your girlfriend may also suspect your activity.

For example, you close all apps when she comes to you, you don’t give her your phone when she asks, you keep your social media profiles private, etc.

All these activities of yours will let your girlfriend know that you are hiding something from her and then she will go through your phone.

5. You Are Keeping Everything Locked on Your Smartphone🔒

Personally, I don’t keep any locks on my smartphone except the Swipe Up lock provided by the company by default.

So why don’t I keep a hard lock like a pattern or pin? Because I don’t have anything to hide from anyone that’s why I don’t keep it and I’m not afraid if someone checks my phone.

If your girlfriend knows that you keep your phone and it’s all apps locked, it may make her suspect that you are hiding something from her.

And to clear up all the doubts, she will try to pick up your phone and start checking it.

6. She Wants to Check Your Phone’s Gallery 📸

Your girlfriend knows very well that if you’ll try to cheat her then you will have the photo of that girl with whome you are cheating on her.

So, to make sure that you are not having any relationship with any other girl, your girlfriend can try to check your phone’s gallery.

And there is nothing wrong in this.🙏

7. She Has Found Anything That Has Made Her Doubt You

Try to remember that if you have done any mistake that a guy should not do in a relationship or she has seen you with other girls…..

Because there is a possibility that your girlfriend has found some clue which is making her suspect you, as a result of which she is touching your phone again and again.

8. She Wants To Check Which Apps You’re Using

As per my experience, girls don’t like that their boyfriends use apps that show those things 😎 especially dating apps.

So, there are chances that your girlfriend wants to make sure that her boyfriend is not using any kind of bad app and for that she can go through your phone.

9. She Wants To See How You Will React

It is also possible that she already knows that you will get angry whenever she’ll check your phone and to see how you will react when she touches your phone, she will grab your phone.

10. Prove Her That No One Else is in Your Life Other Than Her💕

Now, after reading the above reasons, I am sure you have come to know that your girlfriend is suspecting you.

So, if you are not really cheating on her, please try to prove to your girlfriend that you really love her and would do anything for her.

Hope and wish your girlfriend will understand your feelings…..🌺💕🌺

11. You Can Ask Her

I am not your girlfriend 😂 so I can’t exactly tell you why she checks your phone with or without your permission and to know the exact reason behind this I will advise you to ask about this from you girlfriend once.

Because she is the one who can tell you the exact.

After knowing the reason please try to solve it because there is no place for doubts in a true relationship.

12. It Can Be Normal As Well

Yes, it is also possible that your girlfriend is going through your phone for her personal work like searching something on Google or she wants to watch a video on YouTube.

So, if you are true to her then don’t get stressed because your heart is pure and you are not deceiving her.

These were the 12 reasons, hope you agree with my thoughts and your all doubts are cleared about why your girlfriend go through your phone.

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That’s it for today, take care & have a nice day ahead my brother…..🌺💕🌺