12 Signs A Guy Wants To Hold Your Hand? [Guy Secrets]

It’s very difficult to know whether a guy wants to hold your hand or not…🌺

But there are some signs through which you can be sure that he wants to hold your hand…..🌺

And in this post, I am going to share 12 signs which a guy shows when he really wants to hold your hand…..✌️

So, without further delay, let’s start this post…..⤵️⤵️

1. He Will Walk Beside You❣️

Yes, if a guy wants to hold your hand then you will always find him by you while leaving the school/college like beside you or next to you…..🌺

Either he will walk alone or with his friends beside you but you will always find him near you……

So, if the guy you like always walks beside you or side by side with you then it is for sure that he wants to hold your hand….💕

2. He Will Walk Behind You🌺

I am a shy guy and I also wanted to hold the hand of the girl I loved and still love………❣️

I always used to walk behind her when school ends, like she used to walk ahead of me and I behind her……😍😎

There was always a distance of 10-20 feet between me and her, I wanted to hold her hand but because of my shyness I could never do that and I am sorry for that!!😭😭

So, if the guy you like is shy then try to find out exactly where he walks….🌺

If he always walks behind you then it is very likely that he wants to hold your hand…….🌺

3. He Will Look At You & Your Hand Very Often😍

If a guy wants to hold your hand then he will look at your hand while walking or sitting next to you…..🌺

Especially if he is following you then his eyes will be totally on you……👀

You can also find out if he looks at your hand or not by giving him something…🌺

Like you can give him a notebook or any other item, if he wants to hold your hand then while taking that item from you, his eyes will not be on that thing but on your hand….🌺

4. He Will Not Take His Hand Back If You Accidentally Touch His

Yes, if a guy wants to hold your hand then he will not take his hand back if you accidentally touch his hand…..😎

You can try this trick tomorrow….⤵️

Just go and sit with him and start chatting, after a minute or two rest your hand on his, if he wants to hold your hand then he will get shy & won’t take his hand off but if he takes his hand away then it means he’s not ready to hold it….🌺

Try to walk beside him, go closer, and then hold his hand, if he starts to get nervous or blush & he doesn’t take his hand off it means he has become yours but if not then it indicates that he is not into you….💕

5. He Shall Try To Touch Your Hand With His

Yes, if a guy wants to hold your hand then he can try to touch your hand with his while walking or sitting with you….🌺

But make sure that a genuine guy will never do this even if he loves you so much because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or unsafe by touching/brushing your hand with his without your permission……🙏🌺

6. A Shy Guy Will Give Very Less Signs🌺

If the guy you like gets shy infront of you i.e. he’s shy of you then trust me, he will give you very less signs that he wants to hold your hand……….🙏🌺

Even if he really wants to hold your hand he won’t let you feel that he wants to hold your hand…..🙏😭

Even if he likes you but he won’t be able to touch your hand or walk close to you because of shyness….😭💔

But he can give you some signs like he will walk side by side with you or behind you most of the time[I’m a shy guy so trust me]…..💕✌️

So, what you can do if he’s shy of you?⤵️

Well, if you are sure you are the most prettiest girl in your class and he also likes you then you need to make a move here…..😍

Because he will never be able to make a move or hold your hand…..😭💔

If almost all the time he walks side by side you or behind you then just go to him and hold his hand and start walking again….✌️🌺

If he likes you, he will happily walk continuously but if not then he will take his hand off yours in one second..🌺

7. He Will Leave The Class Along With You or Just After You

Yes, if a guy wants to hold your hand then he will try to leave the classroom along with you or just after you….✌️

So, if he always leaves the class along with you or right after you then it means he’s really interested in holding your hand……..💕

8. No Sign😎

Yes, this is also possible that even if a guy likes you then also he won’t show you any signs that he wants to hold your hand even if he is longing for holding your hand….💕

A guy who gets shy in front of you shows this kind of nature……💔❣️

9. He Will Rest His Hand Close To Yours

If you two are sitting and talking with each other then if he wants to hold your hand, he will rest his hand near yours…..❣

So, next time when you sit with him, just try to watch where he rests his hand…..

10. He Will Slow Down Walking If You Are Behind Him

Yes, if by chance you are walking behind him then there is a possibility that he will slow down or stop completely so that you can pass him….❣️

So, tomorrow try to talk behind him if he slows down or completely stops then probably he wants to hold your hand….💕

11. If You Both Are On The Same Page Then Hold His Hand🌺

Yes, if you both are on the same page i.e you are attracted towards him and he too then just hold his hand….💞

You can follow this trick….⤵️

Tomorrow when school ends, wait for him to leave the room, when he leaves the room just start walking behind him then go beside him…

And tell “his name, I am feeling nervous, will you please hold my hand?”, I am sure he will hold your hand [isn’t a nice trick?]

Or you can tell him “his name, I want to hold your hand” and then grab his hand, as simple as that….🌺💕🌺

12. He Shows You That He’s Interested in You

Yes, if a guy wants to hold your hand then he will show you that he’s interested in you…….👍

Like he will find ways to talk to you, he will try to help you a lot, he will offer you a ride home in his car, he will try to get your address, etc….🌺💕🌺

So, if he’s showing you these above-mentioned signs then it means that he wants to hold your hand….❣️

So, this is the end of this post, hope you liked my post and I was able to give exact answer to your query….🙏

Have any doubts, you can contact me through contact us page or soon I am going to give ‘Relationship Advice’ so you can check that…..🙏👍🌺

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead……

Have a great day ahead and bye bye.🙏👍