12 Things to do When Your Boyfriend Cheats On You But You Still Love Him [ Step-by-Step ]

I really don’t like guys who cheat, especially in relationships and I always advise others to keep a safe distance from this type of man/woman.

Because they just play with emotions and when their game is over they move to their next target and like this, they are able to ruin many lives.

One of my blog readers asked me a question that her boyfriend cheats on her but she still loves him and what she can do next? Regarding this, I am writing this post with clear-cut answers. 👍

1. You’re Not A Kid

Try to understand that you are not a kid who is insisting for a toy, knowing that this toy will break in just a few days.

You need to understand that you are a mature, bold, & brave woman who can control her emotions, mind, and heart very easily.

Let’s say, you are able to get your BF and you think that you & he will spend life very happily but this will never happen because after some days he will betray you by meeting with another woman as this is his habit.

And you need to understand this truth, the early you understand, the better it is for you, as I don’t want you to waste your time & life thinking about a guy who cheats on you.🙏

2. Stop Loving Him

Do you still get attracted towards him when you see him?

If yes, then you need to stop loving him because you know very well that there is a very bad guy behind his beautiful face who cheats with girls.

You need to control your emotions and your body to don’t see him, gradually, you will be able to remove any kind of affection for him from your heart.

3. Forget Him

As you know the reality of your boyfriend, so you need to forget HIM.

For this, you must have to remove every past memory, feeling, and emotion from your mind and heart related to your boyfriend.

By doing this, you will be able to get out of that dark relationship and be free as well like a flying bird.

4. Motivate Yourself

I know removing anyone from your heart whom you like a lot is very difficult and you can get demotivated while doing this, so try to motivate yourself.

You can work on the goals and dreams which you want to achieve and fulfill in your life.

Trust me, you will get new energy when you will start to working on your goals.

Now, read next points only if you want to start friendship again with someone else.

5. Notice If Someone is Attracted To You

Sometimes, you run after a guy to get his love but in between this, you are not able to realize that someone else also likes you but you are not able to see him.

You need to notice that is there someone around you who likes you and also trying to impress you?

Maybe, it can be difficult for you to find that guy but if you can find that boy then check the next step.

6. Check He is Real or Fake

One has already cheated you and to avoid someone else cheating you, you need to know that he is real or fake.

To know this, you can check his social media profile and daily behavior.

Even you can talk with his best friends that what kind of guy he is and does he really likes you? Because as a man I know that he will have shared his heart’s talk with his best friends.

After analyzing, if you find that he is a real guy & you also like him then only try to move forward with him.

7. Start To Correlate With Him

If he is trying a lot to get your attention then gradually try to give him attention.

If he wants to spend time with you by taking you outside on long rides or in amusement parks, then try to go with him to make him know that you also feel the same for him that he feels for you.

8. Try To Often Meet His Parents

If you have accepted him then start to often meet his parents to know more about his family and him.

You can also take blessings from his parents whenever you meet them by touching their feet. ( Indian Ritual )

As you are regularly talking with his parents, so they will also start to accept which will be very good for you in future.

9. Start Giving Time To Your Parents

I know that many times you don’t give time to your parents and you try to avoid them but you shouldn’t do this because they are the one who really loves you and want to see you succeed.

Along with your external life, try to spend time with your mom & dad, and try to make them feel proud of you.

10. Ask Him Real Questions

Maybe, you are thinking to spend your whole life with him, so you have to be extra cautious here because it’s about living with someone whole life.

You need to ask serious questions with him like about his future plans, family management, job, earnings, and many more.

If he is giving satisfying answers then I don’t think he is a bad guy.

11. Talk With Your Parents

Now, it’s time to talk with your parents about your past BF and the new friendship which you have started with the guy who likes you from the bottom of his heart.

Ask your mom that “am I doing right?” Trust me, she will guide you her best because you are her daughter and she knows very well that what is good for you.🤝

12. It’s Time To Take A Right Decision

After talking with your parents, you can take the decision of marrying him.

But before this, you must be happy with his family earnings, job, house, car, parents, and everything which belongs to him because this will help you to live easily with him without any fight. 👍

I hope I have cleared every doubt about what to do if your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him, now, let’s see some basic questions related to this query.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. He Cheated But Says He Love Me

When you do any major mistake and then say ‘ sorry ‘, ask yourself that is it right?

‘ No ‘, and your boyfriend is also doing the same.

A guy who really loves you will never try to cheat on you but if one cheats you then I think you should remove that guy from your life because as per me, your BF knew very well that he is cheating you and still knowing he cheated on you.

For instance, I assumed that he has regret on why he cheated you but my question is what is the guarantee that he will not cheat you again in the future?

Think Twice about this!!

2. Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend After He Cheated On You

Try to read this post from starting and I have stated very well that I don’t like a guy/girl who cheats with someone, so I don’t know which questions to ask him!!

3. What To Do If Your Boyfriend Cheats On You But Wants You Back?

Okay, as per my experience, you need to stop talking with him for at least two months and during these months, you need to keep a close eye on him especially in real life and on his social media.

If during these months, you see that he started a friendship with a new girl then no doubt, he was telling lie with you but if he was alone during these months then I think you should try to forgive and talk with him.

Make sure to take a promise from him that he will never cheat you again.🤝

That’s it for today’s post friends and I hope you liked my post.👍

If you have any doubt related to relationship then let me know by commenting below and I will try my best to answer your question.

Till That Take Care And Have A Nice Day Ahead👍…..