12 Ways To Get Your Crush’s Phone Number? [Fast & Easily]

So, you want to get your crush’s phone number but you don’t know how to get her number…..🌺

Don’t get worried brother because through this post I am going to share 12 ways through which you can easily get your crush’s phone number…..🌺👍

This is a step-by-step post so please don’t skip any point/step….🙏

So, without wasting a single second, let’s start this post…….⤵️⤵️

If you are a girl then also you can follow these steps…..⤵️

1. Try To Be Friends With Her🌺

You can easily get your crush’s number with many clever tricks but tell me, what will you do with her number?🌺

There’s no point to get her number if you are not friends with her, you’ll be a stranger to her and she can block you too if you text or call her without her permission…..🙏

But when you become friends with her and you get her number from her then you will not be a stranger to her & you don’t need to ask any permission from her to text or call her…..🌺💕🌺

She will happily reply back to your texts and wake up your phone calls as well….💕

So, first try to be friends with her……🌺

2. Try Help Her & Sit Behind Her🙏

Helping her will definitely help you to win her trust and make ur friendship with her more stronger…..👍😍

So, start helping her & find ways to help her……

Also, try to sit behind her, like if she sits on the first bench in front then try to sit right behind her on the second or atleast the third bench, trust me, there are hundreds of benefits of sitting behind her…..😎❣️

She will talk 2 you most of the time, she will ask for help from you first, you can see her beautiful face all the time, etc…………..🌺💕🌺

I also used to sit behind my crush, that’s why I know it’s benefits…..😎🙏

Above was just the trailer, the film starts from here…😎😍⤵️

3. Organize A Party At Your House🌺😎

This is a very amazing trick that you can follow to get your crush’s contact number very easily…..😎😍

You just need to organize a nice party at your home, invite all your friends & their parents, teachers and especially your crush….🌺👍

Just For Your Help: You can organize a party on your birthday, Christmas, your parents’ marriage anniversary, ur mom’s or dad’s birthday, ur sister’s birthday, etc….🙏👍✌️

And when she comes to your house, nicely welcome her and her parents, introduce her and her parents to your parents, and serve food to her and her family.

After having food, take her to the terrace of your house or to the garden of ur house and cutely ask her for her num like u can say “her name, can you please give me your number”……🌺

Even you can confess to her that you love her so much and want to marry her…..❣️

Bonus Tip: You can bring ur crush to your house in your car from her house to make a good impression on her, even u can drop her and her parents in your car back to her house, trust me, she and her parents will be impressed by you.🌺💕🌺

4. The Trick I Followed😍

As I also used to sit behind my crush, so my and her friendship become very stronger in a few months….😍💞

I was so handsome, humble, shy and attractive and she was also like a queen, I really loved her and I really wanted her number…….😍❣️

I was very nervous and afraid to ask her directly, so I used a trick, actually one day, all of my teachers gave a lot of homework to all students, she was looking sad after getting too much homework…..🌺

I asked her why r you looking so sad, she replied because of homework, it’s too much, I told her I will do some of your work because I did half the homework teachers gave us in advance, she gave me two notebooks and said please do the homework properly…..🌺

I replied “don’t worry Ritika(her name), I will do it properly” but then I asked her “Ritika can you give me ur number as I need to discuss many things about homework so that I can do it properly”🌺

She smiled but she gave me her number, and that’s how I get her number, I was very happy that day, I still remember how she smiled at that time….🌺💕😍🌺

Imp: She gave me her number easily because I was good friends with her and she trusted me, if I were not good friends with her, she hadn’t gave me her phone number!!

So, try to be good friends first and then try different tricks to get her number…….🙏👍

5. Help Her With Homework🌺

I know it’s very hard to say to a girl that you want to help her with homework, but once you become friends with her then…..⤵️

She will easily accept your help and then you can ask for her contact number to discuss about homework and can easily get her number….🌺💕🌺

6. Always Try To Be Present In Your Class🌺

Yes, many guys take one or two leave from class every week but if you have a crush then please don’t take any leave from your class…..🙏

Always try to come to school everyday and the benefit of this is that when you attend your class everyday then you stay updated what is going in your class and what homework the teachers are giving….🌺

So, if your crush is absent any day then the next day you can give her your notebook or you can tell her what the teachers taught yesterday…..🌺💕🌺

You can also tell her “her name, I mostly come to school everyday, so can you give me your number so that I can inform you what happened in the class or what homework the teacher gave”❣️

Hope she will give you…..🌺

7. Offer Her A Ride Home😍

To follow this step/trick, you need to bring your car at school on daily basis..🙏

If you have become good friends with your crush then when classes get over and you both leave school for your homes….⤵️

Then call her by her name, go to her and say “her name, your house is too far from here, you will be tired, will you please come with me in my car, I will drop you at your house”🌺

Hope she will agree, and when her house comes just ask her with loving eyes and a soft voice “Her name, will you give me your number?”💕

Hope she will give you…..🌺

Imp: While asking, keep ur voice soft and you should show shyness and nervousness on ur face to her…✌️

8. Group Project Can Really Help You😎

Yes, group projects can really help you to get your crush’s phone number, you just need to be in her group….😎

If you are sitting behind her then there’s a very high possibility that you can get a group project with her…..✌️🌺

If you get a group project with her then ask her “her name, can I have your number so that we can communicate to get the work done properly”🌺💕🌺

If you are good friends with her then she will give you her num with a cute smile on her face…..💞

9. Please Get Your Crush’s Number Only From Her, Not From Others🙏

I know you can easily get her number from her friends or by applying any other clever trick, but trust me, there is no benefit of getting her number from others…..💔

She will not like it if you get her number by using cunningly ways like from her friends, you will always be a stranger to her…..💔💔

So, try to get her number only by asking her, so that if you text or call her she doesn’t get shocked…..🙏

Girls like it if you ask them for their number, they don’t like it if you get or ask from others…..💞

10. Drive By Her House😎😍

Yes, start driving by her house especially in the evening and if you find her outside or if she sees you then stop your car and ask her for having food(dinner) with you………..🌺💞🌺

Request again and again until she agrees, ask her about her favorite food, then take her to a luxury restaurant or where her favorite food/dish is available and eat food with her and then drop her home back….🌺

Pro Tip: Drive slow by her house…..😎

While dropping her back home, ask her for her number in a very needy way, hope she will happily give you her number….💞

You need a nice car to follow this step and trust me, there are multiple benefits of driving by her house….🚗

11. Find Ways Which Makes Her To Ask You Ur Number or She Needs To Give You Hers😎💕

All the time, you won’t get opportunities to get her number, sometimes either you have to create opportunities or you need to find them…..🙏

To get her phone number, you need to find or create opportunities that either force her to ask for your number or she needs to give you her number……✌️🌺

Like if you help her with homework then you can easily ask her phone num and if you are working on a group project then there is a possibility that she’ll ask you for your number & if she doesn’t then you can also ask her…..😎

So, try to find those opportunities through which you can ask her for her cellphone number or she needs to ask you for ur num….🌺

12. If You Have Did Everything Right Then Simply Ask Her💕

If you are really pretty, you are sure ur crush like you a little bit, you have helped her a lot, you have become a very close friend of her, she has started trusting you, you are sure she is attracted to you, you often catch her looking at you, or she tries to flirt with you, then simply her for her phone number…..🌺💕🌺

I am sure she will happily give you🌺💕🌺

So, that’s it for today’s post brother, hope you liked my post and I was able to give you the exact answer what you were looking for……🙏

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Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…….🌺

Have a great day ahead and bye bye…………🌺🙏👍🌺