15 Genuine Replies To Say When Your Girlfriend Asks Why You Love Her

Why you love me?😍 This is the question your girlfriend might ask you one day.

You need to be prepared in advance to reply to this question otherwise you will not have any answer at that time when she would ask this question from you.💔

If you can’t give your girlfriend the right answer when she asks why you love her, it can have a huge impact on your relationship with her.💔

Today I am going to share 15 beautiful things you can reply when your girlfriend asks why you love her but before reading them, let’s see why would your girlfriend will ask this question from you.⤵️

Reasons Why Girlfriend Asks Why You Love Her

1. She Wants To Test You

Yes, if your girlfriend wants to test your love, she may ask why you love her or why you like her so much.

2. You Love & Take Care Of Her So Much💕

If you are loving and taking care of your girlfriend a lot then this can also be a reason like she wants to know why you are attracted towards her so much, what’s so special about that makes you love her soooo much.💕

3. Her Friends Told Her They Also Asked This Question From Their Boyfriends

You know, girls talk a lot about their boyfriends and they also compete about whose BF loves the most, and if her friends told her that they too asked her boyfriend this question then this can also make your girlfriend to ask why you like her so much from you or any other question like this.

4. She Has A Fear That You Are Like Other Guys💔

As a girl, she is aware that there are too many guys who start relationship with a girl and once their needs are met they leave that girl and move on to another girl.

And maybe she’s suspicious if her boyfriend isn’t like other guys who gonna cheat her, that’s why she’s asking these kinds of questions.

But this doesn’t show that your love for her is fake or doubting you makes her wrong, here you just need to prove your love.🙏🙏

5. She Wants To You Marry After Asking This Question

Yes, this is also possible that your girlfriend is planning to marry you but for the last time, by asking about why you love her she wants to confirm that You genuinely love her or just using her.

15 Beautiful Things To Say When Your Girlfriend Asks Why You Love Her💕

Before heading over to those 15 replies(all are fire🔥🔥), read this first.🙏⤵️

When your girlfriend asks why you like her then she wants a genuine answer from you like what really makes you to fall in love with her, she is not looking for a bookish answer from you like you are beautiful, you are like moon, etc.

So, always tell her what your inner soul says.💕

The pain should be visible in your eyes and on your face so that she should get to know your love is not fake it’s all true.💕

In the first reply I am adding “I love you” and not on rest just to avoid repetition but when you reply to your girlfriend then please add there 3 words before saying anything.

I also love a girl but she is not with me & I know she will never be in my life, I have written these fifteen replies on my own by keeping her in my mind and feeling her presence.💕💕

Here are the 15 beautiful things to say when your girlfriend asks why you love her….⤵️⤵️

1. “I love you because you are the girl whom I miss at home, you are the girl who comes in my dreams, you are the one without whom I can’t live a single day”❤️

2. “Because you’re the one whom with I want to spend my every minute, I want to give you all the happiness of this world, you are the girl whom I want to see always happy and you are the one whom I can’t hurt even if I want to.”💕

3. “Because I can’t stay away from you, you are always on my mind, before going to sleep and after waking up the first image forms in my mind is of yours, my body craves for you when I am at my home, I have no dreams left after start loving you because now I just want to fulfill your dreams.”💞

4. “You’re the one who understands me, you care about me, you listen carefully when I say something, you’re one whom I can trust on & the biggest thing you respects me.”❣️

5. “You’re the girl near whom my heart beats fast & I breath heavily, I get nervous when I come closer to you, I feel completed when you touch me, you’re the girl my body wants to be with all the time.💙

6. “You are the girl whom I want to make my wife and spend my entire life with, I can lose everything and anything on you. “💛

7. “I don’t know why I love you but I love you, I can’t give you fancy replies like others but trust me, there is nothing fake in my love & please never leave me because a body can’t live without a soul and you are my soul.”🌺

8. “Everytime I see you I get love on u, my body craves to become yours for forever.”😍

9. “You are the girl I can never hate and you are the one I can forgive for every mistake.”💜

10. “Because you are different from others the way you talk to me looks so romantic to me, the way you walk is like an angel is walking, your smile pulls towards you more & more, & you look like you are only made for me. “💝

11. “Because I am afraid to lose you and your friendship because I love you so much.”💘

12. “In this entire world, someone is made for someone and you are made for me and I don’t want to change anything in you”.💖

13. “U r the girl in whose anger I see love, I never get angry when you scolds me for anything, my hearts always get melt when I see you, and I love you because I just wanna live with you for the rest of my life.”💓

14. “After you have come in my life, neither i look to any girl no matter how much beautiful she is nor i have interest in any girl except you dear, you looks the most beautiful girl in entire universe to me and I am grateful to God that he brought you in my dark life to make it colourful.”🌹

15. “Don’t start replying like a robot, just say what’s in your heart, it should look genuine.”🙏🙏

So, these were the 15 replies you can say when your asks why you love her.

Hope you liked all the replies, that’s it for this post my brother.

If you want more help you can contact me through “contact us” page.⤵️

Till that take care and always try to win your girlfriend’s heart.🙏😎👍💞