15 Reasons Why A Guy Tries To Make His Crush Jealous

There are two types of guys in this world, a good and a bad guy.

The main difference between a good guy and a bad guy is that a good guy is straight forward who doesn’t know how to twist things and play games, especially in relations.

Whereas a bad guy always lies, plays with the feelings of others, and knows very well how to twist things.

If you’re a girl, then let me make it clear that a good guy will never try to make his crush jealous or hurt her emotionally even if she rejects him because he is pious-hearted who truly loves her and he will never try anything which can give pain to his crush.💕

I am a kind-hearted boy and I too had a crush on a girl but I never tried to think of making my crush jealous so it took me a lot of effort to find these below-listed 15 reasons why a guy tries to make his crush jealous.

Ready to see the reasons? Let’s get started….👍

1. His Crush Has Rejected Him💔

This is the most common reason why guys try to make their crush jealous because they cannot bear the pain of rejection from the girl they have a crush on.

In this situation, mostly a guy tries to make his crush jealous by spending time with another girl in front of his crush.💔

2. He Wants To Show That He is Not Weak By Heart

Guys like me will be completely heartbroken if our crush says ‘no’ or says she likes someone else.

But a guy who is strong at heart would try to make his crush jealous after getting rejection from her to show her that he is living without her and he is not so weak at heart that in the grief of her rejection he would destroy his dreams.

Usually a soft guy very rarely tries to make his crush jealous even after hearing ‘no’ from his crush.

3. He Wants To Make Her Regret

After a guy’s crush denies accepting his love then there is a probability that he would try to find a different way to make her regret and he finds that making her jealous is the best way to make her regret why she refused to acknowledge his love.💔

In this situation, to make his crush jealous, mostly a guy tries to start a friendship with a new girl and spends a lot of money on her including offering her a lift in his car, he tries to do all this in front of his crush so that she can feel maximum jealousy.

4. Maybe He Wants To Check Whether She Likes Him or Not

There are many ways a guy tries to find out whether his crush likes him or not.

Jealousy is also a good way through which he can find out what is in his crush’s heart about him.

If she is getting jealous upon seeing him with another girl then, of course, she loves him but if she is not getting jealous and even not paying attention when he spends time with other girls then it’s clear she doesn’t like him.

And this is what he wants to check by trying to make her jealous.

Personally, I don’t like this way of finding what’s in crush’s heart.

5. He Wants To Show He is Angry on Her

It’s also possible that if a guy is trying to make his crush jealous, he’s probably angry at her and he might even start ignoring her.

By trying to make her jealous he wants to show his crush that he is very annoyed with her and this anger can be because of any possible reason.

6. He Wants To Make Her Realize He Can Get A Better Partner Than Her

If a guy has started a friendship with a new girl who studies with his crush and he is helping that girl a lot to show that he wants to show he likes her and to make his crush realize that of course she has rejected him but he has and he can get a better partner than her.

7. Probably He is A Guy With Lot Of Ego and Rudeness

A guy should show arrogance and rudeness in front of someone who is showing him arrogance and rudeness, and there is no problem with that but if a guy’s ego is coming in between relationships then it’s not good because the ego can never make love possible between a man and woman.💔

If a guy is trying to make his crush jealous then he may be a guy with a lot of egos and possibly his crush has said or done something that has hurt his ego, as a result, he is trying to make her feel jealous.

8. He is Not A Emotional Guy

Emotions or feelings are very important whether it is friendship or love.

If a guy has little or no feeling for his crush then he will never hesitate to try to make his crush jealous because he has no feelings for her which can stop him from making his crush jealous.💔

9. Probably He is Not Good By Heart

A guy with good intentions and a good heart will never try to make his crush no matter how much she hates her because he is good by heart and his heart has never learned to give pain to others especially to loved ones.💕

But if a guy is bad at heart then he won’t even think a second before trying to make his crush feel jealous.

So, if you see a guy trying to make his crush jealous then you can learn one thing that he is not good at heart.

10. He Doesn’t Understand The Real Meaning of Love💕

For some people, the word ‘love’ is just a word but those who have loved or loving someone in their life, they know exactly what this word means.

Tell me, will you ever be able to try to make a guy jealous if you truly love him? (No matter he likes you or not)

I’m sure your answer will be ‘no’ because you understand what love is💕…. But if your answer is ‘Yes’ then I think the definition of love for you is giving pain to the partner rather than making him happy and feel loved.

So, if a guy is trying to make his crush feel jealous, then one thing is for sure that he doesn’t understand the real meaning of love.💔

11. He Wants To Make Her Realize That How Happy She Will Be With Him

If a guy is rich and he is trying to make his crush jealous then it is possible he likes her a lot and wants to make her realize how happy she will be if she comes with him.💕

And to do this, he may bring his Lambo or do something else to show his richness to get his crush’s attention.

I like this method a little bit because here the main reason for making her jealous is to get her love.💕

12. Maybe He Has Seen His Crush With Someone Else

I don’t like both the word ‘cheat’ and the people who cheat in their life, especially in relationships.

If a guy has a crush and his crush has made him believe that she likes him back, but now, he has seen her spending time with someone else closely then there is a high possibility that he can start or try to make his crush feel jealous.

Do you think that it’s good for a guy to make his crush jealous when he finds that she is cheating on him? (Let me know your thoughts by commenting below)

13. She Has Disrespected Him So Much

A true lover will never mind if his love is disrespecting him but we all know that everything has a limit.

If his crush is disrespecting or teasing her a lot instead of understanding his love for her then he may start to make her feel jealous.

Any recent serious argument between him and his crush, which has increased the distance between them, can also force him to try to make his crush jealous.

14. Maybe He is Following Someone’s Advice

If a guy is following someone else’s advice like from a professional or his friend, then also he can try to make his crush jealous as that pro or his friend may be advising him.

I know this point looks awkward here but as I said above I never tried to make my crush jealous so it is very so difficult for me to write on this topic.

15. Only He Knows The Exact Reason

See, I have tried to write down almost all the possible reasons which force a guy to make his crush feel jealous but still, there can be some other reasons because situations vary from guy to guy.

So, it will be better to ask that guy to tell why he is trying to make his crush feel jealous.

Final Words

Well, I would not advise anyone to try to make his crush jealous and instead of this, you should try to impress your crush because it’s better to make her feel happy rather than trying to give her emotional pain by making her jealous. 🙏

I hope I was able to understand and solve your query, and you also liked the post….

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Till that take care and have a nice day ahead…..