15 Reasons Why Do Guys In Relationships Go To Bars

If a guy goes to the bar without being in a relationship, then it seems fine, but if a guy is in a relationship then goes to the bar, then a question comes in our mind that why is he going there even though he is in a relationship.

So here I am to help you out from this question.

Here are the 15 reasons why do guys in relationships go to bars:⤵️⤵️

1. Some Are Addicted To Go There

Bars are bad places because stuff available there cause adverse effect on our health.

If a guy is going to bar from a long time then there is a possibility that he get addicted to go there i.e no matter what happens, he need to go there once a day.

So, if a guy is addicted to go in bars then ever after having in a relationship he may continue to go there.

2. They Just Go There To Chill

Yes, many guys consider bars to be stress busters because they feel good here and can forget all the stress available in their mind.

And many go there to have some chill by dancing and enjoying the liquid.

So, there is a possibility that guys go to the bar to relieve stress and fatigue of the day.

3. They Want To See Some New Women

Yes, many guys who are not loyal to their partners go to bars just meet new women and enjoy with them.

Personally, I don’t like these kind of people because they think they are smart but they don’t know that God is watching everything.

If you have a such kind of boyfriend or male friend who pretend to love you in front of you but at the same time he often go to bars just to gain attention from females, then leave him because he is not good for you.

4. Maybe They Hangout With Their Friends There

Boys friendship is very strong i.e. a friend cannot say no to another friend and this may be the reason why a guy goes to the bar.

Let’s say a guy’s friends take him out for a hangout in a bar so he can’t tell them he can’t go there, he has to go there

So, if a guy is going there even being in relationship then may he is going to hangout with his friends there.

5. May Be They Are The Cheaters

Do you want an example of who are the cheaters in a relationship? Then this is the perfect example.

Guys who are already engaged with someone going to bars to do anything which is wrong to do if you are already in relationship & by hiding from their partners then as per me they are the cheaters.

6. They Can Go There in Happiness As Well

If a guy has just got into a relationship with a girl whom he truly loves then his dream has come true and for him, this is the moment to rejoice.

So, to enjoy this moment and cheers the happiness of getting his love in his life, a guy can go to bars(now he is in relationship with is love).

7. They Are Not The Real Men & Honest Lovers

As a guy, I will say that if a guy is doing anything intentionally which can break his partner’s heart like going to bars and partying with other ladies then as per me he is not a real man and a real lover.

He doesn’t deserve the love of that innocent girl who blindly beleive this cheater.

8. May Be They Have Asked Permission From Their Partner

It may also happen that they have asked their partner for permission to go to the bar and their partner has given them permission.

As they have got the green signal so may be because of this they go to bars even if they are engaged.

9. Relationship Fights Can Be The Reason

Fights in a relationship can also be a reason why a man in a relationship go to bars.

As his partner gives him so much stress and pain, so he goes to a bar where he relaxes his body and there is no one who can bother him especially his partner.

For a guy who regularly face fights and arguments from his partner, the bar becomes his home….. 🙏

10. They Want To Enjoy The Music

We can listen music in our rooms, headphones, ear phones, etc but there is another level of fun of enjoying music in bar.

So, if a guy has a habit of going to bar to listen and enjoy dance, then after being getting in a relationship, he will not be able to stop himself going there and this can be a reason why guys in relationships go there.

11. They Want To Live The Same Life They Used To Before Relationship

A guy who used to enjoy his life freely feels uncomfortable after getting into a relationship.

He may live such a heavy life for one month, two, three or four months but in the fifth month he will try to live his life, as he lived before.

And then a guy can go to a bar to enjoy and life some moments alone without being in any restriction.✌️😎

12. Just To Do Timepass

The bar is often considered the best place to pass the time.

So, if a guy is bored for the past several days, he can go to the bar even when he is in a relationship.

13. They Feel Good There

The bar is a beautiful place with lights, darkness, cool temperature, juice and music, making it the perfect place where every man feels good to be there.

It’s one of the biggest reasons which make a guy to go in a bar.

14. There is No Issue If They Are Loyal To Their Relationship/Partner

Yes, there is no issue if a guy goes to a bar and he is loyal with his partner.

No matter how long he stays there, he will not do anything which can harm the feelings of his partner.

15. We Can’t Judge Unless We Know The Reality

Without knowing the exact reason that why a guy goes to bar despite being in a relationship, we can’t judge a guy right or wrong.

For this we need to find that exact reason by asking that guy or by going in the same bar where he goes to see what he does there.

After that we can judge whether a guy is loyal to his partner or not.🙏✌️🌺💕🌺

So, these were the 15 reasons which can force a guy in relationship go to bars and I hope you agree with my thoughts……

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