15 Reasons Why Does Nobody Like You? [With Solutions]

It feels very demotivating when we try a lot of things to look the most beautiful but no one pays attention to us and no one tries to talk to us.💔

If you are a boy then maybe girls are not paying attention to you or if you are a girl then maybe boys are not paying attention to you.💔

Therefore, in this post, I am going to share 15 reasons why nobody like you and along with solutions.

So, without wasting your time let’s get started…..👍

1. You Don’t Have Enough Money💰

I am not a rich guy but many rich people are my friends and one thing I have noticed is that people who know they are really rich keep waiting to be friends with them including girls.

Trust me, you can’t deny the importance of money or richness, if you aren’t rich or don’t have enough cash to live your life happily then I don’t think anyone would like you until or unless someone only loves you, not based on how much money you have.

Solution: Well, Bro you need to make money…….All the best👍

2. Body Appearance Can Be An Issue

According to me we all human beings are equal but still we cannot deny the importance of beauty.

For example, If I’m not pretty or handsome then very few people will be interested in me and at the end of the day I’ll be alone.

So, If nobody is not liking you then be sure to check how good you look and try to look more attractive.

3. You Don’t Have Good Cars

Would you be friends with a guy who has a Dodge’s car?

I know that you will accept his friendship very happily, similarly if you have a nice car then trust me you will never feel that people are running away from me but if you don’t have then it could be a reason why on one is showing interest in you.

Solution: I love cars and hope you like cars too, as per me, if no one is showing interest in you then a nice and powerful car (my favorite is SUV) can help you to get attention of others.

4. They Don’t Deserve You

If no one likes you then according to me, they don’t deserve you and chances are high that you’re a different guy/girl born to do something incredible and maybe you will find your desired guy/girl in future soon.

So, completely leave them who don’t like you.

5. You Aren’t Successful

When you become successful then you don’t need to run after others to do friendship, instead people run towards you to do friendship with you because now you have become something in the eyes of others.

But if you aren’t successful then nobody pays attention or care who you’re, so try to be successful and famous by doing good works.

6. You Don’t Need To Run After Them

Are you running after them to do friendship with you?

If yes, then please don’t do this because you are wasting your time, if someone wants to do friendship with you then he/she will themselves come to ask you to become friends with him/her.

And by running after them you are making them bigger than you and making yourself needy, so never run after anyone.

7. You Don’t Have Someone Who Can Genuinely Love You

If someone is there in your life who genuinely loves you then you will never alone or feel to start a new friendship with someone else because he/she will always try to make you complete and feel that he/she is your everything.

But if this kind of guy/girl is not in your life then you will keep doing multiple friendship and when they would not pay attention to you then you will ask question to your slef that why does nobody like me.

So, try to find that guy/girl who will genuinely love you.

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8. Maybe The Guy/Girl You’re Trying To Befriend is Already in Friendship With Someone Else

If you like someone and you’re trying to make them friends with you then he/she will only be friends if they like you too or you’re perfect guy/girl but if they like or in relationship with someone else then I don’t think they will be able to come in your life.

So before trying to be friend with someone make sure to check that they are single or in relationship.

9. Be What They Like

If you want to make someone like you then you have to be like the guy/girl he/she likes.

For example, if you like a guy then you should behave, look, talk, and dress up the way he likes to see because this will make him instantly fall in love with you but if you are looking completely opposite what he likes then it is for sure, he will not show any interest in you.

So, to make the guy/girl like you, first you need to find what he/she likes then start to look exactly what he/she likes.

10. Maybe You Don’t Seem To Be A Legit Guy/Girl

This world is full of boys and girls who waste their time all day but there is a scarcity of legit boys and girls who are a true man and woman.

If you’re a legit guy/girl then I don’t think you will get true friends so try to be LEGIT.

To become legit follow these steps:

  • Be your own boss.
  • Use some premium products.
  • Be brave and simple.
  • Use casual wear.
  • Have a good attitude on your face.
  • Don’t sit with people who have no existence in this world.
  • Stay on what you say.
  • Be the proud son and daughter of your parents.💕

11. Be Friends Only With Those Who Come To You Themselves

Are you tired of trying to be friends with someone you love?

If yes then believe me, if someone doesn’t like you or ignores you, please leave them forever and befriend only those who come to you themselves to be friends with you.

By doing this you will get a true friend and maybe he will truly love you and in most cases you will also save your precious time and will not get stressed that no one is liking you.

12. You Aren’t Giving 100% To Become Friends

To become friends with whom you like is not an easy task, sometimes it can take months to become friends with them and make them realize that you truly wanna be friends with them.

Friendship is not just about chatting or talking on phone but you need to do many more things like inviting them to your home functions, frequently asking about their health, frequently giving them gifts etc.

When you start doing all these things, then of course everyone you are friends with will like you.

So, be a true friend not a common friend.

13. You Are With Those Who Don’t Understand You

Friendship continues or two human beings become friends of each other when their thinking and most other things match each other.

If you are with those whose thinking is completely opposite to yours then believe me they will never like you.

So, try to become friends with those whose thinking and interests completely match yours.

14. Because This World is Like This

Do you feel that you are the only guy/girl whom no one likes?

No, it’s not only you, like you no one also likes me, and there are many like us whom no one likes…..

So, my brother/sister this world is like this and we need to accept this reality and don’t forget here everyone sees their profit whether it’s love, friendship or business!!

15. Be Happy Because Their Thinking Don’t Matters

If you keep thinking that no one likes me then trust me you will not be able to spend your life properly.

Just forget them, they are nothing and I will you should cut all the relations with whom who doesn’t like you or wants to see bad everything happen to you.

There are more important people than them like you mom, dad, brother, sister, your love/crush, etc. Don’t feel lonely or embarrassed and try to give time to them, trust me you will feel very good and supportive, your family will also be happy seeing that their son/daughter is spending time with them.💕

Hope you have understood what I am trying to say.

I have shared everything which I know about your query and hope you liked my post.

Thanks, Have a nice day ahead…. 🙏👍❤️

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