15 Reasons Why Do We Get Crushes

Almost everyone has a crush or used to have a crush on someone but have you ever wondered why we get crushes?

When I was a student, I also had a crush on a girl, it’s another talk that most crushes have a very short life span but today we are going to see 15 reasons which make us to have crushes.

As per me, these reasons are responsible for crushes in both boys and girls at any stage of life.

So, without wasting your time, let’s get to the point and see why we all get crushes?

1. Nature’s Law

Not only humans but all the animals available on the Earth get attracted towards their opposite genders.

This is the most logical but least known reason that why we get crushes.

2. Age & Puberty

As per my experience, the age when almost all have crushes is between 18-25.

We can’t expect a crush from a child or an old human.

Now, why 18-25 age group humans get crushes?

This is because of puberty, an age when both boys & girls bodies start to change and become physically like that of adult men & women.

These changes include hormonal, physical, hair growth, body growth, mental growth, and many more.

Many hormones play a major role in getting crushes in us, these hormones overpower our thinking and make us get attracted towards our opposite genders.

So, if you are entering the age of 18 and facing a crush on someone then it is normal.

3. You Are Single

If you are in a relationship with someone then you can easily share your emotions, affection, thinking, things happening in your life, goals, & future plan with your partner.

But if you are single i.e you don’t have your opposite gender as a friend, then there is a very high probability you will get a crush because you have none with whom you can show your affection.

4. You Are Emotional

An emotional guy/girl is a kind of human who can easily adapt himself/herself to any situation. For example, if there is sorrow near them they will become sad very easily, and the same for happiness.

Emotions play a major role in getting crushes, if you are an emotional guy/girl then whenever you will see your opposite gender human, your emotions will overpower your intelligence, and you will get attracted towards them.

5. Heart & Mind

Do you think your heart is just an organ that is pumping blood and purifying it?

If yes, then you are lacking something, believe me, or not but there are feeling in your heart, it makes you to like or hate someone.

Have you noticed that your heart starts to knock your chest when you see or talk to your crush, I think you have noticed?

Both heart & mind play a vital role to get a crush on someone.

6. He/She Are Good Looking

Everyone is gets attracted to handsome boys or girls, the reason behind this is that they are good-looking.

Let’s say you are a girl, then there are very high chances that when you will see a guy who is handsome & beautiful according to you then you will start to have a crush on that guy.

So, we can’t deny the importance of beauty behind having a crush on someone.

7. Technology & Smart Kids

Today, we are living in a world where technology has become very advanced than ever before.

Now, kids can access to mobile anytime and can watch anything, from childhood they watch movies and also watch the relationship between a man & a woman in these movies, so at a very early age, today’s kids know what is love, affection, relations, etc.

And this is also a reason that when these kids become adults, they start to get crushes.

8. Less Control Over Your Heart & Mind

Trust me, when you lose control over your mind & heart then you will start to get crushes and sometimes very excessive.

If you can control your mind & heart then you can stop yourself from getting attracted to someone.

Yoga and exercises can really help you to get control over your mind.

9. You Like Him/Her

You can’t get a crush on a guy/girl whom you don’t like because you have no feeling for him/her.

When I was in school, I had a crush on a girl whom I liked most, there were other girls but I never thought about them because for me my crush was most prettier there.

So, if you are thinking that why I am getting crush, then the simple answer is you like him/her a lot.

10. You Know About Life

In school life, most students don’t think about life, marriage, money, cars, kids, & living a better life because no one has told them or they never tried to know about these things.

But you are the guy who knows about these things and you also know that one day you will need a partner to live your life.

And this is the reason that the thinking of getting a partner is indirectly forcing you to have a crush on someone.

11. You Often Meet Him/Her

There are very less chances that we get a crush on someone whom we have only seen once or twice in our life.

If you every day meet and see someone then you can start to feel about him/her.

For example, that you are a boy & studying in a school, now if you daily see a girl in your class who is attractive then you can start to feel a crush on that girl.

12. He/She Takes Care About You

If someone cares about you, like he/she is concerned about your health, beauty, success, comfort, & absence, then a crush can automatically start to build about him/her in your heart.

But there is one condition which needs to be fulfilled, that boy/girl should be the same kind which you like.

13. He/She Talks Nicely With You

If he/she talks nicely with you i.e he/she gives you respect, never shouts at you, always talks with a sweet voice, etc. then also you can start to love him/her, but other conditions should also be met, as stated in the previous point.

14. He/She Feels Good To Hear

Have you ever noticed that someone is speaking & you are continuously hearing that voice?

If yes, then this is a confirmation that you like his/her voice and later this liking can turn into your crush.

15. He/She Looks You With Different Eyes

Let’s assume that you are a guy who daily goes to school & a beautiful girl always sees you with loving eyes in your class then maybe you don’t like her but after some time you will start to like her and indirectly a crush on her.

That’s it for today’s post friends and I hope I provided the most valid reasons for your query.

Thanks 👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead….