15 Untold Ways To Settle In Life [ Based on Real Facts ]

Who doesn’t want to spend a good life on the Earth without any worry?

Everyone wants but in real life where unemployment is increasing at the speed of a rocket, it seems hard to get.

Ways To Settle Life

Many persons like me are not able to get a clear view that from where to start?

In today’s post I will share my personal experience which can help a normal person to settle in life:

1. Become Successful in Life

Being successful in life is very important because everything depends upon this from comfort to luxury life.

Success here only stands for money & this is the thing that makes a person’s every dream come true.

As per my experience, to get an excellent amount of money every month, a person needs multiple income streams.

Let me give my example, I have four sources of income of which three are offline and one is online-based:

1. Shop: My father runs an ayurvedic shop which is our main source of income i.e my entire family depends upon it for daily needs.

2. Agri-Business: I have 10 acres of land in my village & mainly farming is done in summers and I get a decent amount of money.

3. Home business: I am also running a spice business in my house which we sell on our shop in both retail and wholesale.

I need to do only a little bit of work in this business.

4. Blogging: Currently I am working on it & I can only hope that soon it will start to give me some returns.

I learned this technique of finance from my teacher & this works a lot.

Nowadays due to four income streams, my family has to struggle very little for money but as I manage four businesses so I need to do work fast.

In all income sources, I & my family members together do the whole work except in agriculture, as in this we need to hire laborers while harvesting.

Now if you see no matter how the situation I will always be able to make money.

These are the benefits when a person has multiple streams of income, these also help him to become successful & settle his life.

2. Build Your Dream House

A person has always dreamed of building a beautiful house where his whole family can live there with all facilities.

Some people feel proud that their house is in the city but as per me, they are just running away from the truth, as in cities the pollution level is very higher which makes breathing difficult especially for old people and person having lungs related problem.

My first choice of building a house is always either village area or on the farm where the air is fresh and we can directly connect to the nature.

As it’s our dream house so it should be loaded with all kind of machines and luxurious products which makes life a lot easier. ✌️

3. Buy Your Family’s Favorite Car

Every family wants that they also have their favorite car in which they can travel.

But a person should not buy a car if his family’s financial condition is not good and even I will say we must not take a loan to purchase a car.

The reason is simple, if we use loan them we need to pay monthly installments and if we have no perfect source of income to earn money every month, then we will not be able to pay & one day the loan company will take back the car and will sell it in the auction.

So, only think of a car once you have become successful and financial proof.

4. Save & Invest for Family

Saving & investing helps a person to secure a lump sum amount of money in a certain period.

When kids grow, the spending of money also increases on their education and daily need and in today’s time where there is no guarantee which business will fail and which will grow, so it’s very important to save money.

When it comes to investing you can take help from your certified financial advisor or from Google & YouTube.

5. Get Admission Of Kids in Good Schools

Education is very important in life that’s why from the poorest person to the richest person everyone sends their kids to school.

Good education means a bright future, so if there are some good schools and universities around your house then make sure to get admission of your kids in that.

Also, tell your kids that ‘try to study a lot so that they can be good students and can make you (parents) proud‘.

6. Get Your Own Farm

We are discussing how to settle in life? So it’s very important to have a small farm no matter small or big.

The reason why I included this point is that in today’s world the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has increased a lot, so to get healthy organic vegetables and grains for your family you will need a farm to grow all these.

Trust me the taste of organic vegetables is far better than chemically grown.

7. Establish Strong Relation with Relatives

Everyone has relatives in their family but sometimes due to unknown situations, angriness starts to come into their relations, which further results In the breaking of relations.

Before breaking relation, we need to remember one thing that there are very few persons available in the world who want our happiness & relatives are one of them.

If your relatives are angry then if nay special program happens in your house then you can invite them by going to their house and believe me they will not say ‘no’.

This will again bring sweetness in relations and once again your whole family including relatives will be able to live together and happily like earlier. 🤝✌️

8. Find Your Old Friends

Without friends the life of every human being is incomplete as the relation between two friends is totally different from other relations.

To settle life, you need to do a lot of struggle but after getting your desired life, it’s very important to find old friends to see where and how they are living?

Luckily if you can find your friends, then they will be very happy to see you and even their eyes can be filled with the tears of happiness.

After this, you can plan a world tour where you all can see the whole world together. 🤝

9. Celebrate Every Moment

Celebrations bring happiness in our life, try to celebrate every special day of your life like birthday, anniversary, etc.

These things make all family members come together and spend their time with each other which reduces the angriness in their relations.

This kind of environment in our family helps us to settle our life.

10. Make Family Aware About Health

“Health is wealth” we all have heard this quote many times but we give very little importance to this quote, which is not good.

If you really love your family then make sure to aware them of health, yoga, Ayurveda, diet, etc.

I am one of those people who take care of their family a lot, I always guide my parents and sister to prepare cholesterol-free food to avoid any kind of disease.

I also encourage them to wake up early in the morning and do yoga so that their immunity becomes strong.

11. Automating Business/Job

To get settled in life, a person needs to spend most of his time with family but one can only do this if either he has a big business or a good job.

So try to automate your business or job, like you can hire a loyal person who can check your business, that person can be a man, woman, friend, relative, or other.

Now after hiring you don’t need to spend a lot of time on your business, now you just have to check summary sales, inventory, cost, profit, etc.

12. Capture Every Moment

Smartphone, a device which we can’t remove from our life.

Many use smartphones daily but just for social media, gaming, chatting, etc. but most of them not use the camera of a smartphone.

As per me a person should capture images and make videos of his family (like playing with pets) to save these memories in your smartphone or external device.

After many years both you and your kids can watch these captured moments.

Trust me you will feel a different kind of happiness in this.

13. Achieve Your Dreams

When I was young, I used to dream a lot. My dreams keep on changing like smartphones, SUVs, cars, beautiful places, etc.

Like this, all persons have dreams, to be settled in life it’s better to achieve your dreams.

For example, if you had a dream of a great car, then try to make it come true.

Because if someone is not able to complete his/her dreams then he has always a regret that my dreams are still incomplete.

14. Remove Depression from Life

A depressed person can’t settle his life, as no matter what’s happening around him, he will always be lost in his thoughts.

As a result, his family’s financial condition will start to turn worse, as he will not be able to give his 100% in business or job.

So make sure to remove any kind of tension and depression from the mind & to do this you can do meditation and yoga in the early morning.

15. Be Together

You are one of the few people who care about their family because very few people search this query ‘ how to settle life ‘.

No one can give proof that through these ways anyone can settle his/her life but I will say peace & togetherness in a family is very important to settle life, so, make sure that your family members don’t fight with each other.

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That’s it for today guys hope you like the post. ✌️

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