15 Ways To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

I can understand your excitement about getting a new smartphone & no doubt everyone wants his/her own phone.

But sometimes parents don’t allow their kids to purchase a smartphone because of many reasons which are:

1. They know the truth about smartphones: No one cares about a child lot more than his/her parents, they very well know that smartphones can harm the character of their child and he/she will face difficulty in achieving success.

2. Financial Condition: This is the second biggest reason which restricts parents to buy a phone for their kid.

Ways To Convince Parents For A Phone

When I was 12 years old I was craved to hear ‘ yes, this Christmas you can purchase a phone ‘, & one day my mother said the same.

I was very happy on that day, like this you can also convince your parents to get you a phone by following below mentioned methods:

1. See You Family’s Financial Condition

Before asking your parents to get you a phone make sure to check your family’s financial condition.

If your parents are working day and night to meet family’s daily needs then please try to avoid dreaming phone from your mind for a while.

As if they bring a new phone for you then the whole financial balance of your house will be shaken which can really make your parents feel sad. 🙏

Instead of this if your family’s financial condition is too good then you can ask for a phone without any hesitation.👍

2. Wait For Parent’s Earning to Come

I belong to an agricultural family so my parent’s earnings come once a year from fields and monthly from a dairy farm.

So, if I have to ask for something costly to purchase from my parents then I try to ask at the end of the month or when they get a lumpsum amount of money by selling agricultural yield.

And by following this method I have never heard ‘No’ from my parent’s mouth for purchasing anything.

Like that you can also ask to get a phone to you at the time when your parents earning comes & there is a very high probability that they will buy a new smartphone for you.

3. Wait For Your Birthday

Your mom & dad can’t say you ‘No’ if you ask anything from them on your birthday until it’s impossible to get.

But don’t try to make illegitimate benefit of their love towards you i.e if your parents don’t have money to complete your birthday wish but still, you are obstinate and requesting your parents to complete your wish in any way.

So always think twice before asking something from your parents.

4. Wait For Offers

Always try to wait for offers before asking your parents for a phone.

For this you can check deals in the festive season, it can vary from country to country but as per me, you can get a good discount on Christmas which comes on every 25 December.

You will not believe me but you can excellent discounts on smartphones in both offline and online markets.

Let’s say in the festive season you got 50$ less on your newly purchased smartphone then what can happen better than this.

5. Get Good Marks in Exams

Getting good marks in the exam makes your parents happy, take the example of my mother, she used to be very happy when she heard that I had secured first place in my class.

You can promise your mom and dad that you will secure the first position in your class in the next upcoming final examinations but they will have to promise to bring a phone for you in return for this.

And to get excellent marks, you very well know that how much you have to study.😋

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6. Promise to Not Waste Your Time

A few kids are available in the world who can control their fingers after when smartphone comes into their hands.

Everyone starts to play, chats with friends, watch YouTube all the time, etc. so if this is your motive to bring a phone then please don’t bring a new phone.

So while asking your parents promise to them that you will not waste a single minute on the smartphone.

7. Win Their Trust

I recently changed my smartphone, although my parents are not rich but still, they didn’t ask me a single question that ‘ son why are you bring a new phone? ‘, this is what is called the trust factor.

Because my mom and dad clearly know that their son can’t take the wrong decision and win their trust you need to do something which I always do.

You need to be hard-working, thrifty & a good son/daughter, try to not waste money by buying unwanted items, think thrice before purchasing anything, & more.

By doing this you can win the trust of your parents.

8. Help Them in Work

At this age you are going to school, it means that you have too much time to study and play with friends.

If your parent’s work is near you like if it’s related to agriculture then you can help them rather than playing with friends.

We have a dairy farm in my house, & no shame in this I help my mother in cleaning the farm, milking & feeding the cows.

This point is related to winning the trust, by doing this you can give plenty of time to your studies and also help your parents with their work.

9. Find A Valid Reason

Before asking for buying a phone from parents, you need to find a concrete reason for which you have to get a smartphone.

I have purchased my smartphone for trading and blogging so that I can earn some money.

If you want to get a phone only to show off it to your friends then you should purchase it.

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10. Don’t Go Over Budget

Before purchasing a phone everybody has to decide their budget which doesn’t put much pressure on their pockets.

For example, my budget to buy a new smartphone is 300$, if I went to purchase a 1000$ smartphone then definitely it will impact a lot on my pocket.

So, if you ask your parents for a phone which comes under your family’s budget then there is a very high probability they will buy a phone for you.

11. Check Trashy Items for Selling

Last year we bought a new bike because our old bike was converted into the trash ( full of problems, not able to start ), now just one month ago we sold our old bike and got a good amount of money.

The value of trash items decreases year by year so if you have some trashy items which are useless and you will not need this item in the future then you can try to sell these.

By selling useless or dead items, you can get a good amount of money which can be further used in purchasing the phone.

Make sure to ask your parents before considering any item as trash.👍

12. Use Your Saved Money

No one can deny that I didn’t a single penny from their parents either in the form of pocket money or for other purposes, if you have saved this money then you can use it for purchasing a phone for you.

You can discuss with your parents that you have ‘x’ amount of money and if they can give you extra money then you can buy a new phone easily.

13. Show the Condition of Your Old Phone

I have purchased a new phone because my older one was not working well and was three years old so performance was also too slow.

Like this, if you have an old smartphone, then you can show the condition of that smartphone to your parents, they will definitely allow you to buy a new one.

14. Check Your Age

As per me the optimum age to buy a smartphone is above 18 because the kids are below 18 can use their parent’s smartphone for normal usage.

And this age is for studying, as a kid has no valid reason to prove that he/she really need their own separate phone.

15. Tell Parents About Your Friends

You can easily find that should you use a phone or not at your current age by questioning from your friends that are all of them use smartphones in their homes?

If they are answering yes, then you need a smartphone and I am pretty much sure that after telling this your parents will be convinced to buy a phone for you. 👍

Thats it in this post & I hope you liked the post.

If you think I have left something regarding this, then feel free to write it down in the comment section.

Thanks👍 Have a nice day ahead.

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