21 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud & Happy [For Teenagers]

There is a saying in my village that, if someone loses money then he loses nothing as money can be earned again but if someone loses his parents, he loses everything.

Do you remember when your parents used to play with you to make you happy? Every single parent do everything to make their child happy.

It’s your responsibility to make your parents feel proud of you, your parents have given birth to you to make you a good person, so don’t break their beliefs.🤝

Here are the ways to make your parents proud and happy:

1. Make Your Parents Dream Come True

Every parent dreams about their children.

Some like to see their children as doctors, engineers, and scientists while some like to see their children as a businessman or a successful person who inspires others. If you can make their dreams come true, your parents will proud & happy.

You can easily find out about your parents’ dreams by asking them what profession they like the most and what they want to see you in the future, their answer can be a businessman or a working boy.

It’s not necessary that you must have to become a doctor or an engineer to make your parents proud, as the main aim of doing any job is to make money so you can also do any other job or work in your city which can give you good amount of money.

2. Start Getting Good Grades in School

You can easily make your parents pround in school by getting good grades in your exam.

Every parent feel happy when they see that their kid’s performance is excellent in exams and all teachers are appreciating about their kid’s behaviour and performance.

So, try to get good grades in your exams.

3. Never Argue With Your Parents

Don't Go Against Your Parents

There are only two people in our life who never want anything bad happen to us and these are our parents

Our parents can’t give us wrong advice, so make sure to follow their advice before making any big decision.

Also, remember that every mother and father has more life experience than their son or daughter.

4. Take Care of Your Brother & Sister

Your parents can’t take care of their kids all the time because they need to some work, it can be of related to daily home activity or related to business.

If you start taking care of your brother or sister in their absence or their presence then they will feel proud of you because like other kids your are not fighting with your bro/sis instead you are taking care of them.👍🌺

5. Fulfill Challenges of Your Parents

Fulfill Challenges of Your Parents

Every parent has to face challenges in their life, be it financial, mental, physical (illness), relationships etc.

Most of the parents face challenges related to finance & to solve this, you can start making some extra money to support your mom and dad financially, trust me, they will be proud of you.👍

6. Become The Favourite Student of Your Teachers

Tell me, how your parents will feel if your teachers tell your parents that their child is a very disciplined student, he respects every teacher and also gets good marks in every exam.

They will be very happy and fell very proud of their son/daughter, so what you are waiting?, try to be a good student.

7. Become A Big Person

Become A Big Person

My parents want me to be a rich person so that I can live a good life, just like mine your parents want the same.

Many people think that they can’t get rich and stop working hard which is not good, every rich person started their journey from zero, so you also need to work hard to become a big man/woman, who earns a lot.

8. Celebrate Your Mom’s & Dad’s Birthday

Everytime, your parents arrange party for your birthday to make you feel happy & loved.

But have you ever tried to celebrate your parents birthday?

If not, then make sure to celebrate your parents birthday this year, this will make them feel happy and proud of you.

9. Give Your Parents a Good Life

Give Your Parents a Good Life

My parents are my life, I want to give them every happiness and facilities that are available in this world.

If you have reached a good position where you can give your parents everything they dreamed that one day their son/daughter would bring for them, then bring all those things, it can be a car, house, etc.

You can also take your mom and dad on long ride, beautiful places of your state, luxury restaurants, etc.

This will make your mom/dad proud & happy. 👍

10. Fulfill Your Own Dreams

Your dreams are not only your dreams, it’s also the dreams of your mom and dad.

If you have a dream that you will buy a muscle car when you become young then it’s your mom’s & dad’s dream as well that may God make their kid’s dream come true.

So, when you start to fulfill your dreams then it automatically makes your parents satisfied and proud of you.

11. Become a Good & Helping Person

Become a Good & Helping Person

No parent wants to see their kids indulge in any kind of wrong activity but if you are involved then please avoid it as they will be heartbroken when they hear this.

If you are at a position where you can help the needy people then help them and when your parents see that you are helping everyone their chest will widen with pride.

12. Start Earning Money At An Early Age

Nothing can better for a mom or dad that their son/daughter is earning money on his own just at the age of 20.

So, if you’re at the age of 20 or above this then you can try to make money online or offline, believe me, they will be very glad of you.

13. Never Leave Your Parents Alone

Never Leave Your Parents Alone

Many people forget that their parents worked hard to make them a successful person and these people do not give food and money to their parents when they need it, and I am against it.

Every parent wants to live with their son, if a guy doesn’t live with his mother/father and even doesn’t help them, then their parents’ heart breaks, which directly affect their mental and physical health.

In old age, it is very difficult for parents to live without their children as they have given birth to their child and they love them very much.

If you have accidentally left your parents away from you then please bring them back, they will appreciate you and feel proud of you.🤝

Try to sit and spend time with your parents, you can take them to the cinema to watch movies, on tour so that they can explore the world, their favorite places and much more.

14. Get Settled in Your Life

Settle Your Life

Your parents have dreamed that one day their son will marry a pretty lady and create his own family to continue the laws of nature.

Work hard to fulfill this dream of your parents, if you are not able to do because of being poor, then think how you can earn money to become rich.

Try taking help from your friends or Google to find good job and business opportunities in your area and then marry the girl your love or like.(your mom and dad will be happy & proud of you)🌺

15. Serve Your Grandfather & Grandmother

Serve Your Grandfather & Grandmother

You have parents, similarly your parents also have their own parents.

You can serve your grandma and grandpa by taking them on picnics, making sweet treats for them, fulfilling their dreams, and much more.

This will make your parents feel proud of you because you are not only making them happy but you are also making their parents happy.

This will encourage others to do the same and will help everyone in building a good society where everyone helps and takes care of their parents and grandparents.👍👍

16. Name Your Business With Your Parents Name

Name Your Business With Your Parents Name

Many of you who are reading this post have at least one business, it could be a shop, grocery store, hotel, motel, service center, sweets shop etc.

You can name your business with your mother’s and father’s name, now everyone will know your business by your parent’s name, which is again a great feeling for your parents.

I am also running an ayurvedic medical store & I have named my shop with my parent’s names, now every day when they hear my shop name, they feel proud of me that they have grown up a real son who loves his mom and dad.

But your business must give a decent amount of income per month to run your family otherwise your parents will think that because of their name, their son’s business is not working & I don’t want to see this happens with any son, who loves his parents.🤝👍

17. Always Keep Your Parents Ahead

Always Keep Your Parents Ahead

I have seen many such people who do not like their parents and if there is any function in their house then also they do not give much importance to their parents.

This breaks their parents mentally, which causes depression, tension and headaches in the future.

I do not do this with my parents, I will always value them first in any ceremony, they will welcome guests and other relatives.

My relatives also get jealous when they see how much I care for my parents and it is a matter of pride for both me and my parents.

18. Allow Access To Everything

Allow Access To Everything

Do you give access your parents to your things like mobile phone, TV, Laptops, car, bike, or anything else?

I will be happy if the answer is Yes because I have seen many people who take away many things from their parents as they have bought those things.

This is not fair with their parents & I don’t like these type of people.

When they were kids parents gave their everything but today they are snatching the products they bought from their parents.

If you are a kind of that person, then please don’t do this as they see you as hope in their old age. 🙏🏼

19. Always Give Respect To Your Mom & Dad

Always Give Respect To Your Mom & Dad

Many of you know how parents feel when their own son/daughter disrespects them.

I have seen many students who get angry & misbehave with their parents when they are not able to buy something which their kid is insisting because of financial issues.

Is this good? The answer is No.

There may be financial problems but it does not mean that kids have a right to be angry & misbehave their parents upon anything.

Many such kids do not listen to their parents and if you are also one of them then avoid doing so because they are your parents!!

Please behave nicely and respectfully with your mom and dad.🙏🙏

20. Prove That You Are Your Parents Son/Daughter

Prove That You Are Your Parents Son/Daughter

It is not about any medical test, it is to prove to the world that you are the son/daughter of your parents with your determination and hard work for success.

I have seen many people who taunt a parent that their son/daughter’s performance in final exam is very poor, he/she can’t do anything.

I have seen many such people who taunt the parents that their son/daughter’s performance in final exam is very poor, he/she can’t do anything.

Warren Buffet Sir also started his career at eleven, so if somebody is weak in studies then it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t be successful.

All thing you require is to set your goal, work hard and one day you will be able to answer all the people, who thought he/she can’t do anything.

21. Never Give up

This is not directly related to this topic, but indirectly it is.

This life is like a horse race, if you stop running then everyone will overtake you but if you keep running then many will stop running and one day you will be at the forefront.

We can make our future bright with hard work and smart work and if you continue to do these two then one day success will come at your door and say that it is your right.❤️

🌟 Do Hard work and one day you will be able to make your PARENTS proud of YOU. That’s it for today, I hope you like the post.


Images Source: Pixabay