20 Secrets To Be A Good Father And Husband [ Ultimate Guide ]

In the above title, I have included both father & husband because the person who is behind these two words is a man.

After marriage, a man has to play the role of both a good husband & a good father as well.

Sometimes a man is not able to make happy & take care of both his wife and children.

So in today’s post, I will share 20 points through which you can be a good father and husband, will be able to know what to do ahead for a secure, healthy & happy family.

20 Ways to Become a Good Father & Husband

You can check other posts available on Google, & you will find that most of them are providing bookish knowledge, but on this website, I provide information based on my experience, & as per me these 20 points are secrets because no one has shared these before me.

In starting I will share points about becoming a good father & then-husband, so let’s get dive into it👍

1. Don’t Let Your Family Suffer Financially

1. Don't Let Your Family Suffer Financially

Less money is a problem for almost every family available in this world.

I can understand the situation what it feels when there is no money is available in the house to purchase a bike, pay children’s school fees, buy fruits, or even to admit hospital because I have experienced the same situation in my life.

Somebody will say money is just an instrument but let me tell you, in today’s world people respect Your Money, not You.

So do hard work to earn money & try that your family suffers very less financially.

2. Purchase Health Insurance

I don’t know you believe in health insurance or not but I do, the reason is simple, as the insurance provides extra security that protects the family financially if anything wrong happens.

If let’s say I am the only person in my family who earns money to fulfill the stomach of all my family members.

God forbid but if something happens to me & I don’t have saved money in my bank account then how my family will pay sudden medical charges to hospitals?

So it’s better to do all kinds of insurance which cover sudden medical expenses and death cover as well.

3. Try To Avoid Conflict in Front of Childrens

3. Try To Avoid Conflict in Front of Childrens

Many conflicts happen in the life of husband and wife & first of all, try to avoid any kind of conflict.

The conflict between husband and wife destroys the beautiful & peaceful environment of a house.

Try to not conflict in front of your children because they can’t see you fight with your wife and this also disturbs their mental balance.

So try to avoid family conflicts.🙏

4. Avoid Talking of Financial Issues in Front of Childrens

If we talk too much about house financial related issues in front of our children then they will easily know it, which can create tension in their minds.

There can be issues in our house bit we should discuss it in a closed room.

5. Take Childrens to Granny’s House

5. Take Childrens to Granny's House

As per me, granny’s (your wife’s motherhouse) house is a dream house for children because there is a very different environment than their actual homes.

There granny tells children interesting stories, jokes, & at Granny’s house, they don’t need to worry about studies as well. 😃

So if you get time to take your children there, they will be very happy to visit their dream house.

6. Go to Every PTM

Probably you are thinking that what is PTM?

PTM stands for Parents & Teacher Meeting, this was very popular when I was in school, during PTM parents need to visit the school where teachers tell about their children abilities, performance & behavior in school.

Usually PTMs are organised twice in a year & on Sundays which is a universal holiday, so if you are free on this say then make sure to visit your children’s school.

By doing this you can check everything about your children from their strong points to weak points, also you can make the right decisions about your children’s higher education & job.

The name ‘PTM’ can vary from country to country.

7. Bring Something While Coming Back from Work 😋

7. Bring Something While Coming Back from Work
source: Pixabay

When I was a child, I mostly wait for my father that when they will come from work?

This wait was mostly for chocolates which my father often bought for me.

Like this, if you go to the office daily then you can also bring some healthy eatable things with you link fruits, vegetables, ice creams, sweets, etc.

By seeing these delicious things in your bag, your children will be very happy, which will confirm that you are a good father.

8. Teach Your Childrens the Value of Money

Money is the thing which is required every day in human life to purchase something.

Out of all people in this world, some are rich & some are poor but as per me everyone should teach the value of money to their children.

Tell them how hard it is to earn money, some can earn it easily while some have to struggle a lot every day.

Once your children have learned money value, then they will start to save and respect money & this learning will also help them in future when they themselves become parents.

9. Restrict Playing of Children Near Danger

If your kids are small then make them aware of places where there is danger.

These places include a swimming pool, water park, factories, etc. along with this take care that your kids are not playing with sharp objects like blades, scissors, needles, knife, etc. which can harm them.

If you are already aware of this then you are a good father who thinks about the safety of his kids.

10. Bring a Pet in Your House

Pets are the favorite of every single kid & if you are not rearing a pet in your house then you are stopping your kids to get their happiness.

I also rear a goat as a pet in my house and my children get very happy when they see her playing in the backyard.

There are multiple benefits of rearing pets including health benefits which we will talk somedays later in any other post.

11. Give Equal Time To Both

Most of the father are working person who needs to either go to the office or at their business every day but in between this they forget it to give time to their children and wife due to busy schedule.

To give equal time to both you can eat morning and evening food together on a dining table, this will bring closeness to the relation, which directly results in a happy family.

12. Show Internet World to Your Wife

If your wife is a housewife then definitely she has a lot of time to spend, she can consume this time to start her online business.

If she is perfect in any field then she can start a YouTube channel or blog on that subject.

By doing this she can stand up on her own legs & if her online business becomes successful then she can also help you in running your house.

13. Don’t Let Your Wife to Work A Lot

Don't Let Your Wife to Work A Lot

There is a lot of work in every house which a wife needs to do, this includes cleaning the house, mopping the floor, dressing kids for school, making food, washing dishes, & more.

These all work makes woman body tired and sometimes body pain, so how to reduce this work?

Simple, automation of the work, we can purchase automatic dishwasher, cleaner, washing machine, etc.

These machines can really reduce the human workforce to almost zero & your wife will only have to do very minimal housework.

14. Gift Her Beauty Products & Mobile

No woman can deny that she doesn’t like beauty products because she is using them since her childhood.

You will not believe me gifting this kind of stuff can make her very happy, along with this you can also gift dresses, ornaments, & more items.

15. Watch Movies With Her

As a good husband, you can watch movies with your wife either on mobile or on television.

As per me, Hollywood movies are the best movies available in this world, if you want to watch movies with your family including kids then you can also watch cartoon movies as well.

Probably you are thinking that what will happen while watching movies together?

It brings sweetness in relations & you will never forget these moments in your entire life.

16. Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Every year’s wedding anniversary brings happiness to our house, I regularly celebrate my mother’s and father’s wedding anniversary.

You can also celebrate your wedding anniversary as well & for this, you don’t need to organize a big party because this can also be celebrated with only family members.

All the family members can see the wedding photos & videography, which will refresh the past moments of your marriage.

You can also bring your wife’s favorite food on this special day. 👍

17. Cook Yourself for Family on Weekends

Cook Yourself for Family on Weekends

I don’t think you don’t like cooking in your free time, most of the time wives make food for the entire family but to become a good husband, a man can also prepare food on weekends.

I myself make sweets on Sundays and the feeling of self-cooking is at the next level on this day, plus my entire family including kids enjoy sweets made from pure cow milk.

If you don’t know how to cook and prepare delicious dishes then you can take help from YouTube and Google, as there are hundreds of channels & websites which briefly describe dishes recipes.

18. Start Saving For Future Needs

My Grandpa always said to me that ” A dollar saved is a dollar earned “, I believe this works everywhere in the world.

We can save some percentage of our monthly income to prepare emergency fund and for future need which includes education, marriage, home renovation, & more.

The principle of saving is very easy ” the early you start the better it is “.

🌟Many country’s governments also start saving schemes in which people of that country can take benefit of them.🌟

19. Take Wife on a Long Ride or on Tour

Take Wife on a Long Ride or on Tour

There are many beautiful places around us we can see greenery and animal life.

You can take your wife on tour here & you can ask her about her favorite places or dream where she wants to visit, then you can both visit there for a week or according to free time.

If your wife likes to go on a long ride then prefer that.

20. Never Stop and Don’t Give Up💪

Life never goes like a straight road, it takes many u-turns but if you are continuously moving then one day you will reach your destination. ✌️

Your family’s confidence and determination are directly related to you as a father, son, or husband & if you give up then all give up but if you are focused on your way then they will also be confident.

Always tell your wife that you are with them and will do hard work to give you a good life. 👍

As per me by following the above-mentioned ways you can be a very good father and husband.

I hope you liked the post.

Thanks👍 Have A NICE Day