20 Things To Do When Your Crush Leaves You On Read

It feels so bad and discouraging when you see that your crush is leaving you to read.💔

So, today we are going to solve this issue with a step-by-step procedure that you can follow when your crush leaves you to read i.e. why she does this & what you can do next….

I am writing this post with the reference to a boy whose crush has left him on read on any social media platforms(if you’re a girl & your crush is leaving you on read then also you can follow these below-listed things).👍

This post is divided into two parts i.e in the first part you will see the things that you can do when your crush leaves you on read and in the second part you will see the possible reasons why your crush leaves you on read.🙏

Here are the ways or things which you can do when your crush leaves you on read:

1. Don’t Get Panic

If you’re the kind of guy who gets nervous when she doesn’t respond to your messages, try not to panic.

Because you will not be able to make the right decisions in panic situations, your decisions will be wrong almost all the time, especially if you are making decisions related to relationships.💔

Take a deep breath and sit in a quiet place and then think about what to do next.

2. Keep A Watch On Her Profile

To know if she is ignoring you or not, the best thing that you can do is to keep a close eye on her profile.

Suppose, you are texting her continuously every day and she is frequently changing her profile picture, description, etc., and still ignoring you or not replying to you, then it is clear that she doesn’t want to chat with you.

3. Check The Frequency of Her Leaving You on Read

If she leaves you on read only once or twice a month, then you don’t have to worry about anything, as this is normal.

But, if she is ignoring you five to six times a month, you can assume that she doesn’t want you to message her.💔

4. Check Her Behaviour In Real Life

Now, you need to compare the behaviour of your crush before and after she has started to leave you on read.

Let’s say if she was talking very nice and sweet earlier, and now she avoids talking to you, then it’s quite obvious that she is not interested in you and this is the reason she is leaving you on read.

But if she is behaving normally like she used to treat you in the past then there is another reason you need to investigate. (good news❤)

5. Send Messages On Right Time

Try to send her a message when she is online and by doing this, the chances that she will read and reply to your messages can increase up to 98%, so give importance to this point.

6. Check The Value of Your Messages

Let’s say someone is sending you messages then tell me why would you read those messages?

The answer is simple, you will read those messages only when either that person is very close to you or that person is sending interesting things which are increasing your knowledge.

So try to send good things like motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, good things related to health and yoga because you are not sure whether she is interested in you or not.

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7. Send Things Which She Likes

If she is your crush then no doubt you are aware of her interest.

Let’s say, she is very interested in watching movies, then you can send movies that are just released or which are going to be released soon, and there is a high possibility that she will read and respond to your messages.

8. Check That Your Messages Are Readable or Replyable

Readable messages are those that do not elicit a human reply (most often include pictures) while replyable messages are those that make a human reply back (mostly includes text messages and pictures).

If you are sending her messages without checking twice then you are doing wrong.

Make sure your content is replyable or readable before sending her any kind of message.

If your messages are only readable then she will not reply and if you have send something interesting which forces her mind to reply then no doubt she will answer back.❤

9. Check With Whom She Spends Her Most of Time

To know that if she has started a friendship with another guy, you need to check that with whom she spends most of her time.

If she is spending most of her time with her best friends or with you, then everything is normal between you and her.

But if she is talking and spending most of the time with a new guy, you need to talk to her about whether she likes you or not.

10. Don’t Start To Make Conclusion

Sometimes when we become emotionally weak we mostly start taking conclusions without any logic.

If your crush is not reading your message, it does not mean that your crush does not like your message, as there can be some other reasons behind it.

So, always try to make conclusions once you know the real truth.❤🙏

11. Ask Her That Why She is Leaving You on Read

Now, whenever she meets you in the class then try to ask her with a sad face “why you are ignoring my messages? Please tell me as I am breaking down day by day”❤

No doubt she will tell the truth behind this.

12. Ask That She Likes You or Not

What you need to do next is dependent on this, go & politely ask your crush that she likes you or not?

I hope you have tried all the ways to impress your crush before asking this question to her.🙏

The next points are written based on both answers ‘yes’ & ‘no’.

Here are the things which you can do when your crush replies that “she likes you”.

13. Tell Her That You Are With Her

If she is doing important work in her house these days when she goes back home, then you can say to her “I am with you & if you need any help from me then please let me know❤”

This will give her inner strength, motivation & faith that you are standing with her and she will get success in her work.

14. Tell Her To Give 5 Minutes To Your Messages

You can also request her that if she gets any free time, please try to see and reply to your messages.

And also request her not to leave you on read because it hurts you.💔

15. Continue Your Efforts

As you have a crush on her then it’s quite obvious that you are following many tricks to get her attraction & also trying to help her.

At the same time, you are also giving appropriate time to your studies, now you have found that she likes you and she was not knowingly leaving you on read, so continue to do efforts i.e study and caring her.❤

And here are the things which you can do when your crush replies that “she doesn’t like you”

Imp: Please don’t follow the below-listed points if you love her very much. Try your best to get her to love you even if she replies that she doesn’t like you because your love for her is very pious.

16. Start To Show Her That You Don’t Care About Her

Start to show her that you don’t care about her.

There are many ways through which you can ignore her, like not replying to her, avoiding talking to her, start to looking happier than before, & many other ways.

17. Start To Show Attitude

To make her know that you have a strong heart which will not melt if she says that she doesn’t like you, then start to show attitude.

For this, you can use good hairstyles, use attitude images as your profile picture, start to study more and rank first in exams, etc.

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18. Cut All Relations With Her

Forgetting someone is not so much easy, you need to do different kinds of to remove her from your heart & mind.

For this, you can cut all the relations with her like unfollowing her social media profile, not seeing her frequently, deleting her number, deleting images, etc.

19. Start A New Journey

Maybe you like her a lot but she doesn’t, so you can’t live your life by remembering her all the time.

You can think about starting a new journey with someone who doesn’t change her color like a chameleon.

20. Be Happy

If your crush has left you on read then don’t take stress and waste your time in thinking about that ‘why she is doing this?’

Keep calm and give relax to your body because health is wealth, everything can happen if you are healthy and fit. 👍

Now, let’s see the reasons why she leaves you on read…

Reasons Why She Leaves You on Read?

There can be multiple reasons which are forcing your crush to not pay attention on your messages:

1. She Doesn’t Likes You

This is the most common reason, if it’s a one-sided crush i.e only you like her & she doesn’t, then she will try to leave you on reading every time.

2. Any Urgent Work Occurred

If she is chatting with you and suddenly any urgent work occurred at her house then no doubt she has to press the back button without reading your message.

In this, if she replies to you after some time then it’s okay, as, if you were at her place then you will do the same.

3. You Are Doing Late Night Messages

There is an appropriate time for sending messages, like in the early morning where you can send impressive greetings, but if you are doing a message at a time when either she is outside or she is sleeping then how she will be able to read your message.

So, make sure to only message her at a time when she is either at her home or she is not sleeping.

4. Her Parents Are Not Allowing Her

Parents are our caretakers, you & I cannot go against what parents are advising us.

There can be a possibility that her parents have found that she is chatting with you and they have strictly told her to not chat with you.

After this, she will not be able to read and reply to your messages.

5. You Are Messaging Like A Bot

If you have a habit of pressing the send button then try to reduce it, as no one likes that their notification box is filled up with notifications.

Try to keep the number of messages less so that she can read them easily and always remember quality is better than quantity.

6. Unfortunate Thing Happens

No one can see the future and we can’t stop unfortunate things to happen and sometimes this can be a reason why your crush leaves you on read.

Network error, app error, mobile get broken, she is not receiving your messages, technical error, & many more.

7. May Be She is Busy

There is a possibility that she is doing anything important which is consuming her all the time.

Maybe she is studying a lot, preparing for competition, writing a blog, etc.

8. Any Argument in Recent Past

If you argued with her in the recent past either online or offline, then this can be a concrete reason for ignoring your messages because she is angry with you.

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These are some of the major reasons that are preventing her from reading and replying to your messages and making her leave you to read.

Sweet Words

Brother, if you think that you have totally fallen in love with her, then bro no matter she leaves you on read, always try to impress her & help her so that she can feel your love and can be yours forever(make sure you have all the qualities which her parents will like).🙏❤

That’s it for today’s post friends, I hope you liked the post & your query is also solved.

If you think I have left something out please let me know, I will add it and will also give credit to your name…❤

Thanks👍 Have a nice day ahead….