20 Things To Do When Your Crush Likes Someone Else

There are very few people who get their favorite life partner whom they like most.

Sometimes their crush doesn’t like them & sometimes situations don’t allow them to get to the person whom they are interested in.

Today, we are going to see 20 ways that can help you to find a solution when your crush likes someone else.

I am writing this in the context of a boy whose crush likes someone else and he doesn’t know what to do next, if you are a girl and your crush is interested in someone else then also you can check these points.

So without wasting time let’s dive into it.

1. Ask Yourself Do You Really Like Her?

First of all, place your right hand on your heart & close your eyes, now ask yourself that do you really like her?

If the answer is ‘ Yes ‘ then you can read this entire post but ‘ No ‘ then you can discontinue reading this post from here.

I am assuming the answer is ‘ yes ‘.

Now, probably you are thinking that how I will find that I really like her or not?

If you see her in your dreams, you feel lonely when she doesn’t come to school, your heartbeat starts to increase when you talk with her, you feel good when she sees you, you wanna feel to sit with her, and more, then these are the concrete signs that you truly like her.

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After it’s clear that you like her, now it’s time to talk about their relationship.

2. Check Is Their Relation Strong?

Now, you need to check that their relationship is strong or not.

And to do this, you need to keep an eye on your crush when she is available in the class.

If they don’t try to sit together, they don’t exchange things with each other, he has a crush on other girls, they often argue, etc., then it shows their relationship is very weak but if they are doing opposite of these points then it’s clear that their reaction bond is very strong.

Let’s assume their connection is very weak.

3. Find Out Does She Likes Him?

Now, find out that is your crush interested in him or not?

Let’s say she doesn’t pay attention to him, she talks less with him, she ignores him, she saw him with anger, etc. then these all symptoms show that your crush doesn’t like him and she has no place for him in her heart.

You can also check your Crush’s social media profile that she follow him or not. It’s a good sign for your if she doesn’t follow him.

4. Check What She Thinks About You

You need to check that your crush likes you back or not? Maybe you are not aware of her and she also has a secret crush on you.

If she doesn’t shout at you when you do any mistake with her, she often sees and stares at you, she always does hey & hello to you, she talks politely with you, etc. then it shows she feels something about you.

5. Check Can You Replace Him in Your Crush’s Life

If your crush likes someone else then there must be something good in him that’s why she is interested in him.

You need to sit calm and think that can you replace the person whom your crush is interested.

Like you need to be financially strong than him, handsome and good looking than him, & more bold and courageous than him. If you are, then you can easily replace him in your Crush’s Life.

Now, you have found that their relationship is weak, she doesn’t like him, she has a place for you in her heart, & you can replace him, then it’s time to do some special things through which she can start liking you.👍

6. Try To Help Your Crush’s Friends

It is quite obvious that your crush has best friends who always sit and walk with her and mostly these are girls.

You can establish good relationships with them by helping them in various ways.

The best way to help them is that you can be a good student who studies a lot so that they can come to your to solve their queries.

Benefits of doing this:

As you are helping the best friends of your crush, so they will try to talk about you with her that how you helped them, and many other appreciations.

By hearing this from her best friends, she will be sure that you are a good student & there is a possibility she can come to your to solve her doubts.

Congratulations, your crush is talking to you🤝

7. Let Her Feel Your Crush

You need to do a lot of things to make feel her your crush, because if you didn’t try to show your affection towards her then she will never be able to know that what’s in your heart about her.

For this, you can check the ‘ Crush ‘ category of my site in which I have shared a great post on impressing your crush, even if she is ignoring you.

8. Try to Help Your Crush’s Parents

I know this is the most difficult task but I think you can try many tactics to impress your crush but as per me this is one of the best ways which can help you to make a place in her heart.

If your Crush’s house in your city then you can go to her house and try to check which biggest issue they are facing currently.

Let’s say you noticed that her parents are working too hard to make daily wages, so if you are a little bit rich and can provide a job to a human, then try to provide a job either to her parents or directly to your crush.

I know it’s hard to give a job to a person in these times when there is no employment but if you are capable then you should think about it.

Your crush will definitely appreciate and may start to like you a lot and her parents will also be impressed by you.

If they are facing other problems then also you can try to solve them.

9. Find The Reasons Why Your Crush Like That Guy

You need to find the good things in that guy which are attracting your crush towards him.

It can be his dressing style, his hairstyle, his walking style, his intelligence, or anything else.

After finding these try to be better than him in things which your crush likes.

10. Find Loopholes in Their Relations

There will be some loopholes that made their relation weaker day by day, you need to find these loopholes and fix them with your presence.

For example, he was not following your crush on social media but now you can follow her, they argue a lot so after their argument you can take care of her and advise her to not talk with him, etc.

By seeing this she will start to like you.

I have mentioned 25 different types of messages which you can send her through Instagram dm.

You can also send these kind of messages on other social media platforms as well where she is connected to you 👇

11. Check If She is Facing Any Issue

Life is full of issues, from a child to an old man everybody face problem.

You can ask your crush that ‘is she facing any kind of issue in which you can help her?’

She will be very happy to hear that you are concerned about her & maybe she can share her problem with you.

Helping her financially is good or not?

You can directly ask her or on social media profile but try to ask this type of question after 2-3 months of your friendship with her, because if you try to ask this question in just starting then she can shout on you, that who are you, why she should tell her issues to you, & many more heartbreaking questions.

12. Don’t Do Mistakes Which He Did With Your Crush

You need to find things that your crush doesn’t like about that guy and for this, you can ask your crush that which things she doesn’t like to see.

And if she answers then try not to do these mistakes in your entire life or at least in front of her.

13. Win Her Heart

You need to do things which she likes so that you can easily win her heart.

Let’s say your crush likes a student who helps other students in need, so try to help all the students whenever they need your help like suggesting good books to boys who are poor in studies & helping them to understand important topics so that they can also get good marks.

Believe me, she will personally appreciate it by coming near to you.

14. Give Her Time

For a boy, it’s very easy to start a new relationship but for a girl, it’s too hard because someone has betrayed her, so she will take time to come out of her previous relationship.

She can take one to three months to properly adjust with you, and during this period you should do various kinds of things to help and make her feel that you are with her.

15. Gift Favorite Thing of Her On Valentine Day

If you gift a very special thing which is a favorite of your crush then trust me she will not be able to control her from liking you.

You just need to find which thing she will like the most.

Let’s say you found that she loves to hear music, then you can gift her a premium headphone like from a very reputed company like Sony, Apple, etc. on Valentine’s day.

I cannot tell you in words that how happily she will react.

16. Let Her Build Believe on You

Trust is very important in any relationship and don’t try to think that she will start to believe in you from the first day.

She will take time to trust you and for this, you need to continue your efforts to impress & win her heart.

17. Check If Her Family Celebrates on Special Days

You need to find out that does her family celebrate special days like anniversary, birthday, festival, Christmas party, etc.

If they are not celebrating because of financial issues then you can try to arrange a party in their house.

This point is related to point number 8, if one can fulfill that then he can easily do this otherwise it’s too hard to do.

18. Ask Her If She Would Accept You Instead Of Him?

Now at this time, you think that you have helped her a lot and she also likes you back, then you can ask her that if she would accept you instead of him?

I wish she will answer ‘yes’ and be impressed with you as well.

19. Tell You Like Her

After applying all the above-mentioned ways, there is a very high probability that she has forgotten about her past relationships, now, you can tell her that you like her a lot.

You can this during chatting, phone calls, or during proposal time. 👍😀

20. Propose Her At a Very Beautiful Place

This is the most happiest and relaxing part of this post, I am feeling very happy while writing this point.

Now, when you both like each other then you can take her outside to a very beautiful place & to propose her.

Try to choose sunset or evening for proposing her.

I hope she will accept your proposal.

Final Words

It feels heartbreaking when your crush likes someone else but I think if you truly like her from the bottom of your heart then you can give it a try to attract her.

I hope these points will help you a lot and you liked the post as well.

If you have any doubt or suggestions regarding this post, then let me know by commenting below.

Thanks 👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead…

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