21 Reasons Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? [With Solutions]

I also wonder when I see that bad people in this world are enjoying their life and they have a lot of money but on the other hand, people who are good at heart suffer from something like financial or physical or relationship issues.

But we all know, everything that happens has a legit and valid reason behind it, similarly, if bad things are happening to good people then there must be some valid reasons.

So, in today’s post I am going to share 21 reasons why do bad things happen to good people and with solutions:

1. They Believe in God Too Much

I also believe in God and like you, I also seek help from God in my bad times but believing too much in God can create some problems.

For example, I have to work to earn money, but if I sit at home and worship God for the whole day, will God give me money?

The simple answer is ‘No’, I have to work to earn money, I cannot sit at my home in the hope that my God will help me.

Similarly, if a good boy/girl becomes too dependent on God, then many bad things start to happen.

I am not saying that worship should not be done but I am saying that you also need to work along with your faith in God.🙏

2. They Don’t Get Prepare For The Troubles & Bad Things in Advance

If you are thinking that everything will be good in your life whether you are starting a business or a new relationship then according to me you are wrong here because you will face ups and downs in whatever you do.

A business cannot always run on top and no one can avoid petty fights in relationships.

But according to me, most of the good people are not prepared for the future troubles and bad things that can happen in life and when these things happen they totally break because they have no solution.

So, no matter how good you are, you should always have a Plan B and be prepared for troubles.

3. They Have A Hope That Someone Will Help Them

In today’s selfish world, if you are expecting that someone will come for your help then trust me, you are making a huge mistake because I know that no one will come to your help unless they don’t really love you.

This is a real-life example, My financial condition is not stable and I was in the hope that the one who is my best friend (he is rich) will provide me a job and when I requested the job, he completely refused, since that day I have been working hard and I don’t expect anyone to help me.

So, if you are so good please don’t expect that one who is very close to you will help you, in fact, you have to help yourself, no one will come to save you in your bad times.

4. They Don’t Save Money

Many good people suffer financially and the biggest reason I found behind this is that they do not save money.

If you’re a good guy/girl and you aren’t saving money then you will suffer in the future if anything bad happens to you like you have lost your job, hence, it becomes important for you to save money and invest that money in the least risky investment options so that you and your future generations can enjoy their life even if they are going through their bad times.👍👍

If you have a good amount of money 🤑 then don’t waste it because you can deposit that money in a bank account and earn good interest on that money. (I will also follow this method)

5. They Lack Multiple Sources of Income

You can’t deny that a guy/girl who has multiple sources of income will live a better life than a guy/girl who has only one source of income, you can call the guy/girl with multiple sources of income bad but in reality, he/she is smart.

It’s excellent that you are good, friendly and kind but remember that most of have only one problem i.e unavailability of money so, try to build multiple sources of income so that you don’t face problems related to money in the future or present.

6. Because Good People Care What Others Will Say

The day you start caring about what others think and how they see you, from that day your life starts going according to the thinking of others, your thinking starts to become empty and you start suffering.

Let’s say, there is a wedding in my neighborhood and I know everyone will wear expensive clothes but I can’t because of less money, to pretend that I am rich if I bought an expensive dress then in the coming days I have to suffer because to show others that I am rich I bought a very expensive dress and now I have no money left so I will not be able to pay my expenses and everything starts getting worse.

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Instead, if I would wear what I have then I will have my money and I will easily be able to pay my family expenses.

So, according to me, good people should not care about others, instead, they should move for better and stress-free life according to their thoughts and understanding.

7. Most Good People Are Emotional

The main difference between a realistic guy and an emotional man is that a realistic guy takes more mature decisions whereas an emotional person takes immature and wrong decisions.

Despite being good, more and more wrong decisions by a boy/girl means that he/she would only face problems, instead, he/she can lead a better life by taking realistic and logical decisions.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t be emotional in your life, I am saying that you shouldn’t be emotional while taking decisions so that most of your decisions can go right.

8. Yes, Good People Also Make Mistakes Even After Knowing

I don’t know how to describe it but I know that good people also make mistakes even knowing they are making mistakes.

Sometimes circumstances compel a boy/girl to do so or sometimes it is a matter of ego which compels him/her to commit the same mistake that he/she did in the past.

Here I would say that good person should learn from their mistakes and they should not repeat these mistakes otherwise bad things will keep happening to them.

9. Sometimes It Happens Unfortunately

Yes, sometimes the bad things that happen to good people are unfortunate.

For example, a poor taxi driver who drives his old car every day to drop passengers at their desired places, unfortunately, if his car tyres get completely burst, he will not be able to get new tyres but to earn some money for his family, he will borrow money from someone and buy tyres.

In the above example, the taxi driver was poor but unfortunately he got unwanted expenses, now he has to work more and more.

For you: Sometimes bad things can happen unfortunately and the only solution is the good people(like you and me) need to be prepared for everything in advance.👍

10. They Don’t Grab Opportunities on Time and Then Regret

Be it career or relationship, when good people don’t grab opportunities on time, they start to repent and when they see the effect of missing an opportunity, they start feeling that every bad thing is happening to them but in reality, it is the after effect of their mistake.

For example, if a boy is in love with a girl and he is not taking the first step since last one year, then when she will marry someone else he will regret and feel that his luck is very bad but in reality, it is happening because he never told her that he loves her.💔

So, good people should always grab opportunities on time, by doing this they can stop anything bad happening to them.

11. Sometimes, It Feels Like God is Doing Knowingly

When a man works very hard to earn money but even after doing so much work, if he is not able to earn the money he wants, then he starts to believe that God is intentionally doing this to him. (I’m one of the guys 😑)

If you are going through this kind of situation then keep working on it because if you keep doing the same work then one day you will get success in it but make sure that many other people have got success in the work you are doing.

Crux: Continue to do your work as success is not too much away from you👍🙏

12. Good People Need To Keep Their Heart Strong

I am also a boy like you, my life is also doing many wrong things with me but should I give up?

No, I can’t because I’m not the kind of people who give up so easily, I’ll keep my heart strong and run until I get to the destination I want.

As such, being a good guy/girl, you need to keep your heart strong and keep going until you have everything you want.👍👍🍁

13. They Need To Do Hardwork

In today’s world, hard work is the only thing through which good people can stop anything bad happen to them.

I have learned from my father that human life is incomplete without hard work, without hard work a man/woman will never be able to enjoy the importance and taste of comfort.

So, always try your things, good things will start to happen.👍🍁

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14. Because Whom They Love is not in Their Life

When a good guy loves a girl and she doesn’t like her or she is refusing to come into his life, her ‘no’ starts ruining her life because after hearing ‘no’ from her, he will not be able to work and sleep properly.

Slowly most of the things start going bad and this not only causes pain to him but also his family.

Solution: If you love someone then try a lot to impress them but even after your 1000s of requests he/she doesn’t want to come with you, then (I know this will be hard for you) you should look for a different guy/girl.💔

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15. Maybe They’re Trying To Do Something Impossible

Many people say “nothing is impossible in this world” but I would say “everything is not possible in this world“.

In a field where almost everyone fails, then according to me, that field is impossible and good people should keep a safe distance from that field.

For example, almost every trader in the stock market has losses so it is impossible to do and if any good boy/girl will try it then he will fail because the share market is not a child’s play.

Solution: Do what your elders especially your parents say because they will always guide you on the right path on which you will be successful one day, they’ll never send you down a path that’s impossible to cover.(especially when it comes to decide which career you want to choose to get a good job).

16. Probably They Don’t Have Good Relatives

What is the definition of a good relative?

A good relative is a relative who always helps you in your bad times (only if they are able), he will not leave your hand seeing that you are going through bad times (especially if you are financially weak).

According to me, most good people don’t have good relatives who can support them when they feel completely broken.

Solution: We can’t change relatives so we need to be one man army.

17. Because Good Days Always Come After Bad Days

My mother always supports me “Son, this is your bad time but you don’t have to give up and always remember that good days come only after bad days”

So, if bad things are happening to good people then these will not last for a long time, these people will also see good things happening to them but for this, they need patience and continuous work on their goals.

18. It’s Not Happening Only With You

If you are thinking that despite being so good and kind, only bad things are happening in your life whereas bad people around you are enjoying then trust on one thing that this is their time when your time will come you will be more successful than these.

Like you, many others are facing the same issues, so don’t feel that God is only giving pain to you.

Be good, continue to hard work and hustle, our God is kind, he will help you.👍🙏

19. Many Take Advantage of Good People

I have seen too many intelligent and selfish people who are just friends with good people to take advantage of their kindness and innocence, once their work is done, they never come in front of these good people.

It can happen in relationships, business, or making friendships (in business these wise people can give huge losses as well).

That’s why good people need to do everything very carefully especially in making friends or starting a new relationship, otherwise, this world is full of betrayals and lies.

20. Good People Need To Be Smart Like A Spider

Along with goodness, these people also need to be smart like a spider because time is changing very fast and if they don’t move or change according to the time then they will lag behind everyone else.

To survive here, you need to be wise and strong so that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

21. Still There Are Many Reasons & Solutions

I know I have shared many reasons and solutions for Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People but still, there is much left which I don’t know because everything is happening differently in each of our lives.

So, if life is not doing well with you then find the reasons behind it and start treating them.

In most cases, lack of money is the main problem behind everything bad happening to good people, if you have the same problem in your life then, first of all, try to earn a good amount of money by doing a job or starting a business.

I hope and wish everything will be fine on your side.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead……🙏🍁