21 Reasons Why Do People Get Married?

If we see in today’s world, we will find that from poor to rich, everyone is getting married at a certain age…..

But what makes people to get married? Why are they so desperate to get tied in a knot of marriage?

If you want to know the answers of all these questions then you are at right place….

Here, I am going to share 21 reasons why do people get married…..

So, let’s dive in…..⤵️⤵️

1. It’s The Only Way They Can💕

If you love someone tell me how you will make them yours?

I know you will say “by getting married I can make them mine”

If you start living with someone without marrying them then people start to make different bad opinions about you and your partner that see they both are living together without marrying each other……

But if you live with your partner after marrying them then they all will appreciate you both by saying “see, how happy couples they are💕”

So, getting married is the only way through which two humans who love each other can live together without having any issue…..

2. Everybody Needs Partner / Fear of Being Alone 💕

Life is a race where you need to run continuously to survive.

You can run alone upto a certain age (25), after that you will start feeling alone like no one is there who can hold my back when i feel demotivated or who can relax me at night……

For example, if you are a office going guy who do 9 to 5 job then definitely you feel so much tired when you come back home and here, if you are living alone then despite being tired you have to cook your food on your own and this will make you more tired……

In the same situation, if you have a wife then she can prepare delicious food for you which you can enjoy after coming back from office, & now you will not feel so much tired instead you will thank God that He gave a excellent wife in your life…..💕

So, because everyone needs a partner in their life, that’s why people get married, so that they can have someone in their life who can provide support & relax to them mentally & physically.

3. To Become Happy

No one can deny that when someone gets married, it brings happiness in the life of the couple and their family…..

They go on honey moon, vacation, trip, water parks with their entire family so that they can enjoy and capture some of the beautiful moments of their life.

So, if a marriage brings happiness in the life of people then why won’t they get married? 💕👍🙏

4. Weddings Are Acceptable Everywhere

There are 200+ countries on this earth and all these countries consider marriage as legal i.e. if a boy and girl love each other then they can get married and live together for their entire life.

No one in this world can stop two human who love each other from getting married and if someone tries to stop them then almost all the countries have laws through which they can easily protect themselves from any threat which is preventing them marrying each other.

5. To Continue Their Lineage/Ancestry 💕

Today you are in this world and searching on Google but do you know how you come to this world?

The answer is your mom and dad got married and gave birth to you and that’s why you are here in this beautiful world.😎🌺

To continue family’s ancestry your dad married your mom.

So, from above point we find that to continue ancestry/lineage is one of the reasons why do people get married…..🌺

6. Our Law Support This

Yes, the law of our country supports marriage and also provides many benefits to the loving couples.

So, if our law support marriage then why won’t we?

7. It Gives Employment To Millions of People

Yes, weddings provide employment to millions of people in every country.

In marriage people buy jewellery, new clothes, shoes, vehicles, and some business like catering, decoration, wedding planning, etc survive only because marriages are taking place in this world.

And along with this, government also earns good amount of tax in wedding season……

So, if millions of people are dependent on weddings to earn money to feed their families then I think we all should get married when the right time comes…..💕🙏😍

8. It’s A Moment of Happiness

When a wedding takes place, we invite all our relatives, friends, teachers and everyone else who are close to our heart.

This brings all of us together and also brings sweetness in our relations….

This also encourage people to get married……

9. People Get Very Less Betrayal in This💔

There are a higher chances of betrayal if you are in a relationship with anyone and they haven’t married you.

But if you marries with that guy/girl then there are very less chances that he/she will cheat you because a marriage is a very pious process which bound a guy/girl from cheating their life partner.

I know anyone can chest even after getting married but my point here is that there are very chance that a guy/girl will cheat you after being tied in a knot with you.

10. Guys Wait For 20 Years For This😂

As a guy I can say that we wait for atleast 20 years from the day we born so that we can get married to a girl and can enjoy that💕😍😂…..

Almost every guy who is single wants to marry his love as soon as possible so that they can come close to his love.

This is also a reason why people especially guys wants to wed so soon…..

11. It’s A Matter of Pride For Our Parents 🌈

It is the dream of every mother and father that one day their son/daughter will marry with a very nice girl/boy.

Children’s marriage is a matter of pride for every parent and all parents want it to have this pride one day…..

And everyone wants to make their parents feel pride on them so everyone get weds with someone they love…..

12. To Become Mom & Dad

Who doesn’t want to have kids of their own? Everyone wants because having kids is a different feeling and to do that everyone has to marry someone or the other.

And this is also one of the main reasons why do people get married.

If you don’t have a feeling that I should also have kids my own kids then when you are over 25 years old then you will have this kind of feeling and I am sharing it based on my experience.

13. Because We Do Hard Work For This Only💼

You will be surprised to know but I am writing a blog post everyday so that I can earn money from it and get married with my love as soon as possible.

And tell me, why are you working hard everyday apart from earning money? The answer is, so that you can get a good life partner.

Getting married is one of the main reason why every single guy is working hard everyday apart from making money….

14. Legal Benefits

There are multiple legal benefits are there which married couple get like medical leave, pay less taxes, employment benefits, etc.

These legal benefits also encourage people to get tied in a knot.

15. A Safety Measure and Reassurance

A woman feel safer after getting married because now, someone is there who will always hold her back and stop every bad eyes getting on her to make her feel safe.

So, this is a reason why a girl want to wed with a man.

16. To Give Answer To Your Society

Where I live, here, if a boy is probably not married because of poorty, then everyone starts taunting that boy and his parents that this boy is unmarried, see their son is unmarried…..

That’s why people get married so that they can answer to society and avoid people’s taunts that “you are single”🙏

17. Everyone Else is Married

If we try to look around us, we will find that everyone else out there is married…..

So, if everyone else is married then why we shouldn’t?

18. Pressure From Mom & Dad

My mom always told me to work hard and make big amount of money so that you can find a nice life partner for you.

Like this, if you reach a certain age number like 25 then you start getting pressure from your mom and dad to get married.

And like mine and yours, everybody’s mom and dad put pressure on their son/daughter to get married.

19. It Completes The Life

As per me, when you get married, it simply completes your life because then you never feel alone and stressed.

Along with this, you also find a moto of your life i.e to earn for your family and give them a good life.💞

20. One Day You Will Also Say “I Want To Marry

May be today, you have zero thoughts in your mind about getting married…..

But whenever you will fall in love with someone then I guarantee that you will have an intense desire to marry your love so that you can make them yours for your entire life.💞

21. Ask Yourself

I have shared many reasons why do people get married but still if you aren’t able to find the answer then I will advise you to ask this question to yourself and especially your heart.❤️

I am sure, you will be able to find the right answer…….

That’s it for this post friends, hope you liked it…..

Take care and have a nice day ahead….🙏👍