21 Reasons Why Do You Keep Thinking About Your Old Crush

It feels very bad to a guy when his crush does break up and leaves him forever.

Sometimes it’s very easy to forget an old crush but sometimes you can’t be able to forget her whole life.

Here are the 21 reasons which will help you to know why you keep thinking about your old crush.💕

I have also tried to share some ways in between this post through which you can forget her.

1. It’s Your Heart Not A Computer

Do you think you can easily move on to the next girl if your crush leaves you forever?

If yes, then you are wrong here because your heart is a living organ, it’s not a computer where you can easily replace an old file with a new one.

If your heart has accepted a girl then it’s very tough for your heart to forget her if she lefts you or you left her.

Your heart constantly forces the mind to fantasize about her as it still considers her your true love.❤️

This is one of the most relevant reasons why you keep thinking about your crush.

2. She Was So Beautiful

Beauty attracts everyone and if your old crush was very good-looking & pretty then it means either your new crush is not as beautiful as your old crush was or your mind is not accepting the looks of your new crush.💕

If you regularly thinks that she(old crush) was very beautiful & there is no one more beautiful than her while sitting alone in your house then it means you love your old crush very much and you really want her to be with you, as per me, you should try to impress your old crush and make her your life partner because you will regret for the rest of your life that why I didn’t marry the girl I really loved…. ❤️

3. It Was A Real Crush

Real Crush only happens once in a life and there is a high possibility that she was your real crush.

In a real crush, you always keep thinking about her while sleeping, listening to music, playing, working, studying, going outside, talking, doing meditation, dreaming, etc.

And the most powerful thing about this is that it takes a long time to forget a real crush.❤️

4. You Had Spent A Lot Of Time With Old Crush

It’s quite obvious that you can easily forget someone who had spent only 10 to 15 days with you but if someone had spent 3 to 4 years or more with you, then you will not be able to forget him/her in your life.

In the same way, if your old crush was with you for many years then it’s very hard for you to remove her from your memory and because of this, she will keep circulating in your mind.💕

5. You Are Aware That She is Still Alone

There is a high possibility that you know that she is still single & as your heart likes her from day one, so you think that you can enter in her life & can make her fall in your love by helping her, impressing her or by confessing in front of her that you love her a lot.

If in reality no boy is there in her life, then you should tell her that how much you love her.💕

But if someone is in her life then this post can really help: Things To Do When Your Crush Like Someone Else

6. You Still Thinks She Can Be Yours

No matter where she currently is & she likes you or not but still, you have a secret hope in your mind that she can be yours & this hope is building her photo in your mind again and again.

There can be many reasons why you are thinking that she can be yours like if you were not rich in the past and today you have a lot of money then this could be one of the reasons or maybe she has a boyfriend but now she is alone so you think you can fill colors in her life.

7. You Still Search Her Presence

If you are trying to secretly search your old crush’s presence then believe me you yourself want to think about her.

I had a habit to search social media profiles of my crush on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but to completely forget her I have reduced doing this to many extents.❤️

8. You Both Often See Each Other

As she was your old crush then there is a high possibility that you both study in the same school or work in the same company and due to this, after a breakup you often can see each other, as you both daily come to the same place.

And when you see her, it activates all the old memories & moments which you spend with her.

In this condition, you can think about changing your school or office to stop thinking about your old crush.

9. You Are Alone

After a breakup, if you are alone and haven’t think about moving ahead then your past memories will not leave you.

Due to loneliness, mostly you will think about his past indirectly about your old crush, so to avoid this, you can start to make a new friend with whom you can easily spend your time by sharing everything with her.

By spending more time with your new friend, you will not be able to think about your past crush.

10. Her Friends Are Your Friends

If your old crush’s friends are your friends as well, then after seeing them you will not be able to stop yourself from thinking about her.

Because these are the ones who had spend good time with you & your old crush, and those past memories are still in your mind.

So, to avoid this you can keep a safe distance from them.

11. You Feel Good

Tell me do you feel very relaxed and nice while thinking about your old crush like her face, her talking, her walking, her dressing, her smiling, etc. & to get these good feeling again & again you are thinking about your old crush?

If yes, then brother this is not normal, you are hiding from yourself that you love her which is not good & according to me, you should contact your old crush and tell her that you like her very much.

12. She Tried To Contact You

This point may not be valid for all.

This can be possible in someone’s life, that his old crush recently tried to contact him either offline or online for any kind of help and he helped her, but now his emotions have activated to again do friendship with her.

If this same is happening with you, then no matter you have a new crush on someone, you will not be able to control yourself from guessing about your old crush because still you have too many feelings about her in your body & her contacting you has activated these feelings.

13. You Have Preserved Things Related To Her

Have you experienced that when you had touched old things available in your house & all of sudden you started to imagine past days related to that thing? For example, you accidentally saw & touched your school books, then you started to imagine about your friends & teachers.

In the same way, if you are preserving things related to her then you will start to imagine about her after seeing or touching those things.

It can be her photo, birthday gift which she had given to you, her books, gifts you had given her but she returned you back when you both did breakup, etc.

14. You Have Become Biased

If your mind has become biased that the old days and ex-crush were good then you will try to frequently imagine about her.

To avoid this kind of biasness from your mind, you should sit at a silent place and tell your mind & heart that “she was your past and she has left you if you will think about her at present then it’s your own loss”.

By this, you can see the reality of your life.

15. You Have Build Your Fake World Of Imaginations

Human imaginations are very powerful and you can imagine anything in your mind.

Maybe you didn’t want to left your old crush but she left you and in her sorrow, you have build a fake world of imagination where you see your old crush daily and also talk with her.

In this, you need rest and any human support which can take care of you, especially a new friend.

16. You Are Not Giving Time To Your New Crush

Tell me, if you are spending very little time with your new crush then how you will stop thinking about your past?

Start to help your new crush, spend time, chatting, shopping, meeting, etc. with your needed crush, so that new memories can start to make a place in your heart & mind.

If you continue doing this then one day new memories will replace your past memories forever.

17. You Have Just Did Breakup With Her

As we discussed above to completely remove someone from your mind & heart, you will need some time.

If you have just done the break up with your old crush, then it’s normal to think about her, gradually after some time you will start to forget everything about her.

18. You New Crush is Not Like Her

We usually regret when we replace old things with new ones & finds that the quality of new is more worse than the old one.

The same happens in our lives, if you have left your old crush for any reason but now you have realized that your present crush is not like her then you will regret yourself & will start to think about your old crush.

19. You Are Thinking Too Much About

This is the biggest reason, to forget someone we should stop guessing about him/her but instead of this, we start to think more and more about them making our mind to always remember them.

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20. It Was Love

Maybe what you thought to be a crush was love because you can forget your crush but not your true love because it happens only once in your life.

To confirm, you need to put a hand on your heart by closing your eyes & ask yourself that what it was, crush or love?

If the answer comes ‘crush’ then you can try to forget about her but if the answer comes ‘love’ then as per me it will be very difficult for you to stop guessing about her.

21. Try To Contact Her

If even after months and years of your break-up, you are not able to stop thinking about your old crush then you should try to contact her and convince her that we should forget past mistakes and should start living as before together.

I hope & wish she will be ready to come in your life.❤️

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Final Words

If you really like your old crush and every day without her seems like a year then do your best to get your old crush into your life so that you can live with her for your whole life. 💛

That’s it for today’s post friends and I hope you liked the post.

Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead…..