21 Reasons Why Is Time Going By So Fast [With Solutions]

My Grandpa always used to tell me that “Son, time never stops for anyone” and today I find the real meaning behind it i.e we need to value time otherwise time will not value us.

Sometimes when I want to enjoy good moments with my near ones then I get very angry at my home watch because, at that time, it runs like a rocket.

If you are going through the same situation which I am going then you don’t need to worry about it because I am going to share 21 reasons why is time going by so fast and guess what along with solutions.

Try to read all the 21 reason carefully and let’s get started…..⌛

1. The Work You’re Doing is Really Time Consuming

The blog post you are reading is about 2500 words but it will take me at least 12 hours to write this post properly and hit the ‘publish’ button, this work is taking almost all my time.

Like this, If you’re doing a time-consuming task on daily basis then time will pass so fast that you won’t be able to know when the sun rises and sets.

Solution: There is no solution for this because it’s your work so you need to complete it but if you change the profession then you can save your time very much.

2. You’re Taking Frequent Breaks

You must have heard from many people about taking frequent breaks when you are working continuously but according to me, you will waste a lot of time by taking frequent breaks.

The reason is simple, you and your body don’t feel good when you work because you are doing work not taking a rest but when you go for a break it feels good and you get completely lost in that moment and forget that time is going by. And, when you come back you realize that you have already consumed 10-15 minutes in the break.

So, try taking fewer breaks than taking frequent breaks.

3. You’re Frequently Looking Time

If you’re frequently looking at the clock like every after 5-10 minutes then you’ll feel that clock is running so ridiculously fast because every time you look at the clock then the thought that the time is going so quickly comes to your mind and you aren’t able to focus on your work, then it takes you extra 2-3 min to focus back on your work.

So, if you are seeing clock 4-5 times an hour then automatically you will waste your 5-10 minutes every hour and brother/sister time will pass faster for you in this situation.

Solution: Try to look only time once or twice an hour, after this, you will see that clock is running slow.

4. You’re Sleeping At Late Night

If you’re sleeping late at night then it’s obvious that the next day you will wake late morning at around 8 am or 9 am, and after waking up if you are getting late for work, office, or school, then it’ll seem to you that time is going so fast but actually it’s your mistake and, tell me how one can take bath and dress up in just 5 mins?

So, try to sleep early and wake up early.👍

Even you can do exercises in early morning and it’s very good for your health.

If you get enough sleep then you remain energetic and full of energy throughout the day and it directly increases your working efficiency which also saves time and won’t let you feel that the clocks are running quickly.

5. You Aren’t Focusing At Your Work

When you are doing some work, try to focus on that work only because if you are there but your mind is somewhere else then it will take you a long time to complete that work.

Solution: Keep your mind under control and give your 100% to everything which you are doing whether you’re studying or doing anything else, this makes your work done very fast and you don’t even feel that time is going by so fast.

6. You Aren’t Making A Time Table

You can’t deny the importance of time management because it helps you to do all your task on time and along with this you can take out time for doing fun.

But if you aren’t making time table then trust me at the end of the day you will end up with incomplete work.

So, to save time, make sure to make a table on paper and stick it on the wall of your room and start doing all your task according to it, after few days you will see that you have a lot of time left to enjoy even after completing all your everyday’s work.

7. You Are Losing Seriousness

If you are not serious throughout the day, time will run out for you so fast that you will not even understand how the hours are passing in a few minutes.

Solution: Try to get serious because when you become a serious guy/girl then you only concentrate on your current work and this makes your every job done very fast along with accuracy and you directly save a lot of time.

8. You’ve Already Wasted Your Time

My Brother/Sister I know you have already wasted a lot of time of yours but not from now because you have to mark my words.

You have to value time because you have to be successful, for you Mom and Dad who wants you be big/girl, to answers all those who laugh at you and say you can do anything……

Please start valuing this precious time🙏⌛👍

9. Probably There is Lot of Disturbance Around You

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, if there is disturbance around you then you will not be able to work properly because that disturbance will not let you do focus on what you are doing & time will pass but you will find yourself stuck at the same place.

Disturbance here means unwanted sound from your surrounding it can be of traffic, people, etc.

Solution: Try to sit in a room or at a place where very little sound of surroundings comes.👍

10. Your Smartphone is Near You

Trust me, if you’re keeping your smartphone near you and especially while doing anything important then trust me you won’t be able to complete your work in the desired period.

Because, you will pick up your smartphone every after 5-10 mins to read WhatsApp messages, to reply to Facebook posts, to change profile picture, or to watch videos on YouTube, here you are doing this and there time will go by extremely fast and after a while, you will regret that why I took the phone in my hand…..

Solution: While doing anything important please keep your cell phone away from you.

11. Probably You’re Thinking About Someone💕

When you start thinking about someone you really love then you feel very relaxed and happy while thinking about them, and you get so lost in their thoughts that you don’t realize the time is going.

It is one of the signs which confirms you’re falling in love.

Solution: Well, what solution can I give about this, but you can try to think less about them.🙏👍

12. You’re in A Comfort Zone

When you have a good amount of money and you spend all day with your friends or attending parties, you will find that time is passing by so fast.

Because at that time your focus is on other things not on the duration of the event and as a result when you look at your watch you are shocked to see that hours passed in seconds.

Solution: In your comfort zone the clocks will run faster for you but when you come out of the comfort zone they will run slower, you can experiment this by exercising, you will notice that when you exercise 1 minute feels like 10 minutes.

13. Maybe You Are Lazy

According to me, if a normal person is taking one hour to complete a work, then a lazy person will take at least one and a half hours to complete the same work.

My point here is that a lazy boy/girl will take more time to do anything and time will run out so quickly for them.

Solution: Try not to be lazy.

14. Probably You Are Busy

Every day will pass like a year for a boy/girl who is resting in his/her home throughout the day but on the contrary, if a boy/girl is busy with his/her work all the time then a day will pass very easily for him/her.

So, if you’re doing work day and night then trust me, time will move so fast in your watch….

Solution: Well, this is your work so you need to complete it, let the time go.👍

15. It Will Go Slow If You Want It To Move Fast

Have you noticed that when you want time to spend fast it starts to go slow?

You can use this technique to reduce the speed of time which is going by so fast.

When you feel like time is passing very fast then try to think continuously while doing your work that time must pass fast, please time move fast…..

After few minutes you will notice that time is passing normally or slowly.

16. I’m Sure You Are Enjoying Every Moment

Time passes so fast when you start enjoying every moment of your life like you get completely immersed into that moment, it mostly happens while listening to music, playing video games, reading newspaper, and talking with your best friend.

Solution: This is what called life enjoy👍

17. Try Doing Work Fast As A Robot

Are the clocks in your house running at full speed?

No problem, I have a solution for you, you should try to do your work very fast, by doing this you will be able to complete all the work in less time and as a result, you will not feel that you have very little time left.

Try taking shortcuts to speed up your work, take advantage of technology, and you can also hire someone.

18. You Aren’t Using Alarm

If you are feeling like you are lacking behind and time is leading you, then try setting an alarm after every 15 minutes.

Currently, you aren’t able to notice the time passing by but after doing this you will be able to notice every minute passing by because every time the alarm will ring after 15 minutes you will get to know that you have consumed 15 minutes…..

So, try using alarm in your phone or watch.

19. Time Will Go Fast

My brother and sister, time will run fast, you and I can’t stop it but we can try to make good use of it.

If you want to be a successful and rich boy/girl then please use your time properly and try not to waste even a minute…🙏 You will be in your desired position one day.

20. You Can Remove The Batteries From Your Watch🤣

Yes, you can remove batteries from your watch or wall clock, by doing this you will be able to completely stop the time. (Just kidding)

I thought let me refresh your mind…. 🙏

21. Only You Know The Exact Reason

Bro/Sis nothing is hidden from you about you & I have shared many reasons but only you know the exact reasons why is time going so fast.

After finding the reason try to work on it, I hope you will be able to save your time after that.

So, this was my post friends and I hope you liked it.

Have any queries related to relationship let me know by commenting below.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead….🙏👍

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