21 Reasons Why Life is So Hard? [With Solutions]

Life“, this is not just a word but a journey that every guy or girl born on this planet has to complete.

Some complete this journey with great pleasure and comfort because they have everything including money and some complete this journey with great difficulty because they lack many things(in most cases money)!💔

Like you, I am also not having a good time and sometimes I also wonder if my family and I will ever see good days in life but still have a hope that god and my hard work will give me good results one day…..

I know this is not a good time of your life, so, in today’s post, I am going to share 21 reasons why your life is so hard and with solutions so that you can work on these causes and see the good days of your life soon.

So, without wasting a millisecond, let’s start….👍

1. You Don’t Have Enough Money💔

Many people will say that money can’t buy happiness and it is true to some extent but in reality, money can help you get happiness and if you are struggling with money then I am sure you also agree with me.

If you think that your life is very difficult then the biggest reason behind it can be a lack of money.

Solution: Try your best to earn money.👍

2. You Lack A Life Partner💔

Whether you are a girl or a boy, once in a lifetime you will feel that you are alone and there is no one to support you.

And it can make you feel that your life is so difficult because for a certain period you can hustle alone against your circumstances but after that, you will feel the need for a life partner.

Solution: Achieve success and marry the one you love and like the most so that he/she can walk with you and support you too.💕

Here are the places where you can find your dream girl.

3. Illness and Diseases Are Also Responsible

In today’s world, almost everyone is suffering from a common ailment and illness which includes headache, body ache, depression, loneliness, knee pain, etc.

And when a boy/girl is not able to get a cure for his/her illness and his/her financial condition is also not good then he/she starts feeling that others are living their life very happily and his/her life is so unfair & hard!😑

Solution: God forbid, but if you have any kind of disease then try to cure it, and once you are free from any kind of disease and you have everything else in your life then you will never feel that your life is hard or it isn’t better than others.

I like Ayurveda a lot.👍🤠

4. You Are Trying To Do Something Different

When you start doing something different from what others are doing especially related to earning money then it is sure that you will face difficulties.

For example, all your neighbors do jobs but you are trying to do something different to earn money instead of doing a job then your life will start getting difficult because you are trying to do something different which has no guarantee of a good result.👍

Solution: There is no issue in going different from others but make sure you’re 100% sure that you’ll be successful otherwise you have a lot of haters waiting to taunt you when you give up.

5. Either You or Your Family is Not Saving

My grandfather always used to tell me “son, a dollar saved is a dollar earned” and even today, I follow my grandfather’s words.

You cannot deny the importance of saving money until or unless you are very strong financially.

If you are saving money then you can easily use it in your bad times but if you aren’t then you will suffer in your bad times because you didn’t save money in your good times and then, for you, your life will start to become so hard and unfair.

Solution: Save as much as you can, trust me you will love saving money, once you understand its importance in your life.🤑

6. You’re Not Taking The Advantages of The Technology

Believe me or not, but with the help of technology, you can reduce your physical work by 80 to 90 percent.

For example, earlier in a dairy farm of 100 cows you needed at least 15 workers to feed and look after the cows but nowadays with the help of machines and technology you need only 3 to 4 workers for 100 cows.

If you aren’t taking the advantage of technology then you will have to work a lot and at the end of the day, you will think that your life is so hard.

Solution: No matter which field you work in, you can take the advantage of automation and technology because these days you can find many equipments to automate your work of the industry you work in.

7. Because Things Are Not Happening As You Want

When things don’t go the way you want, it’s possible that you will feel how hard or unfair your life is.

For example, you have a business and you want it to touch the sky but it is not performing, you want to earn money but your earnings are not growing as you wish, etc.

Solution: Always remember that good times come after bad times, so keep doing your work even in bad times so that you can enjoy the good times.👍🙏

8. You Aren’t Making Future Plans

Future plans are very important in life, if you are not making any plan for your future then you will be directionless and life will become hard for you.

Try to set future goals and start working on your goals continuously so that you can know what you have to do in the coming years and when you achieve your dreams you can feel that yes, I have got what I wanted.

9. You Are Not Making Backup Plans

Plan B is very important when you are going to start something new so that when things don’t happen according to you then you can implement Plan B and can be happy and satisfied.

It is very easy to have dreams but very difficult to make them come true and there is no guarantee that your plan will work or not, so it becomes imperative for you to always have a backup plan or plan B ready.🙏👍

For example, you have made a plan that at the beginning of this year you will start a blog to make it as your side business at the end of this year, God forbid but what will you do if your blog doesn’t rank & you have don’t have any backup plan, you’ll end up with stress and a thought in your mind that your life is unfair to you?

So, always try to have a backup plan.

10. Don’t Worry If Your Love is Not With You💕

If you are thinking that your life is so difficult or unfair because your love is not with you then according to me you need to think twice because nothing is impossible in this world.

If you like someone then try your best to get him/her but still after too much effort he/she doesn’t want to come into your life then leave them because you can find a more beautiful partner than him/her and you can’t waste your life in your Love’s thoughts.

But nothing can be better than that your love becomes your life partner.💕

11. Maybe Your Life is Taking Your Test

It is also possible that your life is testing you to see how strong you are.

If this is the case with you, your life will try so many times to prove you wrong so that you can give up and feel sad.

But if you continue to get up after every set back then one day your life itself gives you success because you deserve it.

12. You’re Lacking A Good Job💔

Trust me, if you have a job then you are the luckiest boy or girl because your monthly salary is fixed, you don’t have to worry about anything like you have to think about profit and loss while running a business, you just have to go in the morning and go back to your home in the evening.

With a job, you can live your life very smoothly. (Always remember)

But if you don’t have a job then it will be difficult for you to meet the daily needs expenses because you have no source of income and gradually your life becomes so hard.

Solutions: Your dream is to earn big money? Then who has stopped you to fulfill your dream but always start with small.

Go and get a job and start to save monthly, and with your saved money you can start your desired business which you have dreamed of.

But never try to directly start a business or anything else by getting influenced from a blog or video because you don’t have money support at your back and if everything goes against you then it becomes very difficult for you to run your house and you will regret that why you didn’t get a job.

Hope, you have understood the importance of a job.

13. Life Was Hard, It Is and It Will Be Hard

Life is tough and it will be tough for everyone unless one starts earning a decent amount of money.

It is the law of nature that you have to work hard to get something and if everyone’s life will be easy then you will not see a single human & worker around you because they will all be resting at their homes.

So, if your life is also hard and you can make it very smooth by working hard.

14. You’re Not Investing Your Money Wisely

Maybe you are an intelligent boy/girl and you are also saving money but if you aren’t investing your savings wisely then it can create problems in the future.

My investment rule is very simple, I invest 80% of my money in government schemes that guarantee returns, because, for me, safe options of investing money are good as compared to risky options like the equity market.

Hope, my investment strategy is good as per you….🤠

15. Probably You Aren’t Valuing TIME⏳

If you are wasting 2 hours a day on frivolous things like watching useless videos or replying to comments on social media then you will be wasting 30 days of the year (you can calculate).

If you want to be successful in your life or want to live the life that you have dreamed then please don’t waste even a minute till you achieve your destination.🙏

Once you are successful, you have plenty of time to enjoy, chill or spend with friends. So my brother/sister please don’t waste your time, please understand.🙏

16. Comfort Zone Doesn’t Make a Man/Woman Successful

You can check the top richest and successful persons in the world, you will find that they have struggled a lot, their life was also hard like yours but they never gave up under any circumstances and continuous trying of making their life better and more better, they become successful.

If a man/woman wants to be successful in the future then his/her life should be hard because this hard life will push him/her to do work continuously and one day he/she will become successful.

But always remember comfort zone never makes a man/woman successful.

So, it’s important to have a hard life.

17. Maybe God Wants You To Be A Big Guy/Girl

Maybe God wants to make you a big(rich) boy/girl so that you can give answer to your back biters, people who get jealous of you, and to your haters and this can be a reason why your life is so hard.

18. People Lack Motivation

Most of us lack motivation in ourselves in difficult times of our lives and because of this when we start doing something new then we all fear that we will not be able to do it.

And due to this, we never move ahead and we become nothing in our life.😑

Solution: We need to start from somewhere, if we fail then we will get experience and if we win then nothing can be better than this, so always stay motivated and keep trying.

19. You’re Giving Up Too Early

If you are trying to make your life good but at the same time, you are giving up too quickly without going to your maximum potential then nothing good will happen in your life and your life wouldn’t become comfortable or easy.

Keep in mind, everything takes time, whether you are starting a business or a relationship, it takes time to settle and establish.

Always try not to give up too quickly, especially when you are building your business to make your life better so that you can be successful.

Like, this is my blog and I want to earn from this blog so I am determined to work on it regularly till I get success in it or this blog flops!

20. You Aren’t Alone

Don’t think that only your life is difficult and everyone else is enjoying it because everyone from rich to poor is facing various issues, so never think that only you or your family is struggling.

21. Keep Your Heart Like Lion’s and Run Like A Horse

Life is also like a horse race but the main difference between the horse race and life race is that horse race ends but life’s race never ends.

If you want to be successful and improve your standard of living then you need to run continuously till success touches your feet.

Keep your heart strong like a lion’s heart so that you don’t give up in adverse situations, do hard work in your life and keep running towards your goals so that you can achieve what you want or what you have dreamed of.👍

So, these were the reasons friends because of which your life seems so hard to you.

Let’s look at a simple question asked by one of our blog readers.


1. Is life hard for everyone?

No, you can’t say that life is hard for everyone. Let’s see an example, if a guy born in a rich family and he is a perfect guy, like he has all the qualities including intelligence, beautiful face and good looking with height. Then for this guy, life is not hard because he has everything especially money which makes life easier.

So, life is not hard for everyone.👍

2. Is life hard for everyone or just me?

No, life is not hard just for you, it’s hard for me and everyone who are struggling every day to make money.

3. What should I do when life gets hard?

Here, in this post, I have shared 21 reasons why life gets hard with solutions and I am sure that atleast one of these reasons will be responsible for making your life hard, so you can read solution as well…. Hope everything will be fine as per your wish.🙏💕

4. Does life get easier?

Yes, life get easier when your dreams starts to come true like you start earning as you have dreamed off that one day you will earn this amount of money, the guy/girl you like becomes your life partner, you don’t need to work too much to earn money, etc.

5. Why life is so hard nowadays?

There are three reasons why life is so hard these days which are as follows:

  • Population.
  • Increasing Inflation.
  • Decreasing Income due to unemployment.

I have tried my best to write and I hope to my brothers and sisters that all of you will share this post with your friends to support this blog.

If you are going through bad times in your life then I wish that God make your life better and remove all sorrows from your life.

Thanks and All the Best….🙏👍