21 Reasons Why You Are Mean To Your Crush [With Solutions]

So, you are being mean(rude) to your crush and it is ruining your friendship with them.

I always guide everyone to be very sweet and kind, especially with whom they are very much in love because it strengthens their bond with their loved ones.💕

If you are being very mean to others especially with your loved ones then you need to change your behavior because no one comes near a boy/girl who treats everyone badly.

In today’s post, I am going to share 21 reasons why you’re mean to your crush and with solutions.

Ready to read all the reasons and implement solutions? Let’s get started….

1. You Have A Misconception That Your Crush Needs You So Much

When your crush starts to value you and you’re sure that they like you, it’s likely that you’re going to be too mean to them because you know that they need you very much and even if you treat them badly then also they will not leave you.

There can be many reasons why your crush needs you so much like you are helping them a lot, they love you so much, their heart has accepted you as their life partner, etc.💕

Solution: If you truly love your crush then please don’t take advantage that they need you a lot, always be kind & humble and try to talk sweetly with them so that they can also feel your love.

2. You Don’t Care About Your Crush’s Feelings

Tell me, how will you be able to show respect to your crush if you don’t care about their feelings?

Let’s say, your crush has requested you that they want to sit with you in the class and you have clearly denied them then one thing is for sure that hearing ‘no’ from your mouth in the first line will break their heart and this will also prove one thing that you don’t care about your crush’s feelings.

Here, if you don’t want to sit with them, you can politely reply like ‘Okay, I’ll think about it’, if you start talking like this with your crush then this will not break their heart even if you are denying their every request.

Solution: If you like your crush a lot then try not to say ‘no’ if they are requesting you for something because this will prove that you care about their feelings a lot.

3. Maybe You Don’t Know The Real Meaning of Love

Love is about giving respect and making your partner happy, if you don’t know this about love then you will be mean to your crush.

Solution: Try to sit in a quiet place then put your hand on your heart, look at your crush face in your imagination and say to your heart and promise that you truly love them and from now on you will never be bad for them.💕

4. You Don’t Know How Much You’ll Miss Your Crush If They Leave You Forever

Today, your crush is coming near to you, wants to hug you, wants to help you, wants to see you happy & they’re also making it easy for you so that you can impress them but instead of loving them you are becoming rude to them & this is because you don’t know how much you will miss them if they leave you forever.

Go and ask those who have never seen their school crush since last year, ask them how much it hurts when they think about their crush who is not with them at the moment…💔

So, if you like your crush more than anything and they like you back too, stop being rude to them because you don’t know how suddenly things will change and when they will leave you forever.💕

5. You’re Loving Other Things Than Your Crush

When you start giving importance to other things rather than your love (in your case your crush) you automatically start being rude to them.

For example, you love your smartphone and your crush accidentally broke it’s screen and now, if you are getting angry with your crush then one thing is clear that your smartphone is more important to you than your crush.

This kind of thinking will force you to behave very meanly with your crush every time and if you want to leave this thinking then always try to give more importance to your crush than anything else and force your mind to believe that your crush is more precious to you than anything else including money.💕

6. You Lack The Qualities To Respect Your Loved Ones

If you are being rude to your family members, friends, relatives, and other loved ones then I don’t think you will be able to give respect to your crush!!

But if you are giving respect to all your loved ones and not to your crush, then you need to find the answer to the question ‘Why are you treating your crush rudely?’

As your crush is loved once to you and you don’t want to be mean with your crush so after finding the answer of above mentioned question, work on it and fix it and then start to give respect and love to your crush.

7. You Have No Feeling For Your Crush

When I had a crush in my school, I always want her to talk to me and ask me for help, and whenever she talks to me I used to try different ways to impress her every time she talks, this was possible because I loved her and I had feelings for her.

If you do not have feelings for your crush, then you will probably be mean to your crush because you have no love feelings for your crush that can stop you from treating them badly.

Solution: Start creating a feeling of love for your crush and trust me, after that you will never be able to mean to your crush because the word ‘love’ is very powerful it will force you to have a sweet talk every time with your crush.💕

After you fall in love with your crush you will try to talk to your crush all the time.💕🤠

8. Maybe Your Thinking is Not Matured

The difference between a mature guy and an immature guy is that a mature guy takes every decision logically while an immature guy takes decisions without thinking much.

A mature guy will not talk rudely with his crush because he knows that how much she matters to him and what can bad happen if he talks rudely with his crush.

An immature guy might try to talk rudely with his crush because he’s not thinking about the after-effects.

So, if you are talking meanly to your crush, try to check if you are talking like this for some valid reason or you prefer to talk like this.

9. Maybe You Don’t Want To Show Your Crush That You Like Them

Sometimes for some reason, it becomes your compulsion where you need to hide from your crush that you like them.

For this, you try different ways to make them realize that you do not like them and talking mean to someone is one such way, which can hide your love for your crush from your crush.

These reasons can be you’re not rich, you don’t have any job, they like someone else, you are shy, etc.

Solution: As per me, if you really like your crush then you shouldn’t hide your love from them because today you have a chance to tell your crush that you like them but tomorrow you will not be able to express your love to your crush because your crush will not be in front of you.

10. Maybe You Know That You & Your Crush Can’t Never Be One💔

It is also possible that you are aware that you and your crush may never be one in the future because of any reason like your crush doesn’t like you, his/her parents hate you, you’re not rich, etc.

And as you know your crush will never be your life partner then no matter how much you love them, you start talking rudely with your crush so that they can’t fall in love with you.💔

Solution: According to me, if you love your crush very much then tell them about this, that you like them and also the reasons why you both can’t be one In the future, maybe your crush help you to solve that problem and then your crush can be your life partner…

11. Probably Your Crush is Shy & Humble

If your crush is behaving very nicely with you even after knowing that you’re talking very mean with him/her then there is a possibility that your crush is either shy or very kind otherwise in today’s world people don’t bear anyone’s ego or rude behavior.

According to me, if your crush is shy or kind and you like them too then you should not talk rudely with them or take advantage of their innocence, instead of this, be kind and sweet with them.💕

12. Your Crush is Not Good With You

If you do not have very strong feelings for your crush and your crush is treating you very badly, then it is also possible that you may end up behaving rudely with your crush.

You might have a little love for your crush, but constantly facing their bad behavior can reduce your love for them and increase your hatred for them in you, resulting in your behavior changing from kind to rude.

Solution: If you’ve totally fallen in love with your crush then try to make them fall in love with you no matter how bad they talk with you but if you don’t love them much then you can think about leaving them.

13. You’re Greedy and Selfish

If you see profit in everything and you think about yourself first than about your crush then I can say probably you are greedy and selfish.

If you’re a guy and your crush is facing her difficult times(like financial issues in her family) and she has also asked help from you and now you’re running away from her then what I can say, is this your true love for her?

Try not to be greedy and selfish if you have a crush because if you want them to come into your life then you have always think about your crush’s benefits first than others.

Automatically you will start to be kind with your crush.

14. You’re A Tough Guy/Girl

A tough guy/girl always tries to talk a little bit rudely with others to show that they are very strong by heart and no one can win their heart so easily.

If you are a tough guy/girl and you have a crush in your class then it is highly likely that you will try to be a little mean to your crush.

Solution: You can’t change your tough behavior so easily but try to be kind in front of your crush because your crush is your love.💕

15. You Don’t Deserve Your Crush

Do you think that you are the last option for your crush?

If yes, then maybe because of this you’re not behaving well with your crush.

But you need to understand that this is your misconception because your crush may find a better partner than you who not only talks sweetly with them but also keep them as their king/queen.

So, try to behave good with your crush.

16. Maybe Your Crush is Not Understanding Your Love

If you have been tired of trying to impress your crush and they do not understand your feelings and your love for them, then there is a chance that one day you will give up and you will end up acting meanly with your crush.

If this is in your case, then don’t give up, try again and again to impress them one day they will understand…. 💕

17. You Aren’t A Emotional Guy/Girl

As per my experience, an emotional guy/girl seldom tries to behave rudely with his/her crush because an emotional guy/girl is full of emotions and his/her heart will not allow him/her to talk rudely with his/her crush.

I am not saying that one needs to be an emotional guy/girl to give respect to their crush.

What I am trying to say here is that you can try to develop good feelings for your crush inside you which can stop you from talking rudely with your crush.💕

18. You’re Trying To Be Someone Which You Aren’t

If you’re trying to be someone else to your crush who you aren’t, you’ll end up talking rudely to your crush.

Like you want to help your crush but when she asks for help from you, you start to become someone else like a tough guy and start to talk very mean with her. (Stop doing this)

I will say, if your heart has accepted your crush then you should try to be real you(who loves him/her) in front of your crush.

19. You’re Doing The Same Mistake Again-Again

You’re searching on Google “Why am I mean to my crush”, this means that you have a regret on how you are behaving with your crush.

And I guess you are not thinking this first time, you had promised yourself to behave nicely with your crush but the next day you forget everything and you again start to be mean to your crush.

As per me you can try this, put your hand on your heart(chest) and promise yourself that you will always behave good with your crush from today because you want to be their life partner and to do so you need to be kind with them…..

I hope you will keep this promise with yourself.🙏💕

20. With This Behavior, One Day Your Crush Will Leave You💔

If you would not bring change in your behavior then I think one day your crush will leave you by breaking friendship with you.

So, if you don’t see those bad days where every day you will miss your crush then please start to behave very sweetly with your crush by giving utmost respect.🙏👍

21. Ask Yourself Why Are You Doing This??🙏

Well, I have shared many reasons why you are mean to your crush but still, there is a possibility that there can be a different reason in your life that is responsible for your mean behavior to your crush.

To know that reason, try to sit calm and ask yourself why you’re doing this with your crush? And after finding the reason try to work on it and start a good life with your crush.💒

So, that’s it for today’s post, I hope I was able to solve your query.

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Take care and have a nice day ahead…..