21 Reasons Why You Are So Lonely? [With Solutions]

Loneliness is not a personality trait or disorder, but it is a condition where you feel lonely because you are not surrounded by the people or things you love the most.

Feeling lonely throughout the day can be a very emotionally painful situation for both the man or the woman and can even lead to crying.

Here, in this post, I am going to share 21 reasons that make you feel so lonely and with that, I am also providing meaningful solutions, so, you don’t need to worry about anything, just read this post and completely vanish aloneness from your beautiful life.

So, Here Are The 21 Reasons Why You Are So Lonely:

1. You Don’t Have A Life Partner

According to me, this is the solution for 80-90% of people who are suffering from loneliness because no matter how strong boy/girl you are but there will come a time when your body will crave you to find a life partner and then if you aren’t getting married someone you like, then you will feel alone.

When you have a life partner then you become their first choice for them and it becomes their goal to make you happy, because of this, they never let you feel lonely.💕

They will take care of you, spend time with you, serve you, show you the right path, and be there for you both in your bad and good times, so, if there is someone in your life who is doing this much for you then what else do you need to remove loneliness from your life?

2. Probably You Don’t Have a Pet

If you do not have a pet, then believe me you will never know how much a pet can change your life.🐄

If you have a pet whom you love a lot then I’m sure, you can live alone in a house with your pet animal without being feeling lonely.

My favorite pet is a cow and I have two cows in my backyard. Because of these two cows and their kids, I never feel lonely and when I sit with these cows or look after them then time goes by like a rocket, so I also never feel bored of my life.

Solution: There are a lot of health benefits of having a pet (I love a cow) so if you are feeling lonely or feeling that your life is incomplete prefer buying a nice pet, you will be able to see results from day one.

3. You Don’t Have True Friends

You may have many friends but if you lack a true friend then believe me you will feel alone.

Now, what is a true friend?

Well, a friend who takes you out for fun, spends time with you in your home, who shares everything with you, who always comes first in your bad times, who always wants to see you succeed, is a true friend.

A true friend can also be of the opposite gender to you.

Suppose, you are going out alone to discover some new things in your city then after seeing people playing and enjoying in groups you will feel that there is no one with me who can enjoy with me.

Here a true friend can erase your loneliness very easily.

Solution: Go find a true friend or if you think any of your existing friends can be your true friend then make him/her your true friend and I am sure after that you will feel complete.

4. You Have A Lot Of Free Time

When you are busy throughout the day i.e. like you are busy with some job or business, there is a high chance that you will not feel lonely because all your time is occupied so you don’t have any extra time to think about anything else other than your work.

But if you stay at home most of the time, there are high chances that you will feel lonely because you have a lot of free time left even after watching videos, playing video games, etc. So in this free time, you will not be able to stop your mind from thinking about past things and if your past life was very joyful and colorful but now if you are alone then surely you will feel lonely.

Solution: Keep yourself engaged, do your work, & focus on your earnings.

5. Maybe You’re Falling in Love With Someone💕

This is also a common reason why youngsters feel so lonely.

If you are a guy and falling in love with a girl then, believe me, you will start feeling lonely every time when you are away from her.

Whether you are with your friend or at home with your family without her every moment will be lonely.

Solution: So, if you are feeling lonely because your love is not with you then there is no medicine for it, only that boy/girl can fill this loneliness.💕

Want to know more signs of love, here are the 36 signs you’re starting liking her💒

6. Your Behavior Can Be A Issue With You

If you are behaving very rudely with others then I don’t think a single human will be able to come in your life.

So, if you are feeling lonely most of the time, try to check if it is your behavior that is causing all the problems in your life.

Solution: Be kind and humble with others, you will not feel isolated.

7. You’re Leaving Away From Your Family and House

I am the kind of guy who can’t live a day without seeing his home, his cows, and his family.

So, if you are a boy/girl like me and for some reason, you are living away from your family then I can understand that every day without them is like a year for you.

This happens mostly with students and employed people who have to stay away from their home for studies and jobs, gradually they start feeling lonely without their family.

Solution: Well, it’s up to you, whether you can handle the pain of being away from your home or not. If you can handle then continue but if not then tell your family about it.

8. You’re Not Spending Time on Social Media

We are well aware that if we get addicted to social media then we will waste a lot of our time every day but at the same time, we cannot deny that it is an online world where we can find many people who are interested in the same things we are interested in and we can easily be friends with them to remove aloneness.

If you are feeling isolated, try spending time on different social media apps as you can find many of your friends here like your school friends, the girl/boy you like, etc.

So, you can give a try to social media as well.

9. You Never Talks or Never Spend Time With Your Near Ones

Are you waiting that all the time your near ones will come to you to take you outside or they will call you first to know what you are doing?

If yes, it can make you lonely because everyone has their own job, no one will come to you all the time first to make you feel supported, instead of this, you should be the first to talk and spend time with your close ones.

You can try to spend some time at your best friend or relative’s house to avoid feeling lonely, they will also be happy to see you there and you will feel complete too.💒

10. Your’re Doing Something Which You Aren’t Interested In

Sometimes either life or our family forces us to do something in which we are not interested like we want to study somewhere else but our parents want you to study somewhere else.

And after thousands of requests, no one helps us and because of this, we start feeling lonely and think that there is no one with us who can support us.

Well, these situations can develop while deciding marriage, job, college, friendship, etc.

Solution: Either you can simply do what your family wants you to do or you can convince them that you are interested in something/somebody else, hopefully they will understand.

11. You Aren’t Starting New Relationship/Friendship

If someone has rejected you whom you love the most then you can’t waste all your time waiting for him/her.

But if you are wasting your time waiting for them, you will end up with loneliness because most of the time their thoughts will be present in your mind and when you cannot find them with you, you will feel very lonely.

Instead, you can either request your love to come into your life or start a new relationship.

12. Probably You’re Doing Work Which Requires Silence

Blogging, writing books, teaching online, trading, etc requires silence i.e most of the time you need to work by sitting alone in a room.

So, if you are doing works in which you spend most of your time in a room then there is a probability that you may start to feel lonely because you are totally cut from the world available outside of your room.

Solution: Continue your work but try to spend one or two hours with your family or friends to refresh your mind and to feel that they are with you.

13. You Aren’t Living Like Your Childhood

Currently, you’re feeling lonely but I am sure, you were not feeling lonely from your childhood.

So here, you need to find out that what you used to do in your childhood which you are not doing currently and after find them start doing those things, hope after that you will feel supported.

It can be your favorite hobby or anything which you aren’t currently doing, so give it a try my friend.

14. You Aren’t Watching YouTube

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? We all know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world where creators create videos and we as viewers watch those videos.

If you are feeling lonely, just open YouTube and start watching your favorite videos related to music, movies, home improvement, news, finance, etc. I am sure your loneliness will vanish in a second once you start watching videos here.

So, this is how much powerful YouTube is👍

15. Go Get A Offline Job

Whether you are poor or rich, a job can always make you feel happy because in a job you meet new people every day and your thinking about living life also changes, you start to know that what life really is.

And if you’re feeling lonely then getting a job in a shop (my favorite) can really help fill the loneliness of your life because you’ll love serving people (I don’t know how to describe but I have my shop I really like to spend time at my shop).

16. You Aren’t Enjoying Your Life

Brother/Sister, this world is full of colors, fun, festivals, customs, new things, interesting people, and much more, why are you not trying to explore them?

Go out and explore the world, I am sure, once you start enjoying your life you will never feel lonely.

17. You’re Recirculating Your Past

Like you, I also love to imagine the past memories of my life and it always makes me happy how carefree and the jovial person I was.

But at the same time, I also feel alone because today, I don’t have those caring friends, teachers, & my crush, so I have reduced to thinking about my past because I know very well that no matter how many times I think about those memories, they will never happen again in my life. After all, I am a different person now.

So if you are also living in past then please give importance to your present and future, it will also help you to reduce loneliness.

18. Fear Of Rejection Can Be A Problem

I know not everyone is nice, kind, and friendly but many people are. If the fear of rejection is stopping you from starting any kind of relationship then please let go of this fear as it will prevent you from having a meaningful relationship.

And as you well know that less or zero connection means boring life indirectly lonely life.

So, don’t be afraid to make the first move, maybe someone is waiting when you make the first move.💕

19. Financial Situation Can Be A Problem

When the financial condition is not good and there is no stable source of income then a boy/girl starts feeling very lonely in this vast world as he/she cannot see his family suffering financially.

Solution: In this condition, only money can solve the problem of feeling so isolated, try to make more money.

20. You Aren’t Alone

My brother/sister never feel lonely because your mom, dad, brother, grandfather, grandmother, and sister are with you, so why do you feel lonely?

Spend time with your family and you will find that the affinity you were looking for in the outside world can be found in your family members.

So, never feel that you’re alone, your family is supporting you always.🙏👍

21. Sit & Think Who Can Complete You

Well, I have shared many reasons why you feel isolated, but still, there are many that I could not dig into because circumstances are different from person to person.

So, go and sit in a quiet place and then think about who can complete you, be it human, pet, or anyone else. Do your best to bring them into your life once you get the answers.💕

So, this was my post about “why I am feeling so lonely” and I hope you liked this.

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