21 Things To Do When Your Crush Likes You Back

You are so lucky that crush likes you back, otherwise, there are many whose crush even don’t want to see them.

Many get confused that what to do if their crush likes them back, so to help them I have written 21 points which you help you to get out of this.

Before start reading this post, first of all, give thanks to the God who has given you your desired partner for your life.

Let’s get dive into these 21 points.👍

1. Feel The Emotions

Do you think that your crush likes you back is a normal thing?

If yes, then you are wrong here, because you are a blessed guy that the girl whom you like the most feels the same for you which you feel about her.

So, go & sit in a silent room & enjoy the feelings in your heart that are occurring while thinking about her.

Try to feel the old memories of your life when you saw her first time, tactics you used to impress her, etc.

2. Start Chatting With Her

You can’t be with her all the time but technology gives you the option to chat with her & share everything which she likes.

Now, if you are not able to find which is the best platform for chatting, then let me give you the right answer.

I have tried everything and I found that Whatsapp is the best option available here.

🌟To more impress her, you can use a profile picture of you & her.🌟

Imp: This is not a paid promotion of WhatsApp, I am using it from many years, so I am writing about it.

3. Start To Spend Time With Her Outside

You can start to meet her outside especially when the weather is very good, this will make your relationship more stronger than ever before.

You can choose restaurants, sunset points, beaches, natural places, etc. to meet her, make sure to go to places where at least coffee is available to drink as you both will need something to start a conversation.

4. Click Best Selfies and Photos

Whenever you go outside with her then try to take your best camera phone with you, so that you both can capture the best moments of your life.

You can capture photos and selfies, make sure to keep these images safely in your phone so that you can refresh your memory in the future by seeing these images.

You can also capture images from her phone if she wants.

Capturing photos with each other brings sweetness to your relations.

5. Check Your Age & Earnings

I didn’t want to include this points but I can’t hide reality from anyone.

You both like each other, but to start a life with a partner, there is a certain age, as per my experience, the best age for marrying is above 22 because at this age your mind becomes fully developed and you can take more accurate and mature decisions.

If you are below it, then try to continue the friendship with her.

Let’s assume that your age is okay, then you need to ask a question with yourself that ‘how much you earn monthly?’

This is because, to live life with comfort we need money, if you earn very less or no money then how you will be able to fulfill her desires?

It’s better to have a good source of income to start your journey.

If your parents earn a good amount of money, then it’s okay, you can ignore this point.

6. Start To Gift Her

By giving gifts you can bring a smile to your crush’s face but she must like the gift.

The day on which you can gift her is a birthday, valentine’s day, Christmas, new year, etc.

The things which you can gift her are dresses, natural beauty products, rose plants, good books, her favorite things, etc.

7. Introduce Her Entire Family With Your’s

Introducing her parents with your’s can really boost your relationship because parents are the one who decides the marriage of their son & daughter.

There are many ways through which you can make your both’s parents meet with each other, but the best way is to give invitations to your crush’s ( she’s ) family when your parents organize a party for your birthday, Christmas, new year, etc.

After receiving the invitation, she & her entire family will come to your house, you should give utmost respect to her parents and also introduce them to your parents.

8. Tell About Your Future Plan & Life

To make her believe that you are a caring guy who not only cares about her but also about her future, you can share your future plans with her about family management, future earnings, rich life, etc.

You can also share about your life like parents, Bros & sis, family monthly income, teachers, friends, cars, bikes, etc.

9. Start To Come & Go With Her

If she ( your crush ) & you are studying in one university or school, then you both can start to come and go from there in one car.

Like, in the morning you can pick her from her house and after school is over you can drop her back at her house.

This will make her feel happy and safe with you as there is a high possibility that in past she used to come to school on a bus.

10. Take Her on Shopping

This is the best things which you can do if your crush likes you back.

Who doesn’t like shopping? After taking permission from her parents you can take her shopping in your city/town.

And as per me, malls are the best places for shopping, as every mall have all kind of shops from eating to dressing.

You both will enjoy these moments, try to choose Saturday or Sunday for shopping so that you both can spend a long time with each other without having to worry about any kind of work.

11. Join Her Favorite Fitness Club

A fitness club is a place where people do exercises like a warmup, pull-ups, running, etc. by using specially designed equipments made to do exercises.

And these days most of the girls go to these fitness clubs to keep themselves healthy and fit.

If you know that your crush also goes to a fitness club then you can also join that club and start to go there.

She will be very happy to see you there regularly.

🌟 You both can go there in the same vehicle as well. 🌟

12. Drive Your Car In Her Town

This is a very old technique but still, it’s very helpful to let your crush know that you go in front of her house to catch a glimpse of her.

When I was young I used to go thrice to her town especially in front of her house.

By doing this, many times I was able to drop her and her parents at their house because mostly they go shopping on foot, & I was aware that when they go to market and I also used to go there at that time only.

So, there are many benefits of driving car in her town.

13. Answer Her All Questions

Usually, boys don’t ask many questions when they start a new friendship or relationship but girls do.

First of all, if she asks questions from you about your past life, secrets, personal life, etc. then don’t get bothered because as a girl she needs to think about many things before making new friends or relations.

Try to give answers to her all questions, so that she can be satisfied with you.

14. Assure Her That No One Else Is There In Your Life Other Than Her

If you really like her then assure her that other than her no one else is there in your life.

And to do this, you can avoid seeing & talking with other girls especially in front of her.

I don’t want to say much about this but try your best to be loyal to her.👍🙏

15. Start To Use Products From Her Family Business

This point may not valid for all but will help a guy whose crush has an offline family business.

Let’s say that your crush’s parents have a grocery store in your village/town/city, then you should start to purchase all your house’s necessary items from there.

This has two benefits:

1. First, your crush will be happy to see you there and you can meet her as well.

2. By purchasing products from their shop you are helping her parents to run their house, so her parents will also be happy to see you there. 👍

The grocery store was just an example, if your crush’s parents have a farm, any other shop, business, etc. then also you can purchase products from there.

16. Who Will Do Phone Calls? 🤠

You can use to do phone calls or video calling to know about her & her parent’s health.

Other things about which you can talk with her are news, what you are currently doing, your own parents, etc.

Doing one or two phone calls a week will make her know that you are so caring about her.

17. Allow Her To Access All Your Things

As you both like each other so transparency between your relations is very important.

Allow her to access all your things like car, books, mobile, bike, etc.

If you shall try to deny her then she will think that either you are hiding anything from her or you don’t like her.

So, to avoid these kinds of situations to arise be transparent like water.

18. Check You Both Are Right For Each Other Or Not

Before moving ahead you both need to give time to check that you both are right for each other or not because a thing that is right for you now may not be right for you in the future.

And to check this you both need to share your daily routines, things you both like, things which make you both irritate, etc. with each other, so that you both can make responsible decisions as it’s not about one day, it’s about whole life. 👍

19. Tell Her Never To Leave You

Sometimes, when situations are not under your control then she can leave you because of any reason like higher studies, her parents are shifting, or because of any other reason.

Her leaving can really break you emotionally.

When you both are sitting alone, then you should tell her to never leave you, because she is everything for you.

By doing this, you can avoid her leaving too many extents.

20. Propose Her

When you are sure that she knows everything about you and your family, & also knows that you love her a lot, then it’s the best time to propose her.

To know the best proposing ways, you should watch videos on YouTube related to this.

21. Let Your Both’s Parents Decide

Now, when everything is fine, you both can tell your parents that you both like each other.

Give them time to decide and if they are ready to talk with each other then make this possible and then do marriage……..

Final Words

It’s very good that she ( your crush ) likes you back, but it’s your responsibility to keep her happy and respect her parents.

That’s it for today friends, I hope you liked the post and I was able to solve your query.

Thanks👍 Have A Nice Day Ahead….