21 Things To Do When You Feel Like A Failure

It is the harsh reality that the things we don’t want to happen, happen in our lives, and the things we want to happen don’t happen in our lives.

While writing this post I am also feeling like a failure because my life is so hard but I am also having courage as I am sure that one day my hard work will give me everything that I have dreamed of in my life including money and big cars.

If you are losing courage and feeling completely broken then read this post because I am sharing 21 things which you can do when you feel like a failure and these 21 things are indirectly solutions to your every problem.💕

1. See and Read About Successful People

Who doesn’t know about Warren Buffet sir and Elon Musk sir. We all know about these wonderful people of this world who have achieved success on their own.

According to me, motivation is the main thing that you need the most at the moment, by reading and hearing about these successful people and their struggles will give you the motivation to stand up and get the right way of what to do next.

2. Start Reading Good Books

As per me, books are your best friend because they show you the right path when you feel yourself lost but the only condition is that you should read the right book otherwise nothing will change.

Start reading some really good books written by successful people in the field you are working in.

You’ll find answers to many of your questions, including what to do when you feel like a failure in your field because they have already gone through the situation which you are currently going through and they must have written about this(failure) in their book along with solutions.

For example, I am doing blogging so if I feel like failing in this field then I will try to read books related to blogging written by famous or successful people in this field, this will help me to find what I can do next. (hope you have understood 👍)

3. Sit and Think The Work You’re Doing Will Work or Not

Sometimes everything doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, so if you are feeling failure in the work that you are doing now, then sit down and ask yourself whether you will ever succeed in this field or not.

For example, if you are trading stocks and god forbid but if you are making losses then you need to ask yourself will you ever be profitable in trading, if your answer is ‘no’ then leave it and vice versa.

If you are 1000000% sure that you will get success in the work you are doing now then keep doing it but if there is a little bit of doubt then follow my advice and leave that work otherwise you will have to regret it one day.

4. It’s Better To Get A Stable Job

No matter how strong you are, but if you are constantly failing in some work, then believe that one day you will feel yourself like a failure and others are overtaking you in terms of success.

So, to avoid these kind of worse and demotivating situations, first, make sure to get A STABLE JOB(private or government) which can give a good amount of monthly income.

After that, a day will come where you will have a good amount of cash and with this, you can live a good life with your family and even you can work on the things that you have dreamed of doing.

For example, if you have a dream of becoming a day trader then first get a good job then start saving money and once you have a good amount of cash then you can try to become a day trader.

As per me, this’s the safest way in today’s world.

So, my brother first make sure to create a good income source of income and also save money so that you can easily meet the future needs of your family before doing anything else.

5. Consult With Your Mom and Dad

You don’t need to consult a life coach to get advice on what to do next in your life, but you just need to consult your mother and father, trust me, THEY ARE THE BEST LIFE COACH IN THIS WORLD.

They know everything about your situation and I am sure they’ll never guide you wrong, so, make sure to talk about this with your parents.👍🙏

Simple ways to make your mom and dad feel proud on you.💙

6. See Your Parents’ Face

Before saying that I am a failure, please take a look at the face of your parents, see they have a hope that one day their son/daughter will get success, try to remember the promises you made to your mom and dad that one day you will take them on a world tour and you will give them all the wonderful facilities of this world.

Have you forgotten those promises? No, you cannot forget them and you cannot give up so easily because you have to fulfill your parents’ hopes and promises you made to them.👍

So, keep running my brother/sister, let’s see how obstacles can withstand against your strong determination….👍👍👍👍💕

7. What About The Dreams Which Were in Your Eyes

Marrying a beautiful girl, buying a big SUV, buying a big house, and spending time with friends, what about these dreams that you had with open eyes?

Will these dreams remain just dreams? No brother, these dreams cannot remain just dreams, to fulfill these dreams you have to get up and work hard.

Do a job, start a side business, help your dad in his work, work on your farm, and do everything to COMPLETE YOUR DREAMSSSS....

8. Take Help From The One Who Truly Loves You💕

Whether you are a boy or a girl, believe me, if someone truly loves you, he/she will never be able to see you suffering.

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, you can tell them, I am sure, if their heart beats for you, they will help you their best including financially.

Helping girlfriend financially good or bad?

9. There is No Guarantee of Success

My brother/sister you need to understand one thing that there is no guarantee of success in this unstable world.

So what you can do?

Well, you always have to have a plan B or a backup plan, and trust me, you will never be at a loss even if things don’t go well according to you because of a backup plan.

For example, to earn some extra money I am doing blogging but I am not only needed on blogging because I am already working on a backup plan i.e. I am starting a cow dairy farm so that if I do not get success in blogging then I can earn money through the dairy farm.

So, always keep a backup plan my bro/sis……👍

Hope you are able to understand what I am trying to say.

10. Hear Motivational Songs

If you are going through your rough times and feeling like a failure then listening to motivational songs can fill you up with energy and courage.

Fun fact: I am listening to a very nice song while writing this.🎶🤠

And the songs you’ll love are the ones that relate to success or responding to haters.

Follow my advice and start listening to these types of songs at least 30 minutes daily in the morning and then see the change in you.👍🦁

11. Don’t Give up Because You’ve To Give Answers To Many Haters

I know you aren’t the kind of man who gives up so easily and you shouldn’t because you have to give answers to all your haters who were saying that he is going to fail and will lost in the crowd like others.

You have to work to answer all those haters and backbiters like this “see what you all were saying and what I am today, I have cars, a big house, gold in my hands, and cash in bank accounts.”

You wanna give them answers? Yes? Then you have to keep working hard till you get success my brother.👍👍👍👍👍

12. Have Faith On God

When you’re feeling like a failure then you must have faith in your God because Your God is watching your hard work and one day he will give a good result of your hard-working.

While writing blogs day & night, I am feeling like a failure but I will never admit defeat so easily because I have faith in my God who is forcing me to write in the hope that one day he will make my blog successful.

So, my brother/sister many people will try to bring you down but always try to keep going and have great faith in your god… 🙏👍

13. See What Others Doing Near You

One thing you can do when you feel like a failure is to examine what others around you are doing to earn a decent amount of money.

You can also ask your relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. about their source of income.

If they are doing a private or govt. job then try to get that type of job or if they are doing anything else then analyze whether you can do that job or not, if yes then try to do it or leave it.

For example, most of my relatives in India do govt. jobs and they are living a very luxurious life, so I am also trying to get a govt. job.

Hope this point will help you…🙏👍❤️

14. Never Doubt on Your Capabilities

If you are thinking that you cannot earn money because you are not capable then please do not think so because you are very capable of earning money but at this moment you are lacking only one thing that is the right path.

Once you have found the right direction and you put your best efforts into it then no one can stop you from becoming a rich man.

And to find the right direction you have to sit in one place and think about what can you do to become rich or what can you do to increase your sources of income.

15. Understand The Real Meaning of Success

Is success for you just getting rich?

I have seen many people who get depressed even after having a lot of money and according to me, they are not really successful people.

So, what is the real meaning of success?

You will be really successful when you have money, all your dreams have come true, your parents are happy, and you are living a good life with your entire family (including your mom and dad).

16. Always Learn From The One Who Are Successful in Your Field

Whether you are doing something currently or going to try something new, you always have to learn from successful people in that industry as it reduces the chances of failure in that industry.

For example, I am trying to start day trading and for this, I have been learning about trading from a Youtube channel for the past two years, and he is really successful in his trading and this is the reason why I am learning from that channel despite thousands of other channels are available.

You can also buy paid courses if these people offer this facility or you can even talk to them in person if possible.

Trust me, this will help you a lot.

17. There Are Many Other Ways of Getting Successful

If you are thinking that what you are doing right now is the only way to be successful in life and because of this you are not looking for other opportunities then I think you are completely wrong here.

If you are not getting desired result or desired salary then it is better to change your work(it can be business) or job.

Let’s say, I am working as a waiter in a restaurant and if I am not getting paid well then I will leave that job because there is a possibility that I can find a more better job than this like I can go to work at homes, farms, shops, offices, or any other work.

So, there are many ways and industries where you can be successful don’t just stick to one.

But Make sure that the new job will pay you well otherwise you will lose your previous job and a new one will not suit you.

18. Failure is Not The Last Option

Are you going to give up? No, you should not because failure is not the last option for you, my friends this life is full of opportunities, and trust me you will also get opportunities so don’t give up, very soon good days will come.👍🎉

19. Focus on Building A Passive Income Stream

The advantage of a passive income source is that you can earn money throughout your life from that income stream without much effort.

It is very difficult to build a passive source of income here are some good passive income streams that you can check once:

  • Blog.
  • Any Simple Job.
  • Any Business Like Gas Station.

20. Time is Going Fast

Brother in between you are feeling like a failure, you’re forgetting one thing i.e both time and your age are increasing so you need to prove yourself very fast so that you can make money.

Set a target that this year or next year I will achieve this or that and then start working toward your goals, hope and wish everything will be fine on your side.

21. Success is The Only Option

Hope after reading the above-mentioned 20 points, you will be able to find and realize that success is the only option for you.

Work hardly, smartly or fastly, it’s doesn’t matters, the only thing matter is your success.

I hope and wish that God may wish you success and everything which you want in your life.

Hope you liked my post and will try to share it with your friends.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead…..🙏👍🎉

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