25 Kind of Messages To DM Your Crush On Instagram To Impress Her

You are so lucky that you have found the social media account of your crush, otherwise many still search for her name but never found her profile.

Direct messaging is the best way to chat with anyone without worrying about the privacy of your messages because you two, can only read these.

Sometimes many boys are not able to find that what to send to their crush through & this post is regarding this.

25 Kind of Messages To DM Your Crush

All these messages are different from each other and I have written this based on my experience in this.

These kind of message can be used to impress your real crush, so let’s get started:

1. Send Her Greetings

Sending daily greetings can really impress your crush as there are very who few do this.

You just need to send good morning and good night images, which you can be easily downloaded from google.

If you will build a habit of sharing greetings messages daily then she will start to feel you as her good friend.

2. Wish on Her Birthday

You should send impressive wishes on her birthday but for this, you must know the right birth date of her.

For this either you can directly ask her or from her friends.

Try to give birthday wishes at the starting of the day i.e at midnight, this will realize her that you are a real well-wisher for her, along with this you can send a physical gift to your crush.

3. Send Her Face Sketch

This is most known but least used by boys as many don’t understand the importance of it.

A sketch is a hand-designed image of a human, you need to find these sketch artists in your city or online, then you need to order a sketch of her.

You can capture a clear picture of that sketch from your camera and then dm through Instagram especially on her birthday.

She will be very happy after seeing her sketch.

The price of a sketch can vary as a color sketch is pricier than a pencil sketch.

You need to order this at least two to three days before her birthday as it takes time to sketch by hand. 🌟

4. Send Quotes

You can use to send motivational, inspirational, heart-touching, & crush quotes to her which can impress her.

Make sure to not send greeting messages when you are sending these quotes because these all messages collectively will flush her dm which will look odd.

It will be impressive to send these when she is online on Instagram then sharing when she is offline.

5. Build Your Profile

Although building your profile is not related to this topic but there is a lot of importance to this.

For example, tell me which will more influence her to know about you, your profile with 0 followers or your profile with 2,000 followers?

Of course, the answer will be the second one, so before sending a direct message make sure to work smartly to increase your followers.

6. Share Your Creative Work

Everyone has creativity in them like this, you have also in you, I have God-gifted creativity in doing trading in financial markets.

Dancing, singing, cooking, painting, rafting, skying, & Yoga are some of the examples of creativity in you.

If you have abilities other than these, then also you can shoot a video of that and share it with your crush.

7. Share Informational Posts

There are many informational posts available which your crush may love to read but for this, you need to ask her favorite subject or topic.

Let’s say, space is her favorite topic then you can send posts related to planets, the universe, aliens, earth, etc.

You can follow people who are famous and popular in that field and start to reply to their posts.

This will make her spend a lot of time on your dm box or your profile.

8. Share Your Internet World

A good internet presence helps you to impress your crush very easily but what this term means?

Internet world includes your YouTube channel, blog, social media profile, etc.

If you have a successful blog then you can share it with your crush & tell her to read your blog.

If you are earning from that you can also share your earning stats with her.

9. Use Instagram Special Effects

Instagram offers many features in the direct message box, you should use them, this will impress her.

It provides many amazing Gifs, text effects, & more.

10. Send Her Present & Wishes on Festivals

There are many festivals which come every year, Christmas is one of the biggest festivals which is happily celebrated everywhere in the world.

You can send wishes of good health and prosperity for her and her’s family along with images.

Very few friends send wishes on festivals, if you start to send these at every festival then she will appreciate it.

11. Ask About Health

There are very few chances that a person can live without having seasonal diseases like cold & cough at least once a year.

You can ask your crush about her health that how’s her health and if her parents, brother, & sister are healthy or not?

God forbids, but if she is not feeling well then you can share home remedies(Ayurveda) with her, based on your experience & you can also say that I can consult with my family doctor about this.

After seeing that you are very concerned about her & her family’s health, she will start to make space for you in her heart.

12. Share Good Music Lists

Music helps both boys & girls to get peace & new energy to start their day.

You need to ask your crush that who is her favorite singer and now you can share the best music of that singer through dm.

It’s quite obvious that she will also ask the same question from you, then you can tell your favorite singer to her and see what she replies. 👍🤝

13. Share Good Products Details

Every girl uses a variety of products to look pretty, beautiful, & different from others.

You can send details of good natural products for her skin, hairs, & complete body care.

To know the best products for her, you can ask either from your sis or from mom and only share with her, once you have done proper research.

You can also self-use some products like creams, shampoos, hair oil, etc. so that you can be sure that which natural products are safe and good for your crush.

14. Ask If She Requires Your Help

In today’s time, every human faces problem in his/her life & they find it difficult to solve it.

You can ask your crush by dm that is she facing any kind of problem in which I can help you?

If she tells, then try to solve that problem and if she doesn’t tell, then also there is no problem as in both conditions she will think that you are with her in every situation.

15. Ask Where She Spend Time on Weekends

Weekends are the most relaxing days for both boys and girls, most of them prefer to go outside with their friends on these days.

You can ask your crush that is there any place where she often goes on weekends and after she answers about that location, then you can also visit there.

If she doesn’t go anywhere, you can request her to spend time together in your nearby water park, hills, rivers, mall, etc.

16. Ask For Shopping

It is indirectly related to the previous point as girls mostly do shopping on weekends.

So you can easily send a message by saying that can we both go on shopping this Sunday?

If she replies ‘ Yes ‘ then nothing can happen best than this.

Now on this upcoming Sunday, go with her to your nearby shopping mall.

Plus Point: If you have a car then you can think to pick her up from her home for shopping only if she agrees.🌟

17. Share Your Vehicle Pics

I hope you have a car and a bike in your house and believe me this an advantage for you.

You can share your pics of cars and bikes to impress her.

18. Share Your House Pics

This is the eldest technique used by many to share with their crushes.

If your house is located at a very unique location where there is greenery, river, lake, good sky view, etc. then it will be very helpful to get your crush’s attraction.

You can also share pics of your family business with her, so she will be able to more understand your family.

19. Send Invitation

I hope that your family arranges get together on birthday, wedding anniversary, & other special days.

On these days you can send an invitation by dm through Instagram to crush in which it should be clearly mentioned that your family is inviting her whole family.

This will help your crush’s family to communicate with your family which directly means a strong relationship between you and your crush.

20. Share Your Way Through Which You Go to School

Let’s say you have a car and with the help of this, you go to school daily.

Now, you realize that your crush’s house is on the way which goes to school.

Then you can share your school route with her and after some time, you can also ask that does her parents will allow her to go school with you in the car.

If they allow then it will further boost your relations.

21. Share Your Feelings

After everything is going well on Instagram you can share feeling with your crush.

You can send that you like her from the first day when she came into your life.

Now, she will answer that what is in her mind & heart about you.

But before sending feeling messages, try to establish good friendly relation with your crush. 🤝

22. Send Pics of Your Books

Let’s say you and she is studying in the same standard, & you have a very good collection of books of all the subjects through which one can get good marks.

You can send pics of these books when you are reading these books and u can exchange them with your crush.

By doing this you both can get good marks & your friendship will be stronger.

23. Share Your Pet Pics

Almost every house rears a pet these days because of the multiple health benefits which we get from pets.

Capture and share the pics of your pet while he eats, sleeps, & plays with you.

If your crush also rears a pet then you can share some of your best tips that can help her in rearing her pet.

24. Don’t Send Your Heart’s Voice in Starting

If you have just started to dm your crush and want to express your heart’s feelings towards her, then as per me this will be a hurry & she can deny it as well.

You need to give time so that you both can understand each other very clearly.

25. Don’t be a Bot

I have seen many who start to send messages from morning and continue to post till evening, by doing this they just fill the chatbox with useless messages.

This makes a girl feel irritating and even she can block them.

So don’t be like others and message only useful content. 👍

That’s it for this post friends, I hope you like the post.

If you think that I have left something, then let me know with your comment.

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