28 Fascinating Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

The conversation is one of the best ways through which you can start a friendship with your crush.

If you seriously observe then you will find that you start to feel happy especially when your crush starts to talk with you.

One can start talking to a crush but what to talk about? So I have found out 28 topics on which one you can talk with your crush.

You can use these topics everywhere either you are normally meeting or you are doing a proposal meeting with your crush, so without wasting time let’s get started.

I am writing this post in the context of a boy who is meeting his crush.👍

1. Talk About Health

After doing normal greetings, to show yourself as a caring guy, you can ask your crush about her health and whether all her family is fine or not.

For example, you can start ” How are you? “, after she answers you can again ask ” What about your mom & dad, are they fine?”

These questions will make your crush think about how much you care about her and her family.

2. Talk About Your & Her Family

Mostly, you are not able to ask about her family but when you are meeting her then you can ask that how many members are there in her family.

You can also tell about your family like their age, when they married, how many bros & sis you have & what they are currently doing…

By talking about this you can start a good talk with your crush and you both will be able to know more about each other’s families.

3. Talk About Eachother’s Favorite Things

Every girl likes something very much and you can ask her favorite car, bike, color, hero, actress, movie, food, place, animal, bird, pet, etc.

To make a good impression on her, you can try saying the same favorite things as yours, which are your crush’s favorites.

After this, try to use or live with the favorite things of your crush like if her favorite pet is a cat then you should try to keep a cat as your pet, like this you can keep most of the things which are favorite of your crush.

After seeing that you have all the things which she likes, then she will start to get more engaged with you and those things.

4. Talk About Your Family Business, Car, & Earnings

Don’t take me wrong but not a single parent wants to marry her daughter to a poor man, who struggles all day for few dollars.

If you are a rich guy, then to show another side of your life, you can share here about your family business, cars, bikes, & annual earnings.

She will be very impressed to know about this and there is a possibility she starts to like you.

5. Talk About The Location Where You & She Live

You can tell her about your house where it is located, you can also tell her that if she is near your house & requires any kind of help then she can call you for help, you will definitely help her.

If you don’t know where your crush’s house is located then either she will automatically tell after you have told her about your’s or you can ask her.

6. Talk About Her Daily Life Routine

After you both have talked about basic things, now either you can describe your daily life routine first or ask her to tell something about her daily life routine.

By doing this you both can understand more about each other’s life & if she is doing something mistake in her routine then you should try to advise her to do that thing in right.

If she is not including good things like exercises and healthy food, then you should tell her to include these two in her daily life, so that she can live a healthy and disease-free life.

7. Talk About Products She Use

If your crush looks gorgeous and beautiful then you should tell that ” Her name, you look gorgeous, please tell which products you use like hair oil, face wash, face cream, etc.”

First of all, she will give you a cute smile and then if she answers then it’s very good because if you have a desire to gift body care products to her then either you can gift her the same products which she told or products better than those.

8. Talk About Future Plans

Plans are very important, if she likes you back then she will be excited to know that what you have decided for your future.

In the middle of your talking, you can tell her about your plans like what you want to be, family, marriage, passive income, and many more.

I am sure that she will tell her plan, try to keep her future plan in your mind, and after going home write it in a notebook so that you can help her to complete her plans.

9. Talk About Your & Her Birthday

You need to know about your crush’s birthday otherwise you will not be able to wish her and you will also lose an opportunity to show your affection towards her.

So, first, start to talk about your birthday that when it comes, and how you usually celebrate it.

There is a high probability that after hearing your birthday date, she will also tell her date.

10. Ask Where She Spends Time On Weekends

Most girls go outside for hiking, cycling, and eating premium restaurant foods on holidays, how happy you will be when you and your crush are spending time on weekends with each other?

I know those moments will be the best moments of your life but to do this, you need to ask your crush where she spends most of her time on weekends.

11. Discuss About Social Media Profile

If you really want to make a strong relationship with your crush then both of you need to know each other’s social media profiles.

You can share your social media profile username with her and tell her to follow you so that she can receive notifications when you post something new.

If she really likes you then she will follow your profiles on various social media platforms and even she can direct message you.

12. Talk About What You Are Currently Doing

If you have a crush on someone then it means that either you are studying in a school or you are an office-going guy.

And it’s quite obvious that your crush knows that either you study ( if you’re studying ) or do a job ( if you go to work ) but you should tell what other things you do than these.

Let’s say you have a YouTube channel then you should tell her about this & if you have a blog then also tell her.

This will help her to know the other side of you.

13. Discuss How Her Life Is Going

Life is uncertain sometimes it gives all the happiness of the world and sometimes sorrow.

You can ask her that is her life going smoothly and everything is fine in her family?

If she answers that her life is excellent then nothing to do but if she says that she is facing many problems, then try to ask her and also try to solve her problems.

14. Share The Ways Which You Used To Impress Her

This is to make your crush smile😄, if you are sure that your crush likes you back then you may share the ways which you used to impress your crush.

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Trust me she will start to smile and will be excited to hear all the tactics which you used to gain her attention.

15. Talk About Her Dreams

Everyone has their dreams which they want to fulfill.

You can ask and discuss each other’s dreams, let’s say your dream is to build a big house and establish your family then same you can tell your crush.

After that, you can ask your crush to share something about her dreams, make a promise to her that you will help her to fulfill her dreams.

16. Discuss What Kind Of Guy She Likes

This is a nice question which you can ask your crush to know her heart’s voice that what kind of guy she likes whom with she can happily spend her whole life.

If she is interested in you then she will share the same characteristics which you have, if she doesn’t then she will share very strange qualities which you don’t have.

17. Discuss How Many Hours You Both Study

Friendship with a crush is important but we cannot deny the importance of studying in a student’s life.

You both can discuss that how many hours you both study, let’s say you at least give 8 hours to study but she only gives 3 hours, then advise her to increase studying time up to 8 hours so that she can make her parents proud.

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After hearing this, she will also realize that you are not with her because she is beautiful but you are also concerned about her future.

18. Discuss About Eachother’s Friends Group

Like you have friends so in the same way your crush has also her friends and you both can discuss about them.

You can share that who are your best friends and she will also share her best friend’s name, this will help you both to know each other very deeply.

And if you think someone in her friend’s group is a bad guy/girl then guide her to keep a proper distance from him/her.

19. Discuss Each Other’s Hobby

If you know your crush’s favorite hobby then there are many advantages of that because let’s say your crush’s hobby is listening to music then to impress her you can gift a premium quality headphone to her.

The same she can do for you if she knows your hobby.

So, when you are sitting with her then you can start discussing about your and her favorite hobby.

20. Talk About Her Dressing

Based on your experience tell her that which kind of dress suits her and which doesn’t.

You can also comment on her dress which she is wearing on the day when you both are meeting at any place.

Like, ” this dress suits you”, “you are looking gorgeous”, etc.

21. Talk About Each Other’s Past Life

Sharing past experiences of your life can really engage her to continuously talk with you.

You can share things like in which school you took your first admission, which was your fav teacher, your past friends, & if you have become successful then also share your struggle.

After hearing your story, it’s obvious she will also tell her story and like this, your talk continues…

22. Ask Her What Kind Of Food She Likes

In today’s time, everyone has their own eating style some are vegan and some non-veg.

So, it becomes important for you to ask her that what kind of food she like and she is non-vegetarian or vegan?

If she answers that she is a non-vegetarian then no problem because these days almost everyone eats non-veg, but if she is vegan, then there can be some problem if you eat non-veg.

23. Discuss What You Both Feel When You See Each Other

First, you can start to tell her that how you feel when you see her and then let her tell.

For example, you can tell that you feel energetic, refreshing, you can stop your eyes to see her, your heartbeat starts to increase, and many more.

24. Discuss About Planning A Tour

If you think that she feels something for you in her heart then you can discuss about planning a tour or long ride for the upcoming weekends or festivals.

If she agrees with you then nothing can happen best than this.

25. Discuss Good And Bad Things About Each Other

No one is perfect and no one is fully imperfect, everyone has some good things and some bad as well.

You both can discuss each other’s good & bad points, ask her to tell what she likes about you and what not?

After that, you can also tell her, her best and worse things.

26. Ask Does She Likes Someone?

You can’t surely say that she likes you until she doesn’t tell you.

You can ask this question that ” Does she likes someone? ”

If she replies ‘yes’ then try to ask that guy’s name, and if she replies ‘no’ then also it’s good because there is no one between you and her, keep trying to impress her until she doesn’t start to like you back.

27. Take Permission To Drop Herself in Car

If you think that you both have been talking for a long time & your talk with her is near to end then you can take permission from her to drop herself in the car.

If she agrees then drop her at her house in your car and if she disagrees then rent a car from online applications & try to pay the rent to drop her, house, this will make a good impression on her.

28. End Your Talk With Sweet Gestures

The end of your talking should be special so that she can remember it for a long time.

You can use to say ” It was nice talking to you, hope we will meet again, Bye & take care of your and your’s family “.

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you liked the post.

Thanks for reading, Have a nice day ahead…. 👍