30 Secret Ways To Be A Good Student [ School Guide ]

A school is a place which helps a person to get an education & to learn something.

The kids or humans who come to school to study are known as students.

There are two types of students, one is good & the other is bad, out of the teachers and students only like a good one.

Many students are not able to become good & this post is regarding this to help them become good students.

Ways to Be a Good Student

I was one of the best student in my class & below I have shared my entire secrets through which you can be a good student in your school:

1. Be a Disciplined Student

You will find quotes related to discipline in your school entrance, it’s not there just only to see, it’s there so that students can remember that they should have to follow discipline.

Breaking queue, making different sounds in students gather, unwanted running in the school area, & more are the sign that a student is breaking discipline.

So to be a good student, always be in Discipline.

2. Respect Your Teachers & Take Their Blessings

Teachers are the most respectful people in our lives who take care of us from Nursery class to graduation.

I have seen many students in my school life who don’t give respect to their teachers and sometimes also talk against their teachers.

As for me, this is not good because they are teachers who teach us about both education and life.

Also, try to say ‘ Good Morning Sir/Mam ‘, this will create a great impression on your teachers that you are a good student. 🙏

3. Never Harm Your School Equipments

Never Harm Your School Equipments

I don’t know what happiness some students get when they damage the equipment of school? But in reality, this is wrong & shows that how underdeveloped their mind is.

I have seen students who torn the seat covers of school bus, damage keyboards, play heavy games on computers to damage the CPU, write their names on tables & walls, etc.

These all activities are not a sign of a good student, even we should not refer to them as students.

If you find any student doing this, first try to stop them, If doesn’t stop, then complain to the principal.

To become a good student you should not harm school equipment including gaming, electronic, physical, & more.🙏

4. Help Your Friends to Understand Topics

This is not possible that all students available in a class are intelligent.

A class is a combination of all kinds of students but if God has given you a sharp mind then make sure to help other students who are not intelligent as you.

This will make these students move along with you and they can also get good marks.

Your teachers will appreciate this work because they also want that all students get excellent numbers in exams, rather than only one or two.

5. Participate in School Activities

There are many special activities which happen in a school, these include annual festivals, farewell parties, toppers parties, etc.

You can also take part in speeches, debates, sports teams, drawing, basketball matches, and dancing which are mostly done in competitions between two schools.

A student can participate in extra & co-curricular activities which include planting, book donations, cleaning, word guessing, riddles solving, & more.

6.Go School Everyday

Who doesn’t like holidays from school but it’s only okay when you are taking leave for important work & if you are taking leave without any reason then you are not a good student.

A student attending class regularly will get good marks than a student who takes too much leave from school.

Because teaches teach topics to students in a sequence and if you skip or break this sequence then you will not be able to understand next lessons especially in maths and science.

Many schools have criteria of attendance in marks, if you have less then you will get fewer marks and vice versa.

7. Never Talk With Others While Classes Going On

Never Talk With Other During Classes Going On

A teacher has to stand at least 8 – 10 hours to teach us but I don’t understand why students are not able to give their 100% in the classes.

Some students talk with others, some do their written work & even some sleep in live classes, if a teacher sees this then he/she feels so demotivated.

I really don’t like these kinds of students, by doing this they are not only wasting their time but of other students also who are serious to their studies.

So to be a good student sit straight, concentrated, & energetic in the class.

8. Never Do Any Kind of Cheating in Exams

I still remember when my teacher beat me because I brought torn papers on which some questions & answers were written.

The fun fact is that no question came from those torn paper.🤣

A student should never bring any kind of stuff which can help him/her in cheating because, in the end, the main thing which works is what you have studied and learned before exams.

9. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

There are many people available in our society who guide us to ask questions with teachers if we are not able to understand.

I agree with this but I really don’t like students who every day try to ask questions to their teachers, even teachers can doubt that, is this student has a real question or he/she just wants to test me?

In my student life I have rarely asked any question to my teacher because I believe in self-answer finding & after continuous efforts, if I am not able to find the answer, then I try to ask that question to my teacher.

10. Wear Only School Dress

The purpose of school dress is to maintain discipline, identification, and bring equality among students.

There are both types of students available in a school, one is rich and the other is poor but school dress is the one thing which brings fairness, so none of the students need to feel bad that his/her family is poor. 🤝

To be a good student always wear official school dress, your teachers will also appreciate you about this.

11. Go Only For Studying

Go Only For Studying

The main purpose of going to school is to acquire knowledge which can help you to get a job and to run your house smoothly.

A student’s work is to sit in the school bus, arrive at school, study there, again back to home on the same bus but if he is going to school to do other activities like making connections especially with girls then it’s not well.

And if you are found involved in anything like this then teachers can also give you punishment & even they can call your parents as well!

Remember this is not a sign of a good student.

12. Don’t Bring Prohibited Things in The School

I don’t know about the world but in Indian schools, all kinds of electronic devices like smartphones, smartwatches, cameras, etc. are prohibited.

To ensure that students are only coming to get knowledge this is done.

If any student is found with these devices then teachers can check that entire device to know whether the student has clicked any image or done anything else which can cause a threat to anyone’s personal information.

Once my school team took us on a picnic, teachers have clarified that no one will bring electronic devices but many students brought a smartphone the next day & they were not allowed to go for a picnic!

13. Always Do Your School Homework

Always Do Your School Homework

When I was a student, my main concern was to complete school homework as soon as possible, so that I can enjoy the rest of the day.

If a student is not able to do his/her school homework then teachers can complain to your parents, which I don’t think anyone will like, so make sure to do homework on time to become a good student.

14. Always Bring Your Lunch

A good student always brings lunch within his/her bag because home food is always healthy than fast food, cookies, biscuits, chocolates, etc.

My friends also had a habit of bringing lunch boxes with them, so in intervals, we all had been eating together by sitting in a group.

This made our friendship very strong & caring as we were sharing food with each other.

If anyone had marriage in his house then he also brought sweets for us and our connections with teachers were good so sometimes we also shared sweets with teachers.

15. Always Try to Sit With Good Students

Always Try to Sit With Good Students

Many bad students are mostly involved in activities which are not allowed in the school, so try to not sit with these students as teachers will think that you are also a member of that bad company.

Good friends, here don’t mean that you need to sit with intelligent students but you can sit with anyone who is a disciplined student.

In my school time, I was one of the intelligent students but I always sit with weak because they were good and my best friend and I still miss them.

So make sure to choose a good sitting partner before entering class.

16. Come School On Time

Many students want to show their attitude by coming late to school.

For this, they use their cars or bikes to come which I really don’t like because if a school bus comes to their doorstep then they can come in that & on time as well.

If you are coming late then teachers will also not appreciate this, they can even not allow you to enter the class if you are regularly doing this mistake.

17. Always Keep All The Necessary Things in Your Backpack

Hope you can understand what I want to say through the above image.

Let’s say a student is lazy in bringing books, geometry box, & drawing box with him, surprisingly the math teacher started to take a test without notifying anyone in advance.

All students have their equipment but this student doesn’t have, now it’s clear that he will get fewer marks than others if his parents see fewer marks then their heart will be broken.

So to be a good student always bring all the necessary books and instruments with you.🙏

18. Try to Obtain Good Marks in Every Exam

Every teacher wants that his student should get good marks in the exam so that his/her teaching can be known all over the school.

If you are continuously bringing good marks in the class then there is a very high probability that you can be a favorite of your teachers.

Even many students can come to you to solve their queries because you are one of the students in your class who brings good marks.

Seeing this, your parents will be happy that their son/daughter is making them feel proud.

19. Don’t Make Fun of Your Teachers

Don't Make Fun of Your Teachers

A student can’t be good if he/she is making fun of walking style, face, expressions, talking style, teaching style, & writing style.

A teacher feels so demotivated and guilty when he/she sees that students are making fun of him/her, really try to stop these students and if possible make sure to complain to other teachers.

Try to sit away from these kind of students if you really want to be a favorite & good learner of your teachers.

20. Welcome Every Teacher

When I was the monitor in my class I always urge all the students to nicely welcome every teacher who comes to teach us.

When any teacher enters our class we all stand up and say ” Welcome Sir ” & ” Mam ” for a female teacher, this creates a great impression on teachers which directly helps them to teach us with full energy. 👍

With seeing this each & every teacher will ask who is the monitor of this class?

All will say your name and by this, you can be a good student in your class.

21. Maintain the Appearance of Books

Maintain the Appearance of Books

In India we respect the book, even a book accidentally falls on the ground then also we touch it with our head to say sorry that it fell.

The reason is book provides us knowledge about how to live and other educational things.

If you are using torn books then it’s not good, if any teacher sees these kind of books then he/she can scold you because you are not taking care of books.

Remember that a good student never torn books. 👍

22. Play Safely & Friendly in Game Period

Almost all schools have a schedule for the game period, in my case, we got one game every day which is of 45 minutes.

While playing games some students. can get injured either themselves or by other students.

If you are the monitor of the class then during this period you can keep a watch on all students that they are playing safely or not, if not then complain about them to your game teacher.

🌟To be a good at school always play friendly with other students.

23. Give Atleast Six Hours in Studying at Home

I have seen many students who start studying day and night when the exam is very close it’s like we are covering cow fodder after the rain has come.

A student can’t prepare for exams in one day, we need to start preparation from day one when our schools start.

When I got 95% in the 10th CBSE exam my parents were very happy but I did a lot of hard work to get these marks.

If you really want to make your parents feel proud, then make sure to give at least 6 hours a day to your studies.

Usually, there are six subjects in every school so if you give each subject one hour then you can cover all subjects every day, which is fabulous.👍👍

24. Give Teachers Good Wishes And Gifts On Special Days

I still remember those days when we all students used to collect money from each other to purchase as gifts for teachers for special days like Teachers Day, Diwali, Holi, & Rakshabandhan.

Christmas is a very big festival which is celebrated all over the world, as it comes in winter, you guys can gift premium & luxury warm clothes to your teachers.

By doing this not only you but the whole class will become the best class in your entire school.

25. Keep Your Class Nice Neat & Clean

Keep Your Class Nice Neat & Clean

Although the work of a clean classroom is of a peon but he can only sweep one time, what about the torn paper, toffee wrappers, pencil sharpener waste, pen, etc. which we throw on the floor in the class.

I still remember an incident in which my school’s principal came and scold all of us because we had made our class very dirty.

First of all, try not to make waste, if you have any kind of waste then make sure to throw it into the dustbin, this will keep your classroom neat and clean.

26. Make Informational Charts

Have you seen some beautiful classes of your seniors which are beautifully designed with charts, paper decorations, wallpapers, etc?

There are many important short topics available in all subjects like a periodic table in chemistry, human body structure in biology, theorem in maths, etc.

We can make a group of students and after taking permission from the class teacher we can decorate our class.

Congratulations, Your class is looking good.🌟

27. Never Forget Your Teachers, Friends & School

Never Forget Your Teachers, Friends & School

No one can deny that we all get emotionally connected in school, one day everyone has to left school after completing studies.

But never try to forget all the person who is your teachers and friends.

You can send invitations to all these of marriage or of any special program in your house, your teachers & friends will feel proud of you.

It can also happen that you forget all these but still some of them remember you, this is also known as true friendship. 🌟

28. Make Your School Feel Proud on You

All students which study in a school will become something in future some will become salaried person, some businessman, and some successful persons.

If you become successful then always try to give credit for your success to your teachers and school in any interview or live session.

If your school staff watch this, then definitely their eyes will be filled with the tears of happiness & feel proud of You. 🤝

29. Celebrate Your Birthday

Birthday brings smile on the face of all students because they get tasty things to eat in school and evening party in friend’s house.

As a birthday boy, you get wishes from all your friends and teachers for your healthy life and success.

30. Not a One Day Achievement

No one can’t be a good student in one day. It takes time, I studied 12 years from Nursery to 12th standard in one school.

You need to make a place in the hearts of your teachers by following the above-mentioned methods.

But remember one thing that your one mistake can ruin your years of hard work done to build your image in the school, so make sure to be in the company of good friends who do not get involved in any kind of controversies.

I have shared everything in this post but if you think that I have left something then let me know with your comments. 👍✌️

Thanks….Have a Nice Day