30 Simple Ways To Be a Good Mother [ Real Life Examples ]

Without a mother, I cannot imagine the existence of life on this planet & the biggest example of this is our mother Earth which is rearing all of us by providing fresh air, food, beautiful creatures, etc.

Humans are the most intelligent & advanced living organisms on Earth, so being a human mother, many responsibilities come with it.

I am not capable of writing about mothers, because every mother is great, their work is always appreciable.

Ways To Be A Good Mother

To become a good mother, you need to do some works, get some good habits to change some habits, etc.

I am writing this post by inspiring from my mother that how she took care of me during my childhood, schooling, and entire life, so the below-mentioned points will really help you to become a good mother:

1. Do Massaging Every Day

1. Do Massaging Every Day
Image Source: Pixabay ( edited by me )

I still remember when my mom massaged my whole body daily with her soft hand, at that time my family was facing financial issues so she used to massage my skin with pure coconut oil, as it was cheap at that time.

There are many benefits of massaging like it helps to increase blood circulation, nourishes skin, makes joints stronger, & more.

As a good mom, you should massage your kid daily, now probably you are thinking about which oil to use?

Some will say that use a particular oil but I believe in my knowledge & as per me you should use multiple oils for messaging which are:

  • Coconut Oil.
  • Mustard Oil.
  • Almond Oil.
  • Ghee.
  • Sesame Oil ( both black and white ).
  • Groundnut oil.

As all these oils have their own benefits so it’s better to use these alternatively for massaging, so that body can get all kinds of benefits.

2. Give Milk & Nuts to Your Kids Daily

2. Give Milk & Nuts to Your Kids Daily
Image Source: Pixabay ( edited by me )

As per science milk is complete food & a human can live only on milk for many years.

As a mother, you can understand the above-written paragraph by a simple example that after calving a cow’s kid only drink milk for months and also grow rapidly during this period, so this is the power of milk.

For better growth of your child, give him/her one big cup of milk twice a day, one in the morning & the other in the evening.

You can also add almonds or other nuts which will make milk more tastier and nutritious to drink.

🌟 Always try to use fresh cow milk rather than packed milk 🌟

3. Stop Kids From Eating Spicy & Fast Food

3. Stop Kids from Eating Spicy & Fast Food
Image Source: Pixabay

Both spicy & fast food disturb the internal balance of the whole body.

Continuous eating of these type of foods make body fattier and it starts to look irregular, in the same way, spicy food increase warmness in the body which results in too many pimples on the face. 😲

Try to stop your kids to eat outside of the home like in restaurants, always give them homemade fresh and good food which will make them stronger and there is a very high probability that their facial skin will have zero pimples.

4. Take Special Care in Summers & Winters

4. Take Special Care in Summers & Winters
Image Source: Pixabay ( edited by me )

Summers and winters are the two seasons in which a mother needs to take special care of her kids, no doubt because of extreme temperatures.

In the summer season try to cool down the temperature of your house and avoid your kids coming in the direct sunlight especially during the afternoon because at this time both land and air temperature are very high.

Whereas in winter you can get good warm clothes for your kids and also foods which make your body warm like almonds and roasted groundnuts.

5. Check Kids School Work

5. Check Kids School work

As my family was poor so when I came back from school, my mom always asked me that ‘what happened today in school, did you answered all questions?’ because she wanted that her son should do well to get a good job.

Like this, you can also check your kid’s school diary & notebooks to know what teachers are giving for homework.

You can also show the importance of good marks by giving examples of your any nearby man or woman who is on a reputed job.

By doing this you are saving the future of your kids so that they can live smooth life by getting employment.

6. Sleep With Kids at Night

6. Sleep With Kids at Night
Image source: Pixabay ( edits down by me )

Although I don’t believe in ghosts but almost all kids get feared by the name of ghosts. 👻

I remember that when I was around 12 years old, my mom slept only after I have slept because I feared a lot from the dark.

When your kids found you around them they can sleep with satisfaction in mind that their warrior (mom) is sleeping with them so they don’t need to worry about ghosts.

🌟As a good mother you can also keep water near you while sleeping because kids drink a lot of water during nights.🌟

7. Tell Them Interesting Stories

7. Tell Them Interesting Stories

Kids love to hear stories especially when their mother is telling them.

Try to hear good stories from YouTube or Google, and try to learn them so that you can tell stories to your kids without forgetting a single incident.

By hearing stories, kids sleep well without awakening at night which is beneficial for their mental health.

🌟 You can also ask riddles & questions related to simple math, general knowledge, science, language translation, etc. which will help his/her mind to sharpen🌟

8. Order Good Books

8. Order Good Books

Books help a person to get knowledge either for life or for the job.

Being a good mother you can order some books for your kids which can help them to learn more & more things.

Here’s the best way to choose best books:

Let’s say your kids want to be a government teacher and they are young, then you need to check what is the syllabus for teachers exam, after checking this, find guides related to this exam on online stores and order them.

As there are many years left before they give exam for govt. teacher so tell them to read these books, no doubt they will find difficult but you can help them to understand these books.

As per me, when they will give their first teachers competitive exam, there is a high probability that they will be able to clear it in their first attempt because they are practicing for this exam for the last many years.

Congratulations, you are a good mother ✌️🌟

9. Stop Kids From Watching Screen For Long Time

One of my friend’s daughter had a habit of watching smartphones all the time from the age of 3.

Trust me, due to continuous seeing toward the screen, she started to face issues related to eyes like pain and headache.

At the age of 11 doctors prescribed her to wear glass, now all the time she has to wear this!!

Hope you have understood the bad effects of smartphones on the eyes.

Always try that your kids are surrounded by physical things like books, indoor games, painting, toys, & more, rather than electronic devices. 👍

10. Let Them Spend Time With Nature

10. Let Them Spend Time With Nature

A child which grows up in nature is more stronger than other children who grow up in a normal environment.

When I was a kid, my family has two goats & one cow, these were my favorite pets, I always play with the babies of both goats and cows.

Like this, you can also bring your kids favorite pets animals and can plant flowering trees around & I’m your backyard.

This will help your kids to get fresh air and fresh milk if their favorite pets is a cow.🐄

11. Bring Cycle for Your Childrens

11. Bring Cycle for Your Childrens

Human children are so naughty that’s why they always like new toys, it can be an RC car or a cycle.

If you have more than one kid, then cycling will become their best hobby as it is so addictive.

But make sure that they are cycling near you for their extra safety.🚲

12. Grow Good Habits In Your Kids

12. Grow Good Habits In Your Kids

Habits make a person different from others and if these are good habits then it makes a person healthy as well.

Try to grow good habits in your children’s lifestyle like brushing teeth, washing eye in the morning, oiling hairs daily, regular nail cutting, bathing, daily doing exercises, enough water drinking, helping others, & more.

All these things will help your kids to be good humans & we all know everyone likes this kind of person.

The definition of good habits can vary from mother to more & country to country but those I mentioned above are followed everywhere, so make sure to grow the kind of habits in your kids.

13. Tell Them About Right & Wrong

Rules are everywhere in the world from school to legal laws & if anyone breaks then he or she will get punishment as per laws.

Aware your kids about these laws especially when they are becoming 18, as this is the age where he/she can find many distractions in his/her life, so as a good mother it’s your responsibility to protect your kids from these.

Even you can purchase a book of laws which are followed in your country, both you and your children can read this.🤝

14. Motivate Your Kids

14. Motivate Your Kids

Any work can be done with the help of motivation, this is the thing that works as a fuel in our life that continuously accelerates us toward our goals.

Sometimes our kids also require motivation when they are feeling that they can do it, if you are seeing that any of your children are not behaving well then sit with him/her to know the exact issue.

Always say to your kids that ‘you are with them, so they don’t need to worry’ these two words will create a difference, he/she will again get up like a WARRIOR.

15. Dress Up Them Before Schooling

I cannot forget those days when my mom used to oil and comb my hair before going to school.

As a mother you should dress up your child so that he won’t feel that his/her mother is not taking care.

16. Introduce Kids With All Relatives

16. introduce kids with all relatives

I was a simple child who spoke very little and this was the reason I didn’t know much about my relatives, even I was not able to tell their names after seeing them as well.

If in any urgent need, kids need any help and their relative are passing nearby him and they are not able to recognize them then how relatives will help?

So always try to introduce children to your relatives so that they can know their own family.

17. Make Them BOLD Not Shy

“Those who keep their mouth shut, everyone tries to suppress them”.

If someone is doing wrong with us then we must raise our voice against that person but for this, we require boldness in our body.

[ Even some are not able to read any written speech by standing on a stage in front of a crowd ]

If a mother wants her child to become bold then always tell him that ‘never get fear from anyone, speak loud & clear like a roar of a lion so that everyone can feel your presence.

18. Make Them To Understand Your Religion and Culture

Every religion & culture are different as each has its own rules.

Like I am a vegan so I need to live according to veganism, if I will break rules then I will not be a vegan anymore anymore

So, keep in mind to aware your kids about your religion and its rules which they have to follow.

19. Keep A Watch on Your Kid’s Mobile

19. Keep A Watch on Your Kid's Mobile

We can’t stop Kids to use mobile but we also know the other face of smartphones which can change a child completely.

Google & YouTube has introduced many products through which you can control what your kids can watch.

So make sure to keep a close watch on your kids phone so that he can follow the right way to get a successful life.

20. Let Them Take Full Rest

If your kids are not getting enough time for sleep then it’s not good for their health.

Because everything which works in this world requires rest, a human kid should at least eight to ten hour sleep every day.

Sleeping helps kids to rejuvenate skin naturally and as a result, their skin starts to become softer, silkier, and glowing.

21. Celebrate Festivals with Them

21. Celebrate Festivals with Them

The festive season brings smiles to the faces of kids who are bored by continuous studying.

To become a good mother it’s your responsibility to help them and celebrate the festivals.

For example, it takes a little bit of time to decorate a Christmas tree, you can help kids with this, they will be really happy to see you with them.

22. Build Their Immunity

22. Build Their Immunity

As we all know that ozone layer protects the Earth from entering harmful UV rays into our environment.

Like this, the immune system is responsible for protecting our body from various kinds of health issues including seasonal diseases.

If your kids are facing frequent cold, fever, and cough whole the year then it shows that their immune system is very weak so try to make strong it.

As kids don’t have a mature mind so being a good mother you can advise them to do yoga and take a healthy diet.

If needed ask your ayurvedic doctor about ,how to increase immunity?

23. Avoid Smoking near Kids

23. Avoid Smoking near Kids

Cigarette smoke has a very bad effect on body organs and many women also do smoking, so first of all STOP SMOKING, especially near kids.

When a person exhales the cigarette smoke then it gets mixed in the environment and can directly enter our body, causing bad effects on the body.

If someone is smoking near your kids then ask that person to move anywhere else, if he/she is not good, then try to record a video & complaint to your nearby police station.

24. Never Let Your Child Go Alone

24. Never Let Your Child Go Alone

The safety of your kids is very important because there is a possibility that many bad eyes are wandering around them.

You will not believe me but there are thousands of kids which lost each year in the USA ( Google it ).

So it’s very important to protect kids and for this, you can keep a dog as a pet who will always protect your children.

If kids are going outside then make sure to send an adult person with them for their extra safety.🤝

25. Give Time To Your Kids

25. Give Time To Your Kids

Some mothers are too busy either at work or talking with friends but in between this they forget that they have kids and need to spend time with them.

Try to spend time with kids so that they can also feel that their mom loves them.🤝

26. Teach Them Cooking

26. Teach Them Cooking

Cooking is an art which I think everyone should know including kids.

If you are cooking food and your kids are also free then you can call them and teach them, trust me they will be very happy to learn cooking.

This will also bring sweetness in your relations & you will become a good mother.

27. Take Them on Shopping

27. Take Them on Shopping

Who doesn’t like to go to the mall and do a lot of shopping, we all know everyone likes it.

But like you, your kids also like it, you can take them with you for shopping & they can also purchase their favorite things.

If you arealready doing this then it’s a evidence that you are a good mother.👍

28. Prepare Good Food For School Lunch Box

28. Prepare Good Food For School Lunch Box

As I preferred home-based food for kids, so try to pack the same food in a school lunch box.

Avoid preparing packed foods like noodles, pasta, etc. but instead of this you can use your local area famous food like in my area it’s seera ( a dish prepared from wheat flour ).

29. Save For Kids

29. Save For Kids

As competition for earning money is continuously increase so it’s the responsibility of a good mother to start saving for her kids so that they can live a good life if they are not able to get a good job.

If a mother is capable of making money but she is doing nothing then it’s not good instead of this she can start to earn something so that she can save.

🌟 A Good Mother Always Discuss These Things with Her Husband 🌟

30. Believe on Them

30. Believe on Them

I have seen one of my friend’s mother who always compares her son with others because he is not at studies.

As per me, this is not good to compare your child with others as God has gifted everyone his/her unique capabilities.

So always try to guide your kids on the right path so they can get success. 👍

It took me five days to gather all these points and write, I hope that these will help you to become a good mother.

Now lets see some common questions related to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How to be the best mom possible?

You can follow above-mentioned 30 ways which I have written everything which she does for me and as per me my mom is the best mom for me.👍

#2. How to be a good mom to a baby?

The best way is to ask your own mother that how she take care of you and write down her every single word in a notebook and now follow these to be a good mom to a baby👍

#3. How to be a good mother in law?

To become a good mother-in-law you just need to care of daughter-in-law like your own daughter.

Now when your daughter-in-law sees this that you are caring a lot of her then she will be really happy. 🤝 You don’t need to do anything else. 👍

Thanks👍 Have a nice day ahead.