30 Ways To Be A Good Person [ Practical Life Examples ]

Being a good person is another excellent thing for a human & he is treated very well where he goes.

But due to some unknown reasons, some people can’t be a good person.

How to Become a Good Person

In the below listed headings I have shared my 10 years of life experience through which you can be a good person for society, friends, & even for a woman:

1. Give Respect To Everyone

If you will give respect then you will get respect, this is a very simple rule which is followed every day in our life.

I have seen many people who don’t talk with others in manners, they always try to show that they are the only supreme here, no one other is as big as them & trust me this kind of person can be a good person.

So to become a better person always give respect whenever you talk, someone comes to your house, & while talking to your elders.

2. Start Doing Charity

Charity is one of the pious works in the world, if a person earns a decent amount of money then he should donate some amount to charity organizations.

It is not compulsory that to do charity you must have money as there are many organizations which are working in the USA who also collect old clothes, bags, utensils, etc. to distribute them among the poor.

No matter what kind of charity you are doing but one thing is sure that people who will get your charity products will bless you. 🤝

3. See Every Woman As Your Mother & Sister

This is the biggest characteristics of a good person.

Every woman who is walking on the road, working in offices, etc. is as our mother and sister, a good person never sees a woman with a perspective other than this.

If your thinking is not good then try to change it otherwise remove the thought of becoming a good person from your mind.

4. Distribute Your Knowledge For Free

Knowledge is the best thing which a person can give to another person, as it helps others to either gain something good or a job.

If you are an expert in any field then you can start an offline or online place where you can teach that knowledge to others.

The best way to share your experience is to start a blog or a YouTube channel as nowadays everyone is available on these two platforms.

5. Help Needy

I know almost everyone gives knowledge on this point but no one follows.

I still remember that one day when I was going to my nearby city, I saw an old man who was changing his punctured tire with a spare one but he was finding it difficult to do this work.

So I stopped my car and helped that old man to change his tyre, it only took me 5 minutes to do this and then the old man went but while moving he told ‘God bless you son’ & this made my day.

So always try to help needy person depending upon the situation.

6. Treat Everyone As Same

A good person always treats everyone as same, he doesn’t see people with different-different eyes.

If you are a person who doesn’t talk well with a poor person then it’s not good because he is also a human like a rich person, the only difference is that the poor person has less money than the rich one.

So try to be a human, not a machine who judges humans based on their color, money, status, position, caste, etc. 👍

7. Never Ask Illegitimate Money From Anyone

Everyone wants to make money and nothing is wrong with this as we can’t buy anything without paying money.

But the amount which you are charging for doing work from anyone should not be illegitimate.

You will be amazed after reading the below real-life example.

We all know that the human race is going through a very bad time due to this pandemic, this incident is of my village where before the lockdown the shopkeeper was charging 1$ per liter for milk but after the lockdown, he is charging 2$ for the same milk, I can purchase it but what about Poor’s who are living in my village. 😑

This is how people are making money by charging double the actual price of products which is totally wrong.

So if you are providing any service to the public always charge your legitimate amount and this will automatically make you a good person in the eyes of other people. 🤝

8. Never Misuse of Your Position

If you are at a position where everyone respects you then make sure to do good work with the help of that position.

For example, you are a surgeon and you get to know that a case has just arrived which needs urgent treatment but that family has very little money to pay, in this situation please try to do treatment of that person as money is not everything.

A good person always do appreciable work with his position.👍

9. Don’t Betrayal With Anyone

Some people have a habit of doing betrayal in relations or business.

As per me, we should never make these kind of friends, as one day they will do fraud with us.

A good person never does betrayal with anyone in any condition, so if you have a dream of becoming a good person then always carry relations with truth.

10. Don’t Blame Others For Your Mistake

Knowingly unknowingly we all follow this, like when we do any fault then we try to say names of another person that he has done this, but my brother this is wrong.

A good person never hides behind another person for his own mistake, he is just like a mirror, you will only see what is in the front of the mirror i.e. truth.

11. Don’t Get Jealous of Others

Being feeling jealous of others is a universal problem that is found in both men and women.

To become a good person you shouldn’t get jealous of other’s success, earnings, beauty, position, cars, bikes, house, clothes, friends, etc.

12. Always Respect Your Parents

Many people talk with their parents like they are talking with their friends, which as per me is totally wrong because they are their mother & father who has done hard work to make his son/daughter successful.

If you want to be a good person then make sure to respect them.

13. Don’t Hurt Nature

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t care about nature then you can be a better person.

Some people pollute the environment by burning plastic ( waste ) so to clean their surroundings but they don’t think that how big damage they are causing to nature.

A good person always tries to plant various kinds of trees like flowering, shady, fruit giving, oxygen increasing, etc.

There are two benefits for plants trees:

1. The whole environment near these plants becomes clean making it suitable for breathing.

2. The society will appreciate your work and even they can give an award to you means you can be popular as well.

14. Don’t Be Ungrateful

No one can get success on their own because many other people have helped them a lot in achieving success, for which one should be grateful of them.

Around 10 years ago my family has no action source of income so a person suggests my father to start an ayurvedic medicine shop and my father opened the same, now this shop is running my house, I am very grateful to that person.

Like this, you should be grateful to every person who has help when no one was helping you.

15. Save Water

Water is a very precious resource available on the Earth, we should use it in limit but if we are wasting it then we are not good persons.

There are many ways to save water like reusing, recycling, using drip irrigation, preventing evaporation of water, avoiding using it in more quantities than required, & more.

Probably you are thinking that what is the relation of saving water with a good person?

Let’s say, you are washing your hands with soap but while rubbing soap you forget to close the tap and if someone is watching this then he/she will only that this person is very careless.

So, always try to save water.

16. Help Needy Animals

Everyone likes animals and my favorite animal is a cow but humans try very little to help animals when they need our help.

There are thousands of animals who die every month either due to lack of facilities or due to illness.

If you live in a colder reason then try to provide shelter to animals which are wandering on roads especially dogs and cats.👍

Providing any kind of help will make you a good person as by seeing you helping animals, the people of your nearby area will start to do the same.

17. Participate in NGO

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organisations which mainly work for the environment, solving people’s problem, providing health facilities, and more for nonprofit.

NGOs are found everywhere in the world you can contact them to be a member.

As everything you do in this is for free so many people of your society will be happy to see you in either helping them or their surroundings.

18. Organise Awareness Program

These kind of programs help people to become aware of anything why they are doing wrong.

The place where I live has very low literacy because people in my area don’t send their kids to schools, so if I start to make a group of educated people who can make people aware of the importance of education then everyone will appreciate my work.

Directly I will become a good person.

19. Show Attitude Only When Required

People always find ways to show attitude and nothing is wrong with it but the attitude should only be shown who deserves it as if you are showing attitude to a needy person who has come to you for help then its really bad.

For example, you are a rich person and a poor person(you know this man) has come to you to ask for some money because his dog is not well and he has to admit his dog to a hospital.

Now, here a good person will give money and ask him to give back the amount early.

20. Bring Smile on Others Face

Bringing smiles on others faces really provide inner satisfaction especially when we see it on kids face.

Giving chocolates to school children, giving toys to kids, giving clothes, distributing sweets, providing employment, etc. will bring smiles on many faces.

When people will see that you are bringing smiles to other’s faces then you will be a good person for them.

21. Support Your Friends in Both Happiness & Sorrow

Almost everyone has at least 20 friends who know each other very well.

Try to be with your friends in happiness and sorrow, let’s say if any of your friends has a marriage program in his/her house then try to be there for at least one day to show them that you are standing here as a true friend.

Like this, if any other friend is going through bad times then try to go there and tell them that stay strong and you are with them.

Now if someone asks your friends about you then they will tell that you are a very good person, & this is what you want.

22. Show People Right Path

Many people who have ruined their career try to destroy others career but a good person never do like this.

For example, you are a big person, now a student comes to you and says ” I have completed my education, please try to guide me “.

Now you should try to show this student the right path so that he can earn a good amount of money and can make his parents proud.

23. Participate in Programs

Almost every house organizes programs while marriage, birthday, etc. & to call people in their party they also send physically invitation cards to many people.

If you have received any notification then try your best to attend that program on time, never try to avoid any function as people send their invitations to dear ones and you one of them that’s why they have sent an invitation to you.

Like this, if you build a habit of going to function on invitations then you will become a better person for all.

24. Solve People’s Problems

No place is free from problems that make people suffer, you need to find these problems in your area and help people of that region to solve that problem.

For example, if you are living in a where there is very much pollution in the air due to the smoke comes out from factories which are established near your area.

Here first you need to make a group of people and take them to the government persons along with all the proof that factories nearby your area are causing air pollution and after examining if the government bans the factories, then you will become a good man for them.

Above mentioned example is to make understand, you need to find problems in your area, it can be water scarcity, electricity problem, pollution, etc.

25. Gather Your Neighbours Every Day For Yoga

In today’s time, the incredible benefits of yoga are not hidden from anyone. As I am from India so here almost everyone knows about Yoga.

My family is of 5 members and we all wake up at 4 am and starts to do yoga every day.

Yoga makes a person healthy and also reduces the risk of having any disease.

You can tell your neighbors to wake up early and start doing yoga in your nearby park, if they start to do this then many other people will be attracted to do yoga.

26. Share Your Things

If we share our stuff with others then it increases the respect for us in their heart.

No matter where we are if anyone ( he/she must be familiar with us ) asks anything like a pen, watch, glass, etc. from us, then we should try to share with him.

27. Make a Group To Help Unemployed

Unemployment is everywhere and I can understand the situation if somebody is not able to get a job.

There is a group of kind persons in my city which help unemployed women by providing them sewing machines so that they can run their house from it.

Like this, you can also make a group which can help to reduce unemployment in your area by finding unemployed men & women, then helping them to get employed.

This is very pious work and if someone can make his/her earning after the help your group then he/she will bless you all a lot.🤝

28. Help To develop Basic Facilities

Basic facilities are the means which are compulsory for everyone.

For example, public parks, bus stands, playgrounds, hospitals, buses, roads, etc.

If your village or city is lacking this kind of facilities then you can request it from your local leaders.

Basic facilities are required everywhere such as schools, offices, banks, & public area, if any place has an absence of the facilities then we can request for these to the related officers.

29. Do Greetings With Familiar Persons

Saying good morning, good afternoon, good night & more really helps a person to get respect from others.

If you start to greetings with familiar persons then a different image will be drawn in their minds, they will say that you are a very good person who is kind and polite.

30. It’s Not A One Day Achievement

A man can’t become a good person in the eyes of others in one day as it’s a continuous process which you need to do daily & win hearts of people.

As per my experience, the above-mentioned points are the best ways through which a man can become a good person.

That’s it for today friends, hope you like the post.

Thanks👍 Have A Nice Day Ahead