300+ Beautiful Cute Names To Call Your Crush Girl & Boy

We all know that when we call our crush with cute names then they feel loved & special.🌺💕🌺

Mostly I prefer to call your crush or anyone who is very near to your heart with their name(it makes them feel very calm) and if their mood is very good then you can try to call them with nicknames.💕🌺💕🌺

I researched a lot to find the best names and I was able to write 300 names and trust me these names are very unique and appealing which will help you to impress your crush.

So, without wasting a single second let’s get on the points and see all the names:⤵️

154 Cute Names To Call Your Crush Girl

You can use these names depending upon the mood of your crush and also when you want to show your affection towards her:

  1. Vivacity: If she lives her life boldly.
  2. Tessa: It’s the name of the female lead of the very popular romantic movie “After – We Collided”. You can call your crush with this name, if she has watched this romantic movie then she will feel your love but if she hasn’t watch this movie, then you can tell her to watch this movie so that she can know why you are calling her Tessa.
  3. Miss Perfect: Simple and cute name for her.
  4. My Fortune: If all problems start to solve automatically in her presence.
  5. Brown Shortie: If you are attracted towards her brown color.
  6. My Life: When you can’t live one second without your crush.
  7. Cherry: A perfect name for her innocent face.
  8. Barbie: If your crush is soft like cotton.
  9. My Ego: Of course she is your pride.
  10. My Future: When you both have decided to spend life together.
  11. Sugar: Suits best when she behaves very kindly and sweetly.
  12. Darling: Modern name to bring a smile on her face.
  13. Babe: A fancy name.
  14. Juliet: Perfect name for her in your love story.
  15. My Heart: If your heart beats for your girlfriend.
  16. Beautiful: When your crush is the most prettiest girl in your class.
  17. Rose: If her face always blows up like a rose flower.
  18. Princess: If she wears a lot of things.
  19. Kitty: If your crush is naughty and smart like a cat.
  20. Queen: If she rules the territory of your heart.
  21. Mam: A mature but respectful word which every girl likes.
  22. Gorgeous: When her beauty attracts you.
  23. Cinderella: Suits a girl.
  24. Angel: To make her feel special.
  25. Sweetie Pie: Unique name.
  26. Beauty Queen: If your crush is very very attractive.
  27. Honey Bee: If your girlfriend moves here & there a lot.
  28. Sunshine: When her first glimpse brings energy in you.
  29. Marshmallow: If her gestures are very soft.
  30. Wifey: If your love her so much and you want her to be your wife.
  31. My Happiness: Best suits when you feel lonely in her presence.
  32. Kitten: If she often laughs with you.
  33. Cutie: To make her know that you are attracted to her.
  34. My Love: Simple and real.
  35. Daisy: Feel nice to hear.
  36. Baby Doll: When you care a lot for her.
  37. Comely: If she is appealing.
  38. Heavenly: If you think that she came from heaven.
  39. Smashing: Perfect name for your crush, if she is extremely good in all things.
  40. Beaut: Short form of beautiful.
  41. Precious: If you believe that your crush is the most important part of your life.
  42. Pretty Lady: To glorify her beauty.
  43. Honey: If her voice is very sweet.
  44. Summer: She makes you cool down in any situation.
  45. Magic: Do you get hypnotized when you see her?
  46. Dearest: No doubt she is very near to your heart.
  47. Dear One: You can use this word while describing about your girlfriend.
  48. Dear: Simple but this name gives a soothing effect to your crush.
  49. Honey Pie: This will feel very good to her ears.
  50. Love: No doubt she is.
  51. Cookie: If she is sweet like a cookie.
  52. Bright Eyes: If her eyes attract you a lot.
  53. Blue Eyes: If your crush has blue eyes.
  54. Brown Eyes: If her eyes are brown.
  55. Lifey: Nice to hear name.
  56. My All: If you believe that she is the most precious thing in your life.
  57. Charmish: God has given her all the beauty of the world.
  58. Bae: Another word for a close friend.
  59. Lioness: You are a lion and she is your lioness.
  60. Paramour: If your girlfriend is your closest friend.
  61. Better Half: To make her see you with strange.
  62. Consort: If she is more than a friend to you.
  63. True Luv: Off course she is 🙂
  64. Friend: If you have just started a friendship with your crush.
  65. Swain: If she likes you back.
  66. Bride: When your friendship with your crush is very strong and you both have decided to marry each other.
  67. Stunning: When you get shocked by seeing her beauty.
  68. Dream Girl: If your crush regularly comes into your dreams.
  69. Lemon: If your crush always looks fresh.
  70. Spring: Your face starts to glow after seeing her.
  71. Melody: When she talks, it feels like she is singing a song.
  72. Sprinkles: A good name for your crush.
  73. Dove: Her skin is too soft.
  74. Blue Berry: Fruity name for her.
  75. Snuggly: If your girlfriend is very gorgeous and attractive.
  76. Pari: A name similar to an angel.
  77. Sahzadii: A name similar to a queen.
  78. Brown Sugar: If her nature is sweet as sugar and her color is brown.
  79. Butterfly: If your crush is very colorful.
  80. Billo: Punjabi word used to refer to a girl.
  81. Diamond: If her shine attracts you towards her.
  82. Dimple: If your crush has a dimple on her face.
  83. Doll/Baby Doll: If she is calm and sincere.
  84. Heaven: When you sit with her, you feel like you’re in heaven
  85. Heart Breaker: If she had broken hearts of many but not yours.
  86. Magnificent: If she is the queen of your heart.
  87. Kudi: Punjabi word used to refer to a girl.
  88. Wonder Girl: When your crush is very special to you.
  89. My Cherish: No doubt she is.
  90. Special: Common and less attractive word.
  91. Fiancee: If your and her parents agree for your marriage.
  92. Young Lady: If your crush is young and smart.
  93. Fancy Woman: If she uses lots of things to look beautiful.
  94. Donah: Nice name for her.
  95. Honey Bunny: A Fancy name.
  96. Jewel: If she shines like jewelry.
  97. Miss: To make her attracted towards you.
  98. Lotus: If she smiles a lot towards you.
  99. Miss Wonderful: To make her look towards you.
  100. Sweetie: This is a boring name!
  101. Valentine: Truly suits her.
  102. Sunflower: You can use this name when you both are sitting in an open area.
  103. Start Light: When her face shines like a star.
  104. My Soul: If you think that you both are emotionally connected with each other.
  105. My World: Yes, she is 🙂
  106. Moon Beauty: You can use it to impress her when you both are sitting anywhere during the evening.
  107. Moon Shine: If her beauty shines like a moon.
  108. Other Half: You can use this name to see a glimpse of her smile.
  109. My Dream: If you have a dream to spend your life with her.
  110. Mrs: Respectful name.
  111. Perfect: If God has given all the things to your crush like beauty, kind heart, money, and more.
  112. Blossom: If your crush is funny, confident, calm, & successful.
  113. Angel Eyes: You can use this word while making eye contact with your crush.
  114. Beauty Queen: To glorify her beauty in front of others.
  115. My Queen: You can use this word while talking about her with her friends.
  116. Wonderful: Common name.
  117. Pumpkin: Naughty name for her.
  118. Soulmate: You can use this word to make her feel that she is very very important to you.
  119. Baby Girl: A fancy name.
  120. Madam: Classic but still not a bad name for her.
  121. Sparkle: I don’t like this name.
  122. Partner: If you think that she is your life partner.
  123. Kindred Soul: If you both have too many same characteristics like you both like the same food, car, places, etc.
  124. Charming: To make her know that you are attracted to her beauty.
  125. Attractive: Not a good name for her.
  126. Foxy: If she is attractive and resembles you like a fox.
  127. Winsome: Normally used for someone who is attractive.
  128. Allure: Best for someone who is good-looking.
  129. Lovely: Boring name!
  130. Ravishing: For an extremely beautiful girl.
  131. Love Girl: Best name to call her.
  132. Lamb: A cute name.
  133. Ray of Sunshine: Best name to refer her.
  134. Beloved: Suits best when your crush is angry with you.
  135. Enchantress: If your eyes often stop on her face.
  136. English Rose: Cute nickname for her.
  137. Warm-Hearted: If she is very kind to you.
  138. Queen of Attraction: Best name to call her when she is sitting with her friends.
  139. Miss Universe: This name can be used to see her cute smile.
  140. Beauteous: Another name of beautiful.
  141. Likable: Suits best when your girlfriend is extremely sweet.
  142. Lovey: Good to hear and your crush will like this name.
  143. My Heartbeat: Best name to use when she is very happy.
  144. Girlfriend: Common and simple 🙂
  145. Deer: Suits best, if your crush is cute and smart like a deer.
  146. Lady Love: This can be used if you have a strong friendship with your crush.
  147. Striking: If she has the best beautiful face.
  148. Apsara: Indian word to refer to a beautiful lady.
  149. Sweet Heart: Simple and nice to hear name.
  150. Walnut: If your crush is hard in nature but very kind by heart.
  151. Brownie: Unique & very special name for your crush
  152. Bezzie: If she is your best and closest friend.
  153. Mithiye: Indian word used to refer to a girl.
  154. Balliye: Punjabi word which means a girl whom you like.

148 Cute Names To Call Your Crush Boy

These are the nicknames which can be used for call your boy crush or boyfriend:

  1. My King: Perfect name for your boy crush.
  2. Choudhary: A guy who has vast farm lands and good amount of money in his family.
  3. Gabru: Punjabi word used to refer to a young boy.
  4. Bestie: No doubt he is.
  5. Superman: If your boyfriend cares a lot about you.
  6. Mr. Perfect: If your crush is perfect with no bad habits.
  7. Romeo: Good name for your crush if you both like each other.
  8. Wolverine: If your crush is bold and brave.
  9. Handsome: No doubt he is 🙂
  10. Prince: If your crush looks like a cute prince.
  11. Sir: Respectful word which will make him see you once.
  12. Sweet Prince: If you love his innocent face.
  13. Casanova: Long but a good name for him.
  14. Cherry: Fruity name for him.
  15. Good Boy: If your crush helps you a lot.
  16. CowBoy: If your crush belongs to a farmer’s family.
  17. Tiger: If your crush is fast and strong.
  18. Lion: If your crush protects you from every bad thing.
  19. Hey Boy: To make him smile.
  20. My Affection: Best word, when you are sitting with him.
  21. Lavish: If your crush is a rich guy but likes you a lot.
  22. Fiance: When your parents agree to the marriage of both of you.
  23. Countryman: If he has lot of land for cultivation.
  24. Gaucho: If your crush is brave and a good horse rider as well.
  25. Cute: No doubt he is 🙂
  26. Adorbs: A short name of adorable.
  27. Warm-Hearted: If your crush is very kind to you.
  28. Winsome: Best suits, if your crush always looks attractive and fresh.
  29. My Fond: If you have a lot of affection toward your boyfriend.
  30. Don: Boring name.
  31. Dare Devil: If he doesn’t get fear from anyone.
  32. Divine: If he is so much engaging.
  33. Eyeful: Suits best if your crush is very eye-catching.
  34. Sweet: If he is sweet like sugar.
  35. Moon: If his face shines like a bright moon.
  36. Brown Boy: If you are attracted towards his brown color.
  37. Rogue: If he is naughty.
  38. True-Hearted: If he never tells lie with you.
  39. Ardour: If your crush is a very energetic guy.
  40. My Dream Boy: If you often see him in your dreams.
  41. Macho: If your crush is a handsome guy with nice muscles.
  42. Crush: Best name for him.
  43. Inamorato: Nice name if he likes you back.
  44. Leman: You can use this name if your crush loves you a lot.
  45. Iron Man: Best name for his physique.
  46. Devil: If he speaks less but works a lot.
  47. Challenger: Best name for him if he doesn’t get fear from challenges in his life.
  48. Demon: Maybe you don’t like this name.
  49. Janu: Indian word used to refer to a guy whom a girl likes.
  50. James Bond: Best name for him if he has got a very attractive personality.
  51. Munda: A Punjabi word used to refer to a guy.
  52. Teddy Bear: If he is so soft like a teddy bear.
  53. Ecstasy: If you often feel very happy near him.
  54. Love Boy: If his face is very sweet and attractive.
  55. Good Looking: Normal word.
  56. Looker: If your crush looks next level.
  57. My All: Of course he is 🙂
  58. Natural Boy: If he avoids any kind of fast food i.e vegan.
  59. Desi: Indian word used to refer to a guy who is strong and lives in a village.
  60. Leo: Another name of a lion.
  61. Sweet Cheeks: If he has got very soft cheeks.
  62. Jammy: If your boyfriend is a successful guy.
  63. Ladies Man: If too many girls have a crush on him including you.
  64. Mr. Cool: If your crush enjoys his life a lot.
  65. Love: No doubt he is 🙂
  66. My Angel: I don’t like this name for boys.
  67. Quaker: Boring name.
  68. Robin Hood: You can use this word for him if he looks like a hero.
  69. Wonder Boy: He will be very happy after hearing this name from your mouth.
  70. Cookie: If your boyfriend is sweet like a cookie.
  71. Cherub: If your crush looks beautiful and innocent.
  72. Prince Charming: Very popular name 🙂
  73. Man of My Life: You can use this name while discussing him with anyone.
  74. Hunk: If your crush is an attractive guy.
  75. Big Guy: You can use this name if your crush is a very strong boy.
  76. My Love: Still, you have a doubt? 🙂
  77. My Man: If you love him from the bottom of your heart.
  78. Hercules: If your crush is a caring and responsible person who help other a lot.
  79. Heart Throb: When you feel very soothing while sitting with him.
  80. Mr. Handsome: Nice and attractive name for him.
  81. Hot Stuff: If he angers a lot.
  82. Majnu: Best name for someone whom you love.
  83. Sweet Heart: Easy to speak and nice to hear name.
  84. Super Star: I am not interested in this word.
  85. Beast: If your crush is big and aggressive.
  86. My Knight: Cute name for him.
  87. My Only One: To make him to give a cute smile to you.
  88. Soulmate: Very heart-touching name for him.
  89. Champ: If he wins every game for you.
  90. Man: Not a good name for your crush!
  91. Guy: Normal name.
  92. Richy: If your crush is a rich boy.
  93. Bunny: A name to make your crush smile a lot.
  94. Bloke: Another word for man.
  95. Dandy: If your crush often unnecessarily gets concerned about his beauty.
  96. Swain: If your crush is a very young guy.
  97. Fancy Man: If your crush use many things to look beautiful.
  98. Steady: If your crush is a real man who doesn’t do frauds with anyone.
  99. Suitor: If he has just proposed you.
  100. Fop: If your crush concerns a lot about his appearance.
  101. Gallant: If your crush is courteous to women
  102. Toff: Another name for a rich guy.
  103. Boyf: Short form of a boyfriend.
  104. Posh Person: Best for a cash-rich boy.
  105. My Lover: Suits best if you both love each other.
  106. Mate: If your crush is your classmate.
  107. Spunky: Suits best to your crush if he is courageous.
  108. Dishy: Another name for your handsome crush.
  109. Glamour-Boy: For your fashionable boyfriend.
  110. Bro: You can call him with this name because always ‘ bro ‘ doesn’t mean brother.
  111. Youngster: Because he is young and smart.
  112. Kiddie: If your crush’s age is around 18.
  113. Youngie: Again a boring name
  114. Geezer: A synonym of man.
  115. Gent: Another word for a gentleman.
  116. He-Man: Looks interesting for him.
  117. Snappy Dresser: Suits best to your crush if he used to wear trendy clothes.
  118. Dude: If your and your crush’s age is almost equal.
  119. Wolf: Excellent name for his smartness and aggressiveness.
  120. Buddy: This name is equal to ‘dude’.
  121. Pretty Boy: Good name if you often get mad to see his face.
  122. Gentleman: If your crush is above 18.
  123. Lover Boy: I think it’s a nice name.
  124. BF: Short form of a boyfriend.
  125. Baby: When you surely know that he likes you back.
  126. Big Boy: If your crush is very strong and looks like a bodyguard.
  127. Escort: If he cares a lot about you and also protects you from anything which can cause harm to you.
  128. Young Man: This name will make him look at least once towards you.
  129. Beau: A synonym word of ‘boyfriend’.
  130. Celeb: If you believe that he looks like a celebrity.
  131. Leading Light: If he is the most intelligent student in your class.
  132. Star: If he is perfect in everything from dancing to gaming.
  133. Chief: If he is favorite of all the boys of your class.
  134. Emperor: I know he is King of your heart.
  135. Dear: Impressive and heart touching name for your crush.
  136. My Heart: Simple and sweet name.
  137. Helpmate: If your crush helps you a lot including your family.
  138. My Life: If you feel lonely in his absence in your class.
  139. My Energy: I know you feel energetic after seeing him.
  140. Bosom Buddy: If he is your close friend.
  141. Chum: If your crush is your intimate friend.
  142. Pal: A synonym of ‘Ally’.
  143. My Bosom Friend: Same meaning as of ‘Ally’.
  144. Hulk: If he is your hero but he is very serious regarding your safety.
  145. My Amour: If he is your secret lover.
  146. Amigo: If he is your normal friend.
  147. Squire: If he is boss in your class.
  148. Homeboy: If your crush is from the same colony or town where you live.
  149. His Real Name: Call him with his real name, trust me he will be more attracted towards you.

#1. is it good to call a guy cute?

Yes, it is good to call a guy cute because he is cute but this can make him feel that you like him:)

#2. Names to call your man crush?

My man is the best name to call your man crush.

You can also call him with his real name but in romantic way, he will be impressed from you…..🌺💕🌺

#3. Nickname for crush girl with meaning?

Well, I have written more than 152 nicknames for crush girl with meaning.

So, which one you are selecting to call your crush? And I hope you liked all the names and in last, thanks for your reading my blog post.

Again Thanks🤝Have a Nice Day Ahead….