31 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study [ Rank First ]

The time between 5 to 23 of age mainly goes into school & those who consume this time in studies enjoy their life by becoming something but who waste this time always live their life in the lack of money.

Sometimes situations make a student not study well, if you are one of those students who are not able to study, then this post can really help you.

Ways to Motivate You in Your Studies

I was the only student in my school who had got the first rank in every exam from class first to tenth.

And this wasn’t easy as to get the first rank I used to study by doing day and night equal.

I know that you are not aware of the benefits of studying, so I have written 31 points which will help you to know the benefits of it, will also motivate you to study a lot:

1. Understand Why You Go To School

What is the main purpose of going to school?

If your answer is playing, chatting, or making fun of teachers then you are wrong.

As a school is a place where you get knowledge and sacrament which help you to get a job and good character in your life, but you can only get these if you are studying well, make sure to learn as much as you can.

2. Understand This Age

It is quite obvious that if you are studying then your age is below 25 and as per me, where competition is increasing everywhere, studying is the only work which you can do to become successful in your life.

If you think that any can open any business by seeing a video on YouTube and start making money then it’s just your superstition.

If you are so confident in your idea, then first complete your studies with full diligence and get a good job, so that you can implement your idea as your side business without worrying about financial needs.

As per me, this is the most secure way than any other.

3. You Can Become The Favorite of Teachers

If you start to study well then there is no doubt your performance will start to increase at the speed of a rocket.

And if you are continuously performing best then you can become the favorite student of your teachers, which is again a very proud feeling for you.

And we very well know the benefits of this very well.😋

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4. Your Reputation & Image Will Increase in Your School

Are you a student whom nobody knows in the school?

This is the biggest advantage of studying & learning which help you to become popular in your school.

If you start to answer right in prayer, classroom, & school competition, then all students from junior to senior will start to know you.

They will be able to see that you exist in that school with your hard work, which will directly increase your image in your school.👍💪

5. You Can Avoid Exam Fear

I still remember that my friends who were weak in studies had used to get fear of exams in their hearts before many days of exam.

If you are one of these students then try to give time to your studies because if you have learned everything about a subject then you will not get any kind of fear in your heart.

Your confidence level will increase to that level where you will start to think that no matter which type of paper will come I will complete all the questions written on the paper.

6. See The Jobbers Around You

People who do jobs either in the government or private sector are available everywhere in the world.

Try to check their house, lifestyle, food which they eat, clothes they wear, smartphone they use, & more. You will find that these people are living a very good life, this is because they have a job which pays them a guaranteed monthly salary.

And a person get job only when he studies a lot.👍

7. See Your Parent’s Face

Try to see your mom’s & dad’s faces, see what they want you to become.

They are doing hard work to pay your school fee, to provide you best facilities of the world, & in return, you must study a lot so that you can repay your parent’s love & hard work.

8. You Will Not Get Punishment in School

We all know we get little punishment in our school if we get very few marks in exams.

But if you are giving a lot of time to studies then definitely you will get very good marks than others means there is zero probability that you will face any kind of scolding or punishment from teachers.

9. Think About Awards

If you don’t know let me share that Anniversary Festival is a program which is held once a year in every school.

In this, students who have performed well and have made their school name feel proud are awarded trophies and scholarships.

If you have a dream of being taking awards from your teachers then start to start from today, so that you can get full marks in your annual exams and can stand with other students on the stand. 👍 ( All the Best )

10. See Intelligent Students of Your Class

If you are regularly going to school then you very well know about intelligent students who are available in your class.

If you start to see them then you will find that they are answering almost every question which teachers ask & even many students including girls go to them to solve their queries.

So, if you want to get attention in your class then you have to study more & more. [ Eternal Truth ]👍

11. Dream To Make Your Parents Proud

If you really love your mom & dad then start to dreams about making them feel proud of you.

In today’s world, studying is the only way through which you can fulfill every kind of wishes of your parents, so make sure to give most of your time to it.

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12. Everyone Will Start to Respect You

Respect is not given as it is earned and if you want respect from everyone in your school, then you need to start learn and read your all syllabus.

I cannot forget those days when no one used to respect me in my class because for everyone I was an average guy but then I started to continuously study all the subjects to show my capabilities by securing top position in ranks.

13. Set Your Goals

One day all your friends will leave school or universities after completing their studies, some will get a job and some will become unemployed.

You will feel good only when you will get a job not when becoming an unemployed guy, so always try to be in the jobber’s group.

14. Stop Watching Smartphone and Television

Internally we all know that using smartphones and watching TV is totally a waste of time until our profession is not related to these.

If you are a student and you watch videos on a smartphone after coming from school, then it’s not good because you are wasting your precious time in watch purposeless videos.

Instead of this, you can sit with your mom & try to study with her so that you can also get knowledge of her & she will be very happy to see that her son is focusing on his studies.

15. Stop Wandering Outside

At a young age, boys can’t control themselves to go outside with their friends either in a water park or playing area.

But those who are serious about their studies don’t go outdoors like this.

The reason is simple, for example, you have a habit of good ng on a ride with your friends which consumes around four to five hours.

Here, if you stop going outside then you can save your 5 hours, out of which if you study only for 3 hours then also you can read many subjects.

So, make sure to be at home most of the time.

Probably many are thinking that I can’t leave my friend like this?

I have a solution for this, we all know that there is a school holiday on every Sunday, so on this day, you can spend a lot of time with your dear friends.

16. Start to Watch Videos of Successful People

There are many people available in your area which are doing very reputed jobs like a senior police officer.

There are many Youtube channels which work in this niche where they take interviews of these kind of people, you can find their whole journey that how many hours they used to study, which books they read, & more in their videos.

Watching videos of these reputed jobbers will help you to get motivated because you will also try to get that job & as a result, you will start to study.

17. Read About Time Management

Time Management is the living of the whole day based on pre-written activities on a paper where it is clearly mentioned that what to do and when to do it.

In student life, time management can really help you & because of this, you can read all the subject, spend the with family and friends, and even you can get some time to watch your favorite movies.

If you will start to follow a fixed timetable every day then studying will start to become your habit.

18. Start Doing Yoga & Meditation

Yoga makes your mind stable so that you can study actively and without any fatigue.

Even meditation is very useful for you to build inner strength, while doing this you should think in your mind that it’s my time, I will study for my parents, I will answer all those who think I cannot rank, & more.

Anulom-vilom and Kapalbhati are the two compulsory Yoga to help you to get some motivation.

19. Believe in Yourself

If you lose belief in yourself then trust me, studying will become very hard for you.

Put your right hand on your heart & say that you are the proud son of your parents & no one can stop you to study your books.

By speaking these words you will become more stronger than ever before.

20. Don’t Get Demotivated

The one problem which I found in many students is that they get self-demotivated by seeing other students and their marks.

So first of all remove from your mind that your competitor students are more intelligent than you, they got good marks than you because they gave more time to studies than you.

If you want to get more marks than your competitor, then you can follow this simple trick.

Let’s say those students are studying 4 hours a day, then you should study 8 hours a day, believe me, you will get good marks than them in the next exams. ✌️🤝

So, never judge yourself lower than others.

21. Imagine The Moment of Getting Top Rank

Try to imagine the moment when you will get top rank in your school?

Your parents will make various kind of sweets for your, even your teachers and principal will call your parents that congratulations your son/daughter has ranked top in the exams.

Your posters will be stuck in your area that you have got fabulous marks.

If you want this to happen, then enlighten the desire to learn more & more.

22. Don’t Get Bored

Sometimes studying continuously can bore a student so to avoid this you can give ten minutes of gap after every hour.

In these ten minutes, you can listen to your favorite music, videos, or you can wander in the backyard.

23. Improve Your Family Environment

My grandfather always told me this quote that “The goddess of learning always lives in a peaceful mind”.

If family members are conflicting with each other every day then try to stop & tell them nothing is there in conflicts, we are a family & we have to maintain peace.

Now, if they gradually stop conflicting then your mind will start to become peaceful and now you can easily focus on your studies without having to worry that family members.

24. Intelligence is Not God Gifted

If you are blaming your mind because you are weak in studies then it’s illogical.

Your learning power depends upon your mind’s concentration, grasping power, and how much time you give to your books.

If you are able to increase all three of these then you can easily beat anyone in the term of marks obtained in exams.

25. Start Dreaming of a Good Life

Every student has a dream, like this, you can also dream of a beautiful house, happy father and mother, good wife & more.

By dreaming a student gets his/her motive and indirectly motivation to study to complete dreams.

But you know we can dream these but to get these things we need to hard work a lot.

26. You have To Answer Who Are Jealous of You

Do you not want to answer those who get jealous when you rank good?

If yes then think about what will happen to them if they see you got a job. 🔥

Always try to maintain good relation with who get jealous from your success because they are also human, one day they will also realize that there is nothing in getting jealous, they need to live here by helping each other.

27. Visit Motivational Websites

Many known motivational websites are there which mainly focus on students to keep motivated by them.

As these sites have expertise in their work so their content can really help you to get motivated.

And the good thing is most of these sites are free to read, you just need to search on Google and you will get the most relevant result.

28. Study at One Place

Sometimes students lose interest in reading books, if you are one of these then you can try to study at one place.

When I was a student I had totally converted one of my house’s rooms into a study room which was full of books and decoration.

Due to a window towards the main hall, I was able to see my mom all the time, which kept me motivated all the time in studying.

29. Givingup is Not the Only Way

If you are trying to give up because you think that studying takes a long time to give results i.e a job, then you are thinking wrong as everything takes time.

Every business takes time to grow, even a plant takes years to become a tree so how you can think about getting a job in education in just minutes.

So please remove any kind of distractions from your mind and start to only focus on your studies.

30. Think, What Will Happen If You Get Fail in Exams?

If your mood is not allowing you to study then try to think that what will happen if you get fail in exams?

Do you want your friends to move to the next class & you in the same class? Do you want to make your parents cry as you got failed? Do you want your relatives to become happy?

If the answer is ‘ No ‘, then what are you waiting for, Sit on the bench -) Open your books -) Start Studying.

31. This Time Will Never

My mom always says to me that son the studying age (15 to 25) is the golden period of your time, this will decide your future, if you are wasting or playing with this time then son, you will never be able to succeed in your life.

So, every student should value this time to secure their future from unemployment.

Now let’s see some questions related to this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How to motivate yourself to study in college?

As college is like an upgraded version of school, so you can follow the above-mentioned points to motivate yourself to study in college.

#2. How to motivate yourself to learn a language?

A person can only learn a new language when there is a financial interest in it, if you can get a wage after learning a new language then say to yourself that it’s about my future financial needs, so I have to learn it, like this, you can solve this problem.

#3. How to motivate yourself after failing an exam?

Failing in a exam is a very tough situation where a student can also feel depression, so first of all remove any kind of tension from your mind & promise to yourself that this time I will give all the time in studying and will get pass.

You can also follow above-mentioned points.👍

#4. How to make yourself study hard for exams?

Exam times are the tough time for students where they feel most discomfort, so if you want to study hard then make yourself believe that exams will only last for some days after everything will be normal.

No matter you are feeling laziness while studying, if you dream is to get first position in exam results, then you have to study hard. 👍👍

I hope you liked this post and this will really help you to rank first in your class.👍

Thanks👍 Study hard, make your parents proud and have a nice day ahead.