35 Simple Ways To Stop Thinking About Someone

It’s very easy to establish relations with someone but it’s a lot tougher to forget him/her from mind & heart.

If the relation bond was too strong then it becomes difficult for both man & woman to stop thinking about each other.

Despite this, one has to move ahead to live a peaceful life.

35 Ways To Stop Thinking About Someone

I have written these points based on my experience which life taught me.

By following these below-listed points, you can easily stop thinking about someone:

1. Block His/Her All Social Media Accounts

There is no doubt that no one can control anyone from accessing social media and it’s obvious that you are connected with him/her whom you want to forget.

You need to block and mute his/her all social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest.

By doing this you will never get any notification from him/her in the future, gradually he/she will start to move out from your imaginations.

2. Throw Everything Which Belongs To Him/Her

You need to throw everything which he/she has given you directly or in the form of a gift.

This includes watches, clothes, equipment, rings, jewelry, and more.

The reason behind this is when you continuously see these things which belong to him/her, then his/her image starts to build in your mind, which leads you to think more & more about him/her.

So gather everything, and either you can distribute it to others or throw them in the garbage.

3. Get Busy in Work

If you are sitting all the day at one place because of lack of work then you will always think about past things & indirectly about them.

To consume your free time, you can work for someone or you can do work on your family business, this will help you to only think about work which you are currently doing.

If you don’t want to work offline then there are many ways through which you can earn online & to find these ways you can search about this on YouTube.

4. Start A New Journey

Life never stops and friends keep on changing, I have heard somewhere that every five years our friend’s circle changes, & I think this happens with everyone.

If someone has left you or you have left someone, then you can start a new relationship after proper verifying.

By starting a new relation, the memories of your ex will start to completely disappear from your mind.

If you have a Real Crush on someone then you can start a NEW Friendship with him/her.👍🤝

5. Give Time To Your New Relation

To completely forget your ex, you need to give most of the time to your new relation.

You can chat, call for dinner, go outside, & give gifts.

You can also ask his/her desire where he/she wants to go, let’s say he/she likes to watch movies, then you both can go to cinemas and watch great movies.

6. Set Your Goals

Almost everyone faces difficulties in their lives some meet financial and some physical.

You can set a goal & make a promise to yourself that you have to solve your biggest problem of life in a certain period.

After that make a strategy to achieve those goals and start working on them.

7. Stop Going To Places Where He/She Often Visits

You need to stop going to places where he/she often comes, it can be a place where you first met him/her.

Because if you go there then either you will find him/her or past memories will start to refresh in your mind.

So, to avoid this, stay away from those places and I will advise you to stay most of the time at your workplace or home.

8. Stop Continuous Thinking About Him/Her

If you are continuously thinking about the person whom you really want to forget then how this will be possible if you are not removing him/her from your mind?

When past memories start to come into your mind you need to shake your head left & right by closing your eyes for two to three seconds.

When you will open your eyes, you will find that you have completely forgotten what you were thinking 10 seconds later.

This is the trick that I follow to stop thinking about my crush.

9. Hear Your Favorite Music

When no one supports you then try to take support of music, you will find change in yourself.

If someone has left you whom you loved a lot then you can hear motivational and aggressive music, which will give you a new energy to start a new life.

I daily hear music for two hours before sleeping, and believe me, I never get dreams of ex. 👍

10. Don’t Listen Sad Music

The one thing which I don’t like about sad songs is that they force me to think about my past.

Because in most of the sad songs, we see the separation of a couple, which meltdown our hearts.

That’s why I will advise you to not listen to music which includes that one has left his/her lover and now both are crying.

11. Watch Less Glamorous and Exciting Movies

We everyone like to watch Hollywood movies and why not, as the action, story, and characters which are shown in these movies, we can’t get these in other movies.

You can watch cartoon, action, & suspense movies but try to not watch movies that include glamour and clips which increased excitement in you.

As this will force you to remember past days which you spend with him/her whom you want to forget.

12. Help Your Mom & Dad

Sometimes while building relations we forget that our parents are growing old and we also need to take care of them.

You can help them in their work and make sure to take special care of their health.

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13. Start to Learn New Expertise

Learning should never stop in our lives & with this, we can increase our knowledge which helps anywhere in our life.

For example, I am very poor at writing English, so for the past six months, I am trying to learn everything about this language from meaning to grammar.

The benefit of acquiring new expertise is that while learning a new skill we get very little time to think about someone else, as most of the time is consumed in learning that thing.

So directly you can stop thinking about someone.

14. Start To Rear a Pet

When you start to rear a pet, you need to give at least four to five hours each day in feeding, cleaning, and massaging the pet.

Gradually you get emotionally connected with your pet and it becomes very hard for you to live one day without your pet.

Directly you don’t get a single minute to think about your ex as most of your time goes into work and taking care of your pet.

15. Start Worshipping Your God

If you give very little time to worship your God then please start because worshipping provides soothing to your mind.

You can also read holy books to increase your spiritual knowledge about your religion.

For example, If you are a Christian then you can start to read Holy Bible.

16. Stop Meeting & Talking With People Belongs to him/her

You need to completely stop talking with people who belong to him/her, these can be their relatives, friends, colleagues, family members, teachers, servants, etc.

Because if you meet these then memories related to your ex will start to appear and these people will also say to ur ex that you are talking with them, which I don’t think you will like.

17. Start Doing Yoga & Meditation

One thing which I most like about Yoga and meditation is that these two cures you both physically and mentally.

One can do meditation both in the morning and evening for at least two hours to empty his/her mind from any past memories and bad thoughts.

18. Give Time to Your Dear Ones

If you are not focusing on your dear ones then the distance between these relations will start to increase.

You have relatives, sis, bro, & parents, try to give time to them, sit & talk with them & ask that does they require your help.

This will spend your time very easily, restricting someone’s thoughts to come into your mind.

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19. Start Reading Books

Someone has very well said that books are the best friends of humans.

To get the best books, you need to find a category in which you are most interested.

This can be related to your profession, life, family, finance, trading, beauty, relations, stories, science, history, & more.

After researching & finding your best books, you can purchase and start reading.

Try to read books in free time like before going to bed.

20. Don’t Sit Lonely

Loneliness is the biggest reason that why you are not able to stop thinking about someone.

Try to never sit lonely & for this you can spend most of the time in the home, with pets, playing games, helping people, reading the newspaper, and more.

By doing this you can keep yourself engaged, which directly means no more unwanted thoughts in mind.

21. Explore The World of Youtube

We all love watching videos on YouTube but do you know we can also restrict our mind from thinking about someone?

No matter which category you like the most because you can find great videos in all categories.

And if you don’t know which category to choose then just try to watch the all videos on the trending page.

This will make you feel happy & relaxed, means no thoughts about someone.

22. Start Spending Time with Friends

Who doesn’t like watching movies with friends and taking lunch in restaurants?

You can call your friends and can go on a long ride to spend and enjoy the golden moments of your life.

Don’t Forget To Take Cameras With You.☝️

Imp: By collecting money from each other, you all can also decide to go on a world tour.

23. Delete His/Her Phone Number

If you want to stop thinking about someone but still you have saved his/her phone number in your smartphone, then what does it mean?

There is only one meaning of this, which is you don’t want forget him/her!!

If you really want to completely remove someone from your life then delete his/her phone number. 👍

24. Delete All His/Her Images and Videos

When your relations were good then no doubt you have captured many images and recorded videos with him/her.

Mistakingly if you haven’t deleted these then immediately remove these from your phone.

Because if you open your gallery then these pics and videos will start to come in front of your eyes, which will make you miss him/her again.

25. Take A Break

Sometimes we are not able to understand that what’s happening in our lives and what will happen.

In this situation, our mind requires both rest and proper guidance.

For this, no one can better guide you than your parents because they are more experienced than you and they know very well about life & relations.

You can describe your situation with your mom & dad, trust me they will guide their best.

26. Complete Dreams of Your Life

Everyone sees dreams but very few can fulfill those dreams and if you wanna be one of those then start working to fulfill your dreams.

This will make you busy whole the day & directly stops useless thoughts to come into your mind.

27. Start Living Life Same as Past Days

There is a fixed time & age when someone enters life.

I hope you also remember that when he/she entered your life.

This is very simple, you just need to start living your life like you were living before when he/she was not in your life.

By doing this, you will find that you are not thinking about anyone, just easily living your life.

28. Grow Up Your Mind

You can’t be a child who is always thinking about a toy which has broken a month ago.

Try to read biography of successful people so that you can develop your mind & can understand the real meaning of your life.

29. Don’t Search His/Her Presense

I am one of those people who want to forget someone but still often check her social media profile.

If you are like me who check his/her presence by hiding then change this habit.

30. Marriage Can Be an Option

After researching a lot I found that one can completely forget his/her ex after getting married.

If this suits you then you can think about this.

31. Start Cooking Food

Believe me, there is a next level of happiness when you cook food for yourself and your family.

You can try a variety of recipes to cook & to learn this YouTube is the best platform.

As its time consuming so it really stops you to think about anything else other than cooking.

32. Convince Your Mind

Sometimes your mind is not able to understand and don’t want to forget someone.

In this condition you need to convince your mind that he/she has left you, don’t care about you, wanna make you cry in his/her missing, & more.

This will realize your mind that in any way it has to forget and stop thinking about him/her.

33. Use Your Self Experience

No one knows better than you about your life because situations can vary from human to human.

So, try to use your mind & experience to find the best way to stop thinking about someone.

34. It Takes Time

You need to understand that to completely forget someone from your mind requires time.

Let’s say, you were in contact with him/her for the last 2 years, then tell me, how you will be able to forget him/her in just one or two months?

So, give time and check above mentioned ways, I am sure that you will be able to stop thinking about a man or woman whom you want to forget.

35. Talk with Him/Her

After following everything, if you are not able to stop thinking about them then it’s sure that you really like him/her.

If you are sure that the other man/woman also thinks about you every day then go and tell everything him/her which is in your heart. 👍


1. What does it mean when you can’t stop thinking about someone?

When you can’t stop thinking about someone then it simply means that you have fallen in love with them and it’s better for you to tell that guy or girl about your feelings.💕

2. What does it mean if someone is constantly on your mind?

If someone is constantly on your mind then it shows that you are missing them and to exactly know the reason, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself ‘why am I thinking about them?’

Trust me, you will then get the real and absolute answer…..so what are you waiting for…. try it…😀💕

3. How do you stop falling for someone you can’t have?

To stop falling for someone you can’t have, you need to tell your heart that “that guy or girl can’t be your’s so stop thinking about them”.

I believe that after this you will not think or imagine about them.

So, that’s it for today friends, I hope you like the post, if you think I haven’t left something then let me know with your comments.

Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead….