36 Honest Signs You’re Falling in Love With Her

‘Love’ this single word can make you silent and think about the guy/girl whom you like most.

When a guy gets in love with someone then he sees many changes in him but sometimes he is not able to notice these signs or changes in him.

In this article, I will share you 36 honest signs you’re falling in love with her.

So, without wasting a single second let’s get started…….Make Sure To Read All The Signs❤️❤️

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1. You’re Trying To See Her Many Times

I still remember when I was in high school, I used to see a girl(whom I loved a lot) many times like when she entered the class, when she was sitting on the bench, etc.

Similarly, if you are seeing her multiple times because her face is so attractive and you love to see her face then you are definitely falling in love with her.

2. You Are Desperate To Start A Friendship With Her

Every love story starts with a friendship” if you believe in this quote then it going to be true for you.

If you are very desperate and trying hard to be friends with her & make her your girlfriend then this is your love for her.

3. She Starts To Come in Your Dreams

Before falling in love with her, you only dream about the things that happen throughout the day, ghosts, water, past things, and many more.

But after having love with her, she starts to come into your dreams like you both are talking with each other, you are going on a long ride with her, & even she can talk about the things which she never talked about with you.

If you are not dreaming about her then it’s probably not a true love.

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4. You Miss Her When She is Not Near You

If you feel very comfortable and energetic when she is near you but you miss her when she is not in front of you then this is your love for her that is making you feel lonely without her.

Mostly you will miss her at your home when you are sitting alone or you haven’t seen her face from the last few days.❤️

5. You Want To Just Touch Her Once

Once I forgot to bring pens with me to my class so, I asked for a pen from the girl I liked the most, she agreed but when she was giving me the pen, by mistake my fingers touched her whole palm and believe me, the feelings I felt at that moment are indescribable.

Similarly, if you have a desire to just touch her once then undoubtedly it’s your love towards her that is creating this desire in you.

6. You Start To Like Her Odor

Do you like the odor of her when she walks by you or the odor of her hair when her hair accidentally touches your face?💕

If your answer is ‘yes’, then this is a clear sign which shows that your heart has accepted her but if ‘not’ then there can be two reasons behind this:

1. Her odor is not good in reality.

2. Her odor is very nice but either you have less feelings for her or you don’t like her & this is the reason her body odor is not attracting you.

7. You Start To Get Goosebumps When She Touches You

Usually when someone touches you like your hand then you will rarely get any goosebumps but this will not happen while having true love.

When you start to love her and whenever she touches you then there is a high possibility that you will get goosebumps.

8. You Start To Listen Romantic Songs

When a guy is not interested in a girl and starts listening to romantic songs then either he won’t listen or if he listens then maybe he won’t enjoy it.

But if you have started listening to romantic music by keeping you & her as a couple in your imagination then it shows that you’re falling in love with her.

If you are singing romantic songs lyrics by keeping her as your life partner in your mind then this is a solid sign that you’re in love with her.❤️

9. Your Ears Become Thirsty To Hear Compliments From Her Mouth

When a guy/girl compliments you, it won’t make you feel very good because their opinion about you doesn’t matter to you.

However, if you love a girl, then a single compliment about you from her side will make you feel great because it matters a lot to you what she thinks about you.

So, if your ears are thirsty to hear compliments about you from her mouth then it is obvious that you’re falling in love with her.

10. Your Heart Beats Faster, When She Comes Near To You

Normally when a guy/girl comes to you to talk something to you then it’s obvious that your heartbeat will be normal.

But when a girl whom you love a lot comes near to you to talk about something then there is a high possibility that your heart beat will start to increase.

So, if you often find that your heart beat is increasing when she comes close to you then undoubtedly she has captured your heart.💕

11. You Start Feeling Relaxed Just Thinking About Her

Start assuming about a random girl who is friend with you, I am sure you will not get any feeling about her because you don’t love her.

However, when you fall in love with a girl then every time you think about her like about her face, the way she talks to you, and the way she looks at you, then you will feel relaxed because this makes your body to release some kind of hormone which make your body feel very relaxed & happy.

And Your body releases these hormones only when you think about the girl whom you loves a lot.❤️

12. You Find Yourself Staring Her Many Times

Normally, if you’re sitting in a class then you will not stare at anyone without any reason because that guy/girl is also watching you.

But when you fall in love with a girl who studies with you then you will find that you are constantly staring at her.

Plus Point: Don’t stare her all the time otherwise she will be irritated from you.

13. You Start To Sleep & Wake-up Thinking About Her

Normally, we sleep or wake up with zero thoughts in our minds.

And when we start liking a girl then new thoughts related to her start growing in our minds.

These thoughts can be related to her pretty face, talking with her, impressing her, spending time with her, etc.

Therefore, if you are thinking about a girl just before sleeping and after waking up then it is quite obvious that you’re falling in love with her.❤️

14. She Starts To Look Most Beautiful

If you often get a lot of crushes & every time, your heart starts to beat when you see a pretty girl then the biggest reason behind it is the lack of true love.

But when you get in true love with a girl, then according to me, she starts to look most beautiful & every girl’s beauty fades in front of her beauty.

So, if a girl is looking most beautiful than other girls and you think she is the most beautiful girl in this world then, believe me, you’re falling in love with her.❤️

15. You’re Praying To God To Make Her Yours

Usually, what you pray to God?

You pray for your success, new car, new mobile, new house, new gaming console, etc.

After falling in love with her, you will not pray to God for these things, instead, you will pray to God to make her(the girl you like) yours.

So these days if are praying to god to make a girl(the one you know) yours then it is a solid sign that you’re falling in love with her.

16. You Become Afraid That She Might Get Vexed With You

In normal life, you don’t care whether someone talks to you or not because you are not interested in them and it doesn’t affect your life whether they talk to you or not.

But, it matters a lot if your love doesn’t talk with you because if she gets vexed with you then this can affect your friendship with her & can put a full stop mark at the beginning of your love story.

So, if you are afraid of a girl that she might never get angry with you, then this is the sign which shows you love her a lot.❤️

17. When Your Parents Talk About Your Marriage, You Get Lost in Her Thoughts

When your parents talk about your marriage then mostly you try to avoid talking on this topic.

But when fall in love with a girl, you don’t try to avoid talking about your marriage, even your face gets blushed & your mind gets filled with the beautiful image of the girl you love the most.

This only happens when you’re falling in love with a girl.

18. You Start To Check Her Social Media Profile

Have you noticed that these days, you’re checking a girl’s(someone you know) social media profile, such as her recent posts, her followers, her likes section, and the profiles she follows?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s pretty obvious that you’re interested in that girl or maybe even in love with her because you wouldn’t spend your time checking a girl’s social media profile without any reason.

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19. She is On Your Phone’s Wallpaper

Most of us use images of nature, animals, quotes, famous personalities, cars, bikes, etc as our smartphone wallpapers.

But do you know what image a boy who is in love with a girl uses for his phone wallpaper?

That boy uses the image of the girl he loves as his phone wallpaper and if you are doing the same, then undoubtedly you’re falling in love with her.

If you don’t keep her picture as your phone wallpaper but you have saved her image in the gallery app of your mobile then also it’s clear that you love her because no one keeps a girl’s picture in his phone until he loves her. 💕

20. You Get Sad When She is Sad And Happy When She is Happy

Tell me, do you get sad when you see that she is sad, or do you get happy when you see that she is happy?

If ‘yes’ & you are changing your mood according to her facial expressions then it is a sign that you are attracted to her.

When I was in school I used to worry a lot when she got sad, I used to ask her if she was sick or facing any problem? And this concern was with me because she was my true love.❤️

21. You Are Trying To Impress Her

If you find that making her smile or making her feel good is becoming your priority, then clearly you’re falling in love with her.

Believe me, you’ll only try to make her happy or smile so that she can be impressed by you & can feel your love for her.

If you’re making too much effort to make impress a girl in your class then no doubt, this is your love.

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22. It Hurts You When She Talks With Other Guys💔

When a boy loves a girl and that girl talks to him a lot then he will be very happy because he loves her & his love is talking with him so what else he needs…

But, when that girl talks to other boys then he will get jealous because he knows that if she spends more and more time talking with other boys then his friendship with her will start to weaken.

If this also happens with you, like it hurts💔 you a lot when she talks, laughs, & spends time with other guys, then with no doubt, you’re falling in love with her.❤️

23. You Start To Be Protective of Her

Here I am not talking about regular love which you often get when you saw a pretty lady.

When you fall in true love with a girl then you start being protective of her health, dignity, career, etc. because it’s obvious as you love her a lot so you will protect her.

If she gets sick you are the first to get a doctor for her, if someone makes fun of her then you are the first one to stop that boy/girl, & if she is confused about what to do in the future then also you try your best to help her out…..

Check, are you becoming protective of her? If ‘yes’ then this is a clear sign you’re falling in love with her & vice versa.

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24. You Start Losing Interest in Everything Except Her

A normal guy who is not in love with a girl can easily enjoy his day by playing games, cooking food, sleeping, and chatting with his friends.

But a boy who is truly in love with a girl starts losing interest in everything and keeps thinking about the girl whom he loves.

If he tries to do any work, then he will try to do it but after some time he will stop doing that work because that girl will continuously keep coming into his mind & when he can’t find her near him then he will feel lonely & will lose interest in that work.

So, if you are losing interest in everything and keep getting lost in the thoughts of a girl then it is obvious that you’re falling in love.❤️🤝

25. You Are The First To Say Her ‘Happy Birthday’ on Her Birthday

When I was in high school, I always eagerly waited for one day i.e my crush‘s birthday, because I wanted to be the first one to say ‘happy birthday to her, I used to do this to make her impress & to show her how much I love her.

I also used to gift her an unforgettable gift and to buy this kind of gift, I had to save money for a whole year.

If you are also waiting for the birthday of a girl & want to impress her by wishing her ‘happy birthday’ first of all along with a gift, then this is your true love which is making you do this.❤️

Don’t forget to find the best birthday wish image or sentence from one and only Google.

26. You Start Dreaming About Your Future Life With Her

Imagination power is the best thing which I like about our mind because with its help we can imagine anything including impossible things.

After falling in love with a girl, you will start fantasizing about your future life with her like getting married to her, your own house, your kids, she takes care of you, etc.

Although all this will happen only in your imagination but it will prove that you love her very much.

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27. You Start Focusing on Your Body Appearance

This is the biggest change that you will see in yourself after falling in love with a girl i.e. you will try hard to look the prettiest in your class so that she can get attracted towards you.

To look beautiful, you will start wearing new clothes, choosing new hairstyles, getting tattoos on your hands, natural creams and face washes, avoiding direct sunlight, etc.

If you are doing what I mentioned above, it proves that you love her.❤️

28. You Start Driving Your Car By Her House

My crush’s house is on a road 10 kms away from my house and I still remember, I used to find different excuses to drive my car on that road so that I can impress her with my car if she is standing outside her house.❤️

Whenever I was able to see her then I would stop my car and ask her if she is going somewhere so I can give her a lift, once it happened that she took lift in my car and that moment is indescribable.❤

If you are also doing the same then not only you love her but you are trying hard impress her.❤️

29. You’re Trying Hard To Get A Reputed Job

When we are talking about true love then you have to accept that a girl’s parents will not marry their daughter to a poor guy.

And if you are trying a lot to find a reputed job in your area so that you can impress the parents of a girl then this shows how much you love that girl.

Always remember ‘How much do you earn?’ One of the main priorities that every parent looks for while getting their daughter married.

30. You’re Writing Her Name On Your Palm & Notebook

We have been writing our names on our notebooks and palms since childhood but do you know what a boy writes when he gets in love with someone?

If your answer is ‘no’, then let me tell you.

He mostly writes the name of his love on his palm and notebook because this makes him feel great from inside, even I have seen many guys who draw the image of the girl they like in their notebooks.

If you are also writing her name on your palm & personal things, then it is a very simple sign that you have fallen in love with her.❤️

31. You’re Desperate To Know What Kind Of Guy She Likes

Every girl has her own different choice for boys some like rich guy, some like the pretty guy, & some like guy who are pious by heart.

These days, if you’re desperate to know what kind of guy she likes then it means you like her because you will never be concerned about a girl’s opinion until or unless you love her.

To find out what kind of guy she likes then try to only ask her when she’s near to you & she knows that you are helping her a lot.

32. You’re Trying To Find Her Schedule When & Where She Goes For Shopping

If you have once accidentally met her in your city, then I don’t think I need to explain the benefits of meeting her outside especially when she comes to the market for shopping.

If you are trying to ask her or find her schedule when she goes outside for any work it can be for shopping, walking, exercising, eating food, etc. then no doubt you love her because you can easily show your affection to her by meeting outside like by paying her shopping bills, eating food with her, doing exercises with her, and many more.

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Its obvious that you will only try to show your affection to a girl you love the most.💕

33. You Want To Spend Time With Her

If you’re sitting alone and you have a desire to spend time with her like taking her shopping with you then it is clear that you love her because you will only spend time and pay the bills of a girl when you like her.

34. You Are Trying Different Ways To Impress Her Parents

If a guy has good relations with his girlfriend’s parents then there are many advantages of this and it becomes easy for him to impress his girlfriend.

If you are trying different ways to impress her parents then undoubtedly you’re in love with her.💕

35. You Have A Fear Of Losing Her

When I was in high school, I had a fear of losing my love(the girl I loved a lot) because every day I was able to see her, talk with her, & help her to make her feel my affection.

My this fear turned true as today I don’t know where she is & haven’t seen her for the past 3 years. 😑

So, if you have a fear of losing her then no doubt you love her.💔

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36. You Realize That You’re Falling in Love With Her❤️

If you’re experiencing most of the things from the above-mentioned 35 points then, believe me, very soon you are going to realize that you’re are falling in love with her.❤️

Some More Signs

If you’re falling in love with her then you will find that you’re getting scared while talking with her, even you will find out that you are not able to talk with her by seeing in her eyes. (& this is good because she will realize that you love her)

Two Sweet Words

If You Truly Love Her, Then Work Hard Day & Night To Impress Her

I hope you guys liked my post & my thinking.

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