45 Ways To Impress Your Crush – Ultimate Guide

Impressing anyone either a boy or a girl is very hard because no one knows what he/she likes.

I tried a lot to find the right ways and was able to dig out 45 ways that will help you to impress anyone.

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45 Ways To Impress Your Crush

I am writing in the context of a boy who wants to impress his CRUSH i.e a girl & these all points are based on my personal experience in my school:

1. Build Good Physique

Not a single girl pays attention to a guy who is either thin like a pencil or fat like a balloon.

You need to build a good physique by doing at-home exercises for legs, forearms, neck, calves, delts, back, check, belly, and face.

2. Be Bold

If you are a guy who is not able to talk properly while the teacher shouts at you or you become nervous by seeing a group of boys then it shows you are not Brave.

Try to have a lion heart who doesn’t get fear from ANYONE and to do this you should try to face and overcome your fear.

3. Wear Nice Dresses

Nice dresses help you to enhance your body appearance which makes everyone including girls to see you at least once towards you.

Wearing nice dresses doesn’t mean that you are wearing very odd-looking dresses but instead of this try to wear simple printed shirts, t-shirts with jeans and sports shoes.

4. Respect Girls

You need to give respect to all the girls available in the class, if you are not respecting them then your crush will think that you don’t have good manners about how to talk with girls.

Plus Point: We all know that in most classes girls are less than boys, which means that these girls are friend of your crush, so if you’d always give respect to these girls then they will be impressed from you and directly your crush as well because they will talk about your good behavior in their group.

5. Always Say Truth

There is a saying that truth never hides, it can take some time but it will definitely be visible to others.

So always try to say the truth or at least in front of your crush because if she finds that you say lie most of the time then how she will be able to believe that you have a crush on her?

She will only think that like other lies he is telling lies and only wants to take advantage of her.

6. Be Calm And Silent

Many students always make noise in the class and also try to get the attention of girls by doing childish.

They think that girls are watching them but they don’t that not a single girl is liking your activity.

So always try to be calm & this doesn’t mean that you are not speaking a single word, my meaning of calm and silent is about not to do overacting.

7. Be Intelligent And A Hard Working Student

A girl doesn’t like a student whom teachers always scold because he never gives an answer to their question and gets very fewer marks in exams.

If you are the kind of student who gives very little time to his studies and mostly wastes his time, then start reading books to become intelligent as your crush will be impressed if you get good marks in exams.

8. Talk Nicely With Her

This is a very important point which can decide that she will be impressed or not?

I don’t know how to describe it but try to talk with her by giving utmost respect in your voice so that she cannot control herself from talking to you.

If your voice is not very good then try to enhance it so that it feels soothing to the ears while hearing.

You can also watch videos on YouTube about how to impress someone while talking.

9. Always Greet Her

If you start to greet your crush then she will be able to feel your crush.

Always use hello, good morning, good evening, bye, take care, how are you, and many more words, this will create a different image of you in her heart and maybe she can be impressed by these.

10. Give Present To Her

No doubt everybody like gifts and there is a possibility that your crush also likes present.

You can give her gifts on Christmas, valentine’s day, friendship day, & on other special days.

Noe probable you are thinking that what to gift her?

My preference is to gift a thing which she uses daily so that she can always miss you once a day.

And to know this thing, you need to ask her that what she do in her free time?

If she says that she listens to music then you can gift her a premium headphone or earphone, after opening the gift she will be very happy.

But it’s important to purchase a good one so that she can never forget your gift.

11. Don’t Make Fun Of Others In Front Of Her

You shouldn’t make fun of others’ faces, bodies, speaking styles, walking styles, &  especially of the teacher in front of your crush to only get her attention because she will not like it.

If you are thinking that your crush will be impressed by doing this then you are wrong because almost all girls are kind by heart so she will also feel sad about the person whom you are making fun of.

12. Wear Dress Which Match With Her Dress

This is a very interesting thing in which you need to wear clothes which match with your crush’s dress.

How to do it?

Watch her dress and its color for atleast one month and then try to purchase clothes in the same colors which she has or clothes which match her’s dress.

13. Never Say ‘No’ When She Wants Your Help

We usually help someone when we are free or give something when we have more than one.

Let’s say you both are sitting in the class along with other students and you have only one pen, & your science teacher is dictating a topic which you all are writing in a note, now your crush said that my pen has become empty please give me your pen, then with any second thought you give that pen to her by saying that take it I have only one pen so I need to take your notebook so that I can write in my notebook from seeing your’s notebook.

After that period is over she will give her notebook to you…. This whole thing will bring closeness to your relationship and she will start to feel something about you in her heart.

So always try to help your crush whenever she requires it.

14. Respect & Take Blessings Of Her Parents

I am pretty much sure that you don’t know the benefits if your crush’s parents know about you.

Every school organizes parents & teachers meeting after the exams, in which they mention the student’s name on the board who have conquered top rank in yours.

First of all, you need to study a lot to secure top rank and then on ptm try to go to your school early and when you see your crush & her parents are coming then take the blessing of them by touching their feet ( Indian Ritual ) and tell them you study with their daughter.

Trust me they will be impressed from your respect toward them.

And after PTM is over and if you have come on your car to school then you can also drop them at their house, again by doing this you can instantly impress her and I am pretty sure they will invite you to take a coffee or cold drink in their house as you have dropped them to their house.

You can do this in every ptm held in your school.

Try to take the blessing of her parents whenever and wherever you find them but you must belong to the same city to which your crush belongs.

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15. Always Get Good Marks In Exams

As I have explained the benefits of getting good marks in the previous point so there is no value in describing again this here.

16. Always Win Every Time For Her

If there is any type of competition between class to class then always give your 100% and try to win that competition for your crush

As if your class wins because of you then she will personally appreciate you with a cute smile and facial expressions.

So, before giving up always think that you have to do it to see your crush smile.

17. Invite Her Entire Family At Your House

First, try to sit at a place with a notebook and pen, and then think that when your family organizes party & on which day, let’s say you always organize a party for your birthday then on this day give an invitation to your crush to come and join your party.

To send an invitation you can personally went to your crush’s house and give it to her parents and said them that they have to come to the party.

18. Start To Look Most Attractive

Why we get attracted to a luxury car? The answer is simple these cars are attractive, this same happens in your life.

If you want to grab your crush’s attention then try to look most attractive means everyone has to look once your face including teachers.

Let me share my example, when I was in 10th standard, we usually get 45 days as summer vacations and during these days I totally focused myself on caring of my face, hair, and body.

After 45 days when I went to my school, everyone was looking at me and my crush said to her best friend that ‘see how beautiful he looks’.

So this is the benefit of looking attractive which directly helps you to impress your crush.

19. Come And Go In A Car

Still, a car is a very special thing through which you can impress any girl. If you have a very luxury SUV or car and your school has no boundations to bring a car to school then you can think to daily go to your school in that car.

Trust me, if your car is really a sport utility vehicle with excellent looks then everyone will start to start at your car including your crush.

20. Pick And Drop Her In Your Car

Again this is a very effective way to impress your crush especially a girl, you need to pick her from her house in the morning for school and Drop Her back again at her house.

But for this, you need to take permission from her that ‘will she come in, and go from school in your car’ if she agrees then it’s excellent.

21. Tell How She Looks When She Do Changes In Her Dressing Style

No doubt, you daily meet your crush and at least watch her once, now, here you have to do is that you need to daily watch her so that her image can be permanently stick in your mind.

Now, whenever she does any changes in her dressing style like she changes her earrings, shoes, school bag, hairstyle, & a wristwatch with a new one then make sure to tell her how she looks on that particular day.

22. Gift Her Body Care Products

On a very special occasion like moving to the next class or valentine’s day, you can gift her personal care products and tell her to open the gift in her house.

For this, you can choose ayurvedic and natural products which are free from harmful chemicals like face wash, body oil, hair oil, body cleanser, hair cleanser, hair massaging oil, face pack, aloevera gel for face, face cream, and other products.

I am pretty much sure that she will be very happy to see your concern about her and will send you a thankyou.

23. Sing Calm Song Near Her

Everyone love to hear a song and if your voice is very excellent then try to sing calm songs which feel soothing to the heart, but before singing make sure that she is seating near you otherwise your voice will not reach her ears.

You can also sing any of your or her favorite song near her.

If by the grace of God you are able to sing with a nice tone then there is a very high probability she will be very impressed.

24. Participate With Her In School Programs

Every school organizes different kinds of programs in which interested students can participate very easily.

If she ( your crush ) is participating in one of these programs then you can also think to perform there.

But you need to be an expert in that particular field in which your crush is going to perform, let’s say she will dance on a song, then you can also participate as a dancer in it but before participating you must know how to do the excellent dance.

25. Appreciate Her When She Does Any Kind Of Performance

You should appreciate your crush whenever she participates in any competition or performs in anything, and wins as well.

Let’s say she is going to participate in a basketball match and she is the caption of her team, and by doing good performance if her team wins then you should be very happy and appreciate her when she comes back.

Let’s say, you can say, ( congratulations your crush name, I am watching you from the starting of the match and you really played well, keep it up. )

26. Don’t Be Clingy

There is always a proper opportunity to impress your crush but if you are trying to impress her all day then I think she will be irritated with you and can start to ignore you.

So make sure to only try three to four times to impress your crush, & not more than this.

27. Be With Her Like A Body Guard

If you are not taking care of your crush then I don’t think she will be impressed.

You need to protect her from anything which can harm her physically, internally, and mentally.


Let’s assume, that you all are playing basketball and you are sitting near to your crush and you suddenly see that the ball is coming toward your crush then you should either try to stop that ball or you can fastly speak to your crush to get away from there as the ball is coming towards her.

Let’s say one of your crush’s friends is shouting at her from a long time because she did a little mistake, now you can tell her friend to keep quiet and sit on his bench, by seeing your concern, she will be very happy with you.

28. Help Her While Test

Teachers frequently take exams in their period and mostly written, you can try to sit near her and help her to write the answers of the questions.

But before helping her you must be an intelligent student in your class otherwise what you will help her?

After giving the exam, she will thank you for helping her, which is a sign that he is impressed with you.

29. Build Your Internet World

We all have our social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc. but we never focus on increasing our followers.

In your free time, your can share informational things on your social media profile or you can share things in which you are an expert and there is an audience as well who is searching for this type of content.

You can also watch videos on YouTube about increasing social media followers.

If you have a decent amount of followers then try to follow your crush on every social media platform.

If you are running a successful blog then tell your blog name to her and request her to visit your blog and give feedback to you that she liked or not.

30. Get Things Which She Wants But Not Able To Get

This point is applicable only if your crush has some kind of financial issue in her house.

You can ask her especially on her birthday that if she wants anything she likes?

If she answers then you can gift her and we all know that if a woman gets her favorite thing in the form of a surprise or a gift then she becomes very happy and indirectly she can impress from you.

31. Avoid Staring Other Girls

Will you like that your crush is staring at boys other than you?

No doubt your answer will be ‘no’, in the same way, if your crush sees you are staring at other girls then she will feel sad which can directly affect your relationship, which I don’t think you will ever want.

So try to only focus on your crush rather than other girls.

32. Find Her Best Friend And Provide Help

Every girl has her best friend and most of the time it’s a girl, to find her best friend you can keep a watch that with whom she spends her most of the time? Or you can directly ask your crush.

You can start to help her and also start a friendship with her and believe me, you will see many benefits of doing this because you are a friend of your crush’s best friend which means you are directly connected to your crush.

33. Guide Her If She Often Get ill

During student life, both boys and girls don’t pay attention to their body health, which results in illness.

If you are seeing that your crush is often getting ill like from the common cold, fever, fatigue, etc. then guide her about taking care of body, increasing immunity, and eating healthy food.

To illustrate this more perfectly, you can make a chart and physically give her or you can send her on social media profile by doing a private message.

34. Always Complete Your Assignment

You need to complete your assignment so that you can help your crush when she becomes absent from school.

Let’s say your crush has taken a leave for one day for any reason, & on that day teachers give a lot of work and now you should complete all the work or assignments on the same day so that when she comes next day you can give your notebook to her.

And believe that it’s a very good news for you if she takes your notebook with her to complete her incomplete work.

35. Find Ways Through Which She Need To Give You Her Phone Number

Getting your crush’s phone number is very hard but if you really love her, you need to find ways through which she herself gives you her phone number.

Let’s say your father runs a shop in which he sells products related to women’s beauty like nail polish, hair bands, body care, etc. and your crush is also aware of this.

If she doesn’t know you can give visiting card of your shop and tell her that ‘if you require anything then I will bring for you, and if you require images of sample products, then I will send on WhatsApp’.

This can make her to either take your phone number or give you her phone number.

This is just an example, you can find other ways on your own which can help you in this.

36. Always See Her With A Cute Face And Sweet Eyes

It really matters that how you look at your crush, if you are looking at her with seriousness or anger then she will never be impressed.

When she starts to talk with you then see her with a cute face and sweet Eyes, believe me, she will also feel that you have a crush on her and maybe she can be impressed by you.

37. Try To Sit In The Back Row Of Her

If you are not able to understand that where to sit so that you can impress your crush then as per me, try to sit back just at the second row of her or at the left/right bench parallel to her.

By sitting near her you can provide her maximum help.

38. Capture Her Best Moments

Every school takes students on a picnic or tour, some take students for weeks and some for just one day.

When you go on tour then also take a great camera with you so that you can capture the best moments of your crush.

But before capturing beautiful moments, take permission from your crush that ‘will she all you to click her picture on this tour’, if she agrees then move ahead else avoid.

After clicking photos, you can send these pics to your crush, & as per my experience, she will be very happy to see her pics in memorable places.

39. Make A Group Of All Students

You can make a group of all students of your class where you all can solve your queries with each and share important questions which can come in exams.

After this, tell your crush that you have built a group and most of the students have joined, if she is interested she can join.

Finding her class students on one platform she will be very happy.

Telegram & WhatsApp are the best platforms to make a group.

40. Be Hygienic

Not a single girl like a boy who looks unhygienic, like his hairs, are not well combed, he is smelling bad, his nails are not trimmed, etc.

So to impress your crush, always be hygienic, which means everyone including girls have a wish to sit with you because you look awesome and the fragrance of your perfume is at next level, you seem to be a young guy, etc.

41. Your Walking Style Should Be Like A Lion

If a boy walks like a girl then it looks odd, to impress the crush you need to walk like a lion, which means while walking your chest should be a little bit outside and your attitude should be visible to everyone.

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42. Never Backbite About Her

If you are a guy who enjoys backbiting about others then it’s not a good habit.

Never say anything wrong about your crush to anyone, if someone asks about her then always say that she is very good, kind, and helps others.

Because if your crush finds that you are saying wrong about her to others, she will never like you and will start to ignore you.

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43. Try To Be Her Favorite Friend

A friend is a guy whom your crush believes, likes, & shares everything about her including what is happening in her life.

I am pretty sure that by following the above-mentioned ways, you can become a favorite friend of your crush in less time.

44. Tell Her That She Comes In Your Dreams

You can use this point only if you think that everything is good between you and her, & she also likes you back.

When you both are sitting closer then you can tell her that she comes in your dreams, if she likes you then she will give you a cute smile.

This is the last and best way to impress your crush.

45. Use Your Own Mind & Heart

Situations vary from person to person, maybe none of the above-mentioned points shall not work for you and maybe these can work for you.

So, always try to use your own heart and mind to impress your crush because you know better about your crush than anyone else.

Final Words

These 45 points are not the end, there are many other ways through which you can impress your crush.

But as per me these points are the best and can help anyone who has a crush.


1. How can you make your crush fall in love with you?

Try to use the above mentioned 45 ways but if you don’t want to read them then you can simply follow this: Start Friendship > Look Good > Behave Good With Them > Help Them > Continue To Impress Them For 1-2 Months > Then Tell Them What’s In Your Heart.👍

2. What should you never say to your crush?

As per me, you shouldn’t say anything good or bad to your crush which can make her sad, always try to make her smile and believe that you are made for them…..❤️

3. How to impress your crush girl at school?

Well, I have mentioned 45 ways especially for boys who are studying in schools, so start reading & implementing them and I’m sure your crush should feel your love for her.❤️

4. How to impress your crush on social media?

Be what you’re in real life on social media, don’t post fancy photos or anything too fancy, always like your crush’s post [ don’t retweet or share too much ]….. In other words, make her feel that you are not just friend with her but you are more beyond than this.❤️

5. How to be on your crush’s mind?

So you just want to win the race very fast…..no issue I will tell the things which you need in your self or in your behavior to be on your crush’s mind:

  1. Beauty: You need to be beautiful and attractive to catch her eyes.
  2. Helpful nature towards your crush.
  3. You need to be good in talking and behaving so that you can impress or bring smile on your crush’s face.
  4. Try sit close to her.
  5. And try to read the above mentioned ways in the starting to win her heart.❤️👍🙏

Try to read the post full so that you can understand every point.

That’s it for today’s post friends, I hope you liked the post, if you have any queries on this topic then let me know by commenting below.

Thanks👍 All the Best and Have a Nice Day Ahead….