7 Reasons Why Your Crush Never Compliments You [ With Solutions ]

Do you want to know the reason why your crush never do compliments you? If yes, then try to read the entire post.

It’s very painful for a woman when she tries a lot to look beautiful but her crush does not give a single compliment about her beauty.

There can be multiple reasons behind this, & today we are going to see these reasons one by one with their solutions:

1. He is Not Sure You Like Him or Not

If someone has bought a new car and he is standing with his car nearby the road, then you can’t say him ‘ nice car ‘ because you don’t like that person and even you don’t know who he is?

Like this, your crush is also not sure that you like him or not, maybe he likes you but he can’t directly compliment you.

Solution: You can tell your crush that you like him, and from the next day he will start to do compliment you but in between this, it’s very important that your crush likes you back.

2. He’s Shy

As per me, those guys who are shy in nature are mostly true-hearted men because they do very very less fraud with anyone, especially in relation.

I had also a crush on someone but due to shyness, I was never able to tell my crush that she is looking beautiful….

And the same reason can be with you, maybe your crush is shy in nature and becoz of this he is not doing any compliment you.

Solution: You need to spend more and more time with him so that he can remove his hesitation towards you.

You can sit next to your crush for frequent conversations 🙂

3. He is in Fear

Manu guys get feared especially in the matter of girls, and when it comes to making compliments you then these guys become extra strict.

Maybe your crush is also in fear that if he says anything good about your appearance then what you will say or think about him?

Solution: In this situation, you need to build a strong friendship with your crush so that he can remove his fear.

4. His Manners Are Good

Maybe your crush is a guy who respects every single girl including you because his mom and dad have given him very good manners.

And due to the presence of these manners/sacraments in him, he is not able to make any compliment you.

Solution: First of all, you need to make your place in his heart, and then start frequently talking to him, so that he can understand you as his close friend. After some time, there is a high probability that he will start to tell you about your everyday looks.

5. May Be He Talks About You But You Are Not Aware About It

I always compliment my crush on my close friend that how she looks, how today she is looking, my future with her, and more.

Like this, maybe your crush is talking about you with his close friend and you are not aware of this.

Solution: Here, first you need to find his close friend i.e the boy who is always available with your crush, then you need to ask this close friend that his friend( your crush ) talks about you or not?

By doing this you can find the reality.

6. You Never Tried To Talk With Him

If you talk very less with your crush like once a day then tell me how he will be able to do a compliment you?

Frequent talking with your crush is very important, as this removes any kind of misunderstanding between you and your crush, so, make sure to talk four to five times a day with your crush in your class.

7. He Doesn’t Like You

As per me, we can’t avoid this point because if you are not sure that your crush likes you back then there can be a possibility that he doesn’t like you.

A guy only compliments a girl when he like her, so first ask him that what he thinks about you.

Final Words

For me, it doesn’t matter that my crush compliments me or not, the main thing which matters for me is that my crush likes me or not.

Because, if my crush doesn’t like me and often does compliment me, then there is no sense in this, as there is no future for me and her.

I hope, you can understand what I am trying to say, and I hope that you liked my post.

Thanks 👍 Have a nice day ahead….