Affiliate Marketing Is A Waste Of Time [6 Reasons It’s Not]

Will you ever be able to make money in a field about which you do not have proper knowledge?

The answer is no, you won’t be able to make money, the same happens in affiliate marketing i.e if you don’t have proper knowledge about it then you will not be able to make income from it.

Many of you think that affiliate marketing is a waste of time but in reality it’s not.

And in today’s post, I am going to share 6 reasons why affiliate marketing is not a waste of time.

1. It Will Work If You Have Audience

To make income in Affiliate Marketing, it is very important for you to have your own audience because without any traffic or no traffic, how will you be ready to make sales? It’s impossible.

But if you have an audience then affiliate marketing becomes very easy for you.

Let’s say you have 10000 visitors and if you are able to drive 1000 people to seller’s page every month and we assume that only 10 people order then only with those 10 people you can earn good money because affiliate pays way more than ads.

2. If You’re Expert in Your Field Than Everything is Easy For You

In this business, if you are expert in your field then you can earn a lot from here.

Let’s, you are a blogger and you have a successful blog from which you are making out good money then you can easily show others how they can build a blog like your’s and can easily earn through affiliate marketing of hosting, plugin, group seo tools, and even with your own paid course.

People will easily buy through your link without having any hesitation.

But if you are not expert in your field then please forget about making money from here because people will not believe you.

Finance and blogging is the best industry as per me to start affiliate marketing with.

3. It Doesn’t Work If You Are Beginner

If you are a beginner & want to make money through affiliate marketing then I will guide you to avoid it because as a beginner you don’t know the insight of it.

Your blog or videos related to affiliate marketing will not rank and after doing your best you will leave it.

4. A Mixup of Ads and Affiliate Marketing Can Work

For a beginner, it’s always best to monetize their blog or YouTube channel with Google ads because it’s simple and you get paid for your audience.

But, if you want to take a little bit of risk then you can publish both normal(informational) and affiliate content.

This can be a good start…..

5. You Can’t Rank in Popular Niches

If you are going to start affiliate marketing through a blog & on personal health products like shampoo and cream then I sure you will fail because no one will get you rank on first page because your blog’s authority will be very less in comparison to others who are already ranking there.

6. Microniche Works

Technology is a niche but where I go little bit down and talk about ear phones then it’s a micro niche.

So, instead of targeting a vast niche, target micro niche, this will help you to get success much early.


1. Is affiliate marketing worth the time?

If you good traffic on your blog then affiliate marketing is worth the time.

2. Can you lose money through affiliate marketing?

No, as in affiliate marketing you just need to make your audience buy through your affiliate link, if they buy then you get your commission and if not then you don’t get any commission.

3. Does affiliate marketing take a long time?

Yes my bro/sis, affiliate marketing takes a longgggg time to show results, that’s why I prefer to monetize your blog through ads.

That’s it for friends, take care and bye…. 🌺🙏