Can A Shy Person Be A Teacher? [With Solutions👨‍🏫]

So, you are a shy person like I used to be(currently I am a FEARLESS person).

Without a second thought my answer is “Yes, you can be a teacher even if you are shy or introvert”, but you need to follow a few things (we are going to discuss in this post) that will make your dream of becoming a teacher come true👨‍🏫.

As I was a shy guy so be sure I will guide you the best.🙏👍

Here are the things which you can do to remove shyness when you are available as a teacher in a classroom:

1. Remove Any Kind of Fear From Your Heart

According to me, another name of fear is shyness because when you are a shy guy you are not able to speak or behave properly in front of others especially when there are a lot of people standing in front of you.

As a classroom is also full of students so to avoid shyness you need to remove every kind of fear from your heart and to do this you can do this:

  • Hear strong music like motivational or aggressive.
  • Start to think that no one is more stronger and bolder than you.
  • Keep your facial expressions very bold so that everyone will think that you are a very angry and strong man.👍

2. Behave Friendly With Students

Almost all students respect their teachers so it is an advantage for you, they will not speak or argue by standing in front of you.

Students love friendly teachers and I am pretty sure that when all the students will become friends with you, all your shyness will vanish because mostly you are shy in front of strangers not friends.

3. Be Strong in Your Subject

Before entering any school, you must make sure that you are very strong in your subject i.e. you know everything about your subject and nothing is hidden from you.

Because whether you are going to an interview or directly in the classroom as a teacher, students will ask many questions and if you are unable to answer then obviously you will be shy and students may also make different comments about you.

So, make sure to have a excellent grip upon your subject.

4. Enter The Class By Taking A Long Breath

Taking a long breath or drinking water before entering the class can reduce your shyness by 70% which is not bad according to me.

So, you can give it a try whenever you’re going to school.

5. Don’t Let Them Feel You Are Shy or Introvert

If mischievous students are able to know you are shy then can try again and again to make you show your shyness because they know what your weakness is. (my personal experience)

So always keep your heart like a lion’s heart and never be shy in front of anyone.🦁

Gradually your shyness will start to disappear and you will become a bold guy.

Do not forget that after fear there is always victory.👍

That’s it for today’s post friends and I hope you liked my post.

If you have any query, then let me know by commenting below, I will try my best to solve it.

Till that take care and have a nice day ahead…..