Can My Parents See What I Do On My Phone?

So, you have a fear that can your parents can see what you do on your phone?

The answer is ‘Yes’, your parents have right to see what you do on your mobile phone.

Probably, you are thinking that why my parents can check my phone, so, here are the reasons which can help you out with this problem:

1. They Have Bear Pain For You

Do you know your mom had bear 9 months of pain for you and your day had taken care of your mom and you in these 9 months?

I think you are aware of this, and they are taking care of you till today, then tell me why your parents can’t check your phone?

2. Your Parents Don’t Want Anything Bad Happens To You

A phone is a device through which you can access both good and bad things, so to keep you safe, your mom and dad can see what you are doing on your phone.

If you are doing anything wrong which you are not aware of, then your parents will guide you the right path.

3. To Make You Don’t Waste Your Time

Let’s say, your parents have decided to make you a successful guy/girl and you keep wasting all your time on your mobile.

To confirm that you are watching knowledgeable things on your phone, they can check your phone, so, that you can continuously move toward your goals without any distraction.

4. You Are Very Special To Your Parents

Trust me, nobody will stop you when you are doing something wrong other than your parents because others don’t care about you but your parents do care about you.

You are very special to them and you are their heart beat that’s why they can check your phone just to know what exactly you are doing.

5. They Had Live This Age

Your parents have lived the age where currently you are.

So they know very well that what mistakes their kid can do this in young age, and to stop you from doing mistakes your parents can check your mobile.

Final Words

If your parents want to check your phone then happily give your phone to them and say to them ” Mom and Dad, I am your son/daughter and one day I will make you both feel proud on me and I will not do anything which will try to stop me from making you both proud on me”.

Trust me they will be very happy to hear this from you.

In the end, my only advice to you is that do smart and hard work to make your parents proud of you.

Thanks and take care👍