Catering Business – Why I don’t like it

You all have attended at least one food program at marriage parties & have seen some servants wearing the same dress, this is called a catering business.

Now, when it comes to business we need to take steps wisely because a wrong step can ruin our hard work.

Today through this post, I will share about the catering business, starting, required equipment, advantages, disadvantages, & the main answer that why I don’t like this business.

Types of Catering Business

Many people think that there is only one type of catering business but there are two:

1. Selective Catering: In this, the owner only offers some selective services like utensils, servants, etc. but not everything.

The investment in this kind of catering is very less.

2. Professional Catering: In this, the owner offers almost all the things which are required in a marriage like a confectioner, food, sweets, servants, dishwasher, & many more.

This business requires a lot of investment, employees, good connection with the best confectioner.

Equipments required

There are many utensils which a person needs to purchase before starting this business:

  • Serving Spoons & Tongs.
  • Stylish Serving plates.
  • Small and Big Bowls.
  • Rectangular plates.
  • Dresses for employees

These equipments & clothes will be required in both selective & professional catering.

But if you want to start professional catering then you will need extra utensils for cooking and serving.


Here are the main expenses which a person need to pay in this business:

1. Transportation: To transport equipment from our storeroom to the marriage place, we need to hire a pickup truck and need to pay for it.

2. Servants Cost: For every single marriage the owner needs to hire at least fifteen servants, for which these servants charge 500 – 600 rupees.

3. Dishwashing Cost: At the end of the marriage party, the owner utensils including serving bowls & plates, need to be cleaned with water, for which you need to pay a separate person.


Many people face one problem that they are not getting sells but I think advertising can solve this issue very efficiently, here are some of the ways through which you can advertise your business:

1. Sticking posters: Let’s say you have received one order for a catering service, then you can make a good-looking poster of your business along with your mob number.

You can stick this poster to a place in the marriage party where maximum eyes can see this poster.

If your service is good then, people will like and can call you in their programs.

2. Telling to friends and known persons: Friends can help a lot in this business, let’s say you have 50 friends & as per me at least 10 of your friends will have any program in which they will need catering services.

You can tell them about your business and service quality & I think there is a very high probability that they will use your services.

3. Using Visiting Card: Let’s say you meet a person & you described briefly about your catering business, now like other humans this person will only remember your talk for one day next day he will forget.

But if you gave a visiting card to that person then not only the next day but also after one year he can remember you & if needed he can use your catering services.

License Required

As this business is directly related to human food so the owner must get an FSSAI license from their district office.

And if your turnover is good then you can also get a GST number so that you can pay your income tax easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some of the main advantages of the catering business:

1. One Time Investment: As the age of utensils is at least 20 years, so we don’t need to buy these every after one year.

2. Creating Employment: For any marriage program, a person will need at least 15 – 20 human servants, this directly gives employment to those servants.

Here are the disadvantages of catering business:

1. Lot of competition: Catering business is in existence for many years, which has created this business field very competitive, in one city, you can find many people who are doing this business.

2. Finding Servants is tough: As in this business there is no guarantee of consistent orders so finding Servants for one night has become very difficult, you need to insist many to work for one night.

3. Seasonal Earnings: As marriage season in India only run for 6 months, so there is very little time to earn from this business.

Is Catering business profitable?

Yes, but it depends upon how many orders you are getting and the average profit margin of 50%.

Words of Wisdom

Well, this business is very tough especially for those who have no experience in this field.

This business can be very easy if a person can find customers who only want marriage food equipment like serving plates because in this that person doesn’t need to hire servants.

As per me, wedding car business is better than this.

I hope you like the post and if you are interested in business ideas you can check the “business” category of my site.


Disclaimer: All the information provided in this post is for educational purposes only. This site or I will not be responsible for any profit or loss in any business.