Crush Drives By My House [Why Does He Drives By Your House & What You Can Do]

So, he is driving his car by your house and you are also aware of this.

I still remember when I used to drive my Chevy Cruze by my crush’s house just to catch a glimpse of her face, and the day when I could see her face and she could see me in my car, that day I was not able to sleep because of the excitement that next day I will be able to talk to my crush because she will ask me in my class that where were you going in your car yesterday……❤️

The feelings which were used to develop in myself at that time are indescribable.💕

If you are searching for the reasons and what you can do when your crush drives his car by your house, then keep reading this post to the end…..

Why Does He Drives His Car By Your House?

Here are some of the best valid reasons why your crush drives his car by your house:

1. He Likes You💕

As a guy, I can say that the biggest reason why your crush is driving by your house is that he likes you a lot.

Because there are very few true lovers who drive a car by their love’s house.

2. He Wants To Show That He Has Everything Which You Will Like

What do you like? A big house, a beast car, a guy with a good body appearance, or a caring guy?

By driving the car in front of your house he wants to show you that he has got all these qualities in him and his life like he has a car, good money, he is a handsome guy & caring as well whom you would like.

In other words, he is trying to impress you.

3. He Wants To See A Glimpse of Your Face

There is a high possibility that he is missing you in his house & he is not able to control his desire of seeing your face and this is making him drive his car by your house especially during sunset or evening.

4. Maybe He is Going To His Work

We can’t say with hundred percent conviction without any proof that he is going in his car by your house to impress you because maybe he is going for his personal work like if he has a farm and the road to the farm leads in front of your house then he will have to go by your house in his car.

So, before start making any conclusion make sure to find the exact reason.

5. May Be He Wants To Offer You A Lift

If your crush is going to school in his car by your house in the morning then there is a high possibility that he wants to give you a lift in his car to the school everyday.❤

And if your crush is driving his car by your house on alternate days then also it means that he wants to give you a lift in his car just to help you and to impress you, like you are standing in front of your house for a taxi to go somewhere and he is going in his car then he will try to offer you a lift. 💕

It is also possible that he wants to take you on a short ride to your nearby places like to an ice cream parlor, restaurant, or at a nice evening spot in his car and that’s why he is driving by your house.

So, these are some of the reasons which can help you to find why your crush drives car by your house.👍

Now let’s see something interesting…:)

What You Can Do When Your Crush Drives By Your House

Here are the things which you can do when you are seeing that your crush is driving his car by your house many times:

1. Check The Speed Of His Car Near Your House

Car speed can really help you to know what’s on your crush’s mind about you.

If he’s driving his car very slow near your house then he undoubtedly loves you, because he’s slowing down his car just to catch a glimpse of your face.❤

But if he’s driving his car fast and doesn’t even look at your house, he probably doesn’t like you.(it’s also possible he likes you).

2. Start To Stand In Front of Your House

If he is driving his car regularly by your house then you can stand at the main entrance of your house, if he stops the car and starts talking casually to you with a blushing face and increased heartbeat, it is a sign that he loves you a lot more than you think.

But if he moves on without talking or giving you much importance then it is a sign that he doesn’t like you and he is going that route for his own work.

3. Talk To Him Next Day At School

If you had interaction with him while he was going in his car by your house then the next day you can ask him ‘why are you driving your car by my house?

If he gives a sweet smile and starts making excuses after hearing your question then, believe me, he is affectionate towards you and he only drives his car by your house to see you and impress you with his car.❤💜💚

But if he answers in a very normal way then I don’t think he loves you(my opinion, your’s can be different).

Final Words

Well, I have explained everything about your query ‘Crush Drives By My House’.

While going by your house, if he sees you standing at the main entrance of your house & asks you to come for a short ride with him in his car then you can try to go out with him but make sure to ask your parents about it first.

Hope and wish everything will happen as you want it to happen 🌠🌠

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