Do Guys Care About Acne? [On A Girl]

So, you have acne or pimples on your face but you are not sure whether guys will care about your acne or not when you will go outside like in school or college?🌺

Don’t get worried sis because in this post I am going to share the exact answer whether guys care about acne on a girl or not……

So, let’s get started……..⤵️⤵️

1. Yes, We Do Care

Believe me, no one likes acne, when we see a girl’s face, we see her entire face that how beautiful she is.🌺

And if you have pimples on your face then we will notice it at first sight, we also think in our mind that she has pimples on her face.

If a guy sees your face daily like if he is your classmate then he will notice every tiny change on your face whether it’s a pimple or a acne.

2. It Depends Upon Whether A Guy Likes You or Not

If a guy is really into you then believe me he will never tell you that you look ugly because of pimples, rather he will accept you as you are, he will also inspire you and make you feel comfortable.😍

And if a guy is not really into you, he will start avoiding you or he will try to not be seen with you because he doesn’t want a girl with pimples on her face stand close to him.💔

3. It Also Depends Upon The Location of The Pimple

If you have a pimple on the tip of your nose and the swelling has made your nose bigger and less attractive then trust me guys will care about your pimple.💔

Because if you have a pimple on the tip of your nose then it’s very easily noticeable and when a guy sees you, his attention will shift to the pimple on your nose.

But if you have a pimple somewhere on your face where it is not very much visible, such as near the ear or on the side of forehead, then many guys will not care much about it.

So, the location of the acne matters whether guys will notice your pimple or not.🙏✌️

4. It Also Depends Upon How Acne Looks on Your Face

You will not believe me but some girls look very beautiful with acne as well i.e acne doesn’t spoil their beauty, and guys doesn’t care much about the acne on these type of girls because to them they look beautiful.💕

But some girl look very less beautiful with acne and pimples on their faces and here, almost every guy care about pimples and they avoid to come near to them.💔

So, it depends upon how acne looks on your face.

5. Size of Pimple Does Matter

If you have a huge red pimple filled with white pus, trust me no one will like to see your face because that ugly pimple will force them to look elsewhere whenever they look at you.

But at the same time, if you have a very small pimple then everything will be normal because it will not be visible to the eye much, guys will not pay much attention to that small pimple.

So, size of pimple does matter whether guys will care about it or not.

6. Take A Look in The Mirror

If you exactly want to know whether guys will care about your acne or not then take a look in the mirror once and try to see do you look beautiful with pimples or acne on face?

If while looking in the mirror, you feel that you don’t look beautiful then trust me, you will not look beautiful to guys as well because the mirror is showing you the reality.💔

But if you feel that you look quite good even with acne then you will look beautiful to guys because again mirror is showing you the actuality.✌️💕

7. It Doesn’t Make Good Impression💔

If you want to impress a guy and you have pimples on your face then believe me, it will not make good impression on him.

And this is the reality dear, because no one like pimples.💔

8. Do Girls Care About Acne/Pimples on A Guy’s Face?

You asked me about guys opinion but this is my question to you, “Do Girls Care About Acne/Pimples on A Guy’s Face?”

I have seen many girl and I know very well that girls always like a guy who is good looking and has a pimple free skin, they don’t even look at guys who have pimple on their faces.

Like girls, we guys also care about pimples on a girl’s face, we also have a dream that our life partner may be beautiful and has a pimple free skin.🙏

9. It Depends Upon The Number of Acne

Although a single pimple can spoil your beauty but the more the number of pimples the less beautiful you look.💔

A girl who has few pimples/acne on her face will look better than a girl who has too many pimples on her face, it’s obvious and this rule applies on guys as well.💔

If you have few and small pimples which are not much noticeable then you don’t need to worry about guys.👍✌️

But if you a face full of pimples which are making you look very less beautiful than you are then as per me, guy will care about your pimples!!💔

10. How You Judge A Guy With Acne?

I know you must have seen many guys with pimples, some with less pimples, some with more and some with too many pimples.

And I’m sure you’ve judged them in your mind for how they look.

Like you, a guy also judge every girl with pimples differently.

So what you think about guys with pimples, the same a guy thinks about girls with pimples or acne but it’s not the 100% reality because every guy is different and every guy has a different thinking process.🙏

Again it varies from guy to guy, if a guy likes you then your acne will not be a problem for him but for guys whom with you are friends or wanna be friends with, they will notice your acne and pimples and can make distance from you!!🌺

So, try to keep your face clean and pimple free for best impression on anyone….👍🙏✌️

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead from others…..🌺🙏🌺