Do Guys Look At Pictures Of Their Crush? [Answered By A Guy]

So, you want to know whether guys look at pictures of their crush or not…..🌺

Don’t worry sis because I am also a guy and I have a crush on a girl too, so I don’t think anyone can answer your question better than me…..

In this post, you are going to see whether guys look at pictures of their crush or not, from where they get her picture of their crush, and many more……🌺

So, without further delay let’s start this post……⤵️⤵️

1. Yes, A Guy Look At The Pictures of His Crush😍

It’s a real fact that almost 95 guys out of 100 look at the pictures of their crush….❣

A guy will look at pictures of his crush and even he can’t stop himself from looking at her photos if he tries to stop himself…..

When we guys look at the pictures of our crush then it makes us feel really great from inside and it’s an indescribable feeling……🌺💕🌺

2. Every Guy Uses A Photo Hiding App💝

Yes, almost every guy including me uses a photo hider app to hide pictures of our crush….🌺

And we use a photo hiding app so that we can keep those photo safe by hiding them from our parents and sister….

Because if they see a picture of a girl on our phone then they will ask us a lot of questions about her and it’s just an awkward situation…..🌺

And that’s why, we hide all the pictures of our crush in that particular photo hider app so their pictures don’t visible in the gallery app of the phone………💝

3. I Also Keep Pictures of My Crush😍

Yes, I also keep the pictures of my crush, but I have just two photos of her which I find from her friend’s Facebook account (my crush is so pretty, simple & genuine too even she doesn’t have any social media account)😍

If you think a guy has a crush on you then trust me, today or tomorrow he will have your pictures on his smartphone, or maybe he has already your photos saved on his smartphone….🌺

4. Why Does A Guy Keeps Pictures of His Crush on His Smartphone?

There are many reasons why a guy keeps pictures of his crush on his smartphone and these reasons are….⤵️

1. He Can See Her Face When He Misses Her: It’s obvious that when a guy has a crush on a girl then he will miss her and that’s why he keeps photos of his crush i.e whenever he misses her, he can see her photo…..

Well, it’s another thing that when a guy sees photos of his crush then he starts to miss her more…😂

2. He Keeps Her Pictures As A Motivation: Yes, a guy keeps pictures of his crush because he gets motivation from her pictures, like whenever he feels demotivated he sees her picture and gets motivated….

A guy gets motivation from his crush’s pictures because when he sees her pictures then he thinks that to marry her he needs to study more, work harder and earn more money…..🌺💕🌺

5. When Does A Guy See Photo of His Crush?

There are many moments when a guy sees photos of his crush like….⤵️

1. When He Feels Alone: When a guy feels alone then he definitely sees a picture of his crush to feel that he is not alone, she is with him….🌺

2. When He Misses Her: Yes, when a guy misses his crush then he sees the photo of his crush….🌺

6. How A Guy Get Pictures of His Crush?

Well, there are very few ways through which a guy can get pictures of his crush and those ways are as follows:⤵️

1. From Social Media: These days everyone is on social media and everyone posts their pictures on social media…

So, mostly a guy gets pictures of his crush from social media, and if his crush is not on social media…🌺

Then he tries to find pictures of her on her brother’s or sister’s profile or from one of her friend’s profile…..🌺

I also get my crush’s photo from one of her close friend’s Facebook account, actually, she has a photo with her close friend and that close friend posted those photos on her Facebook page….🙏😍

2. From One Close Friend of His Crush’s Friends: This is the second way through which a guy gets the pictures of his crush i.e he approaches any close friend of his crush offline or online and asks for pictures of his crush….

I know there are less chances that a guy will get photos of his crush through this way but if he is good friends with a close friend of his crush then he can easily get pictures of his crush by telling that close friend the truth that he likes her so he is asking for her photos…..

These two were the most common way, guys use to get photos of their crush, I know there are many other ways but I followed these two only which are safe and easy….


In the end, I would say that a guy who really likes his crush will try hard to get pictures of his crush and if he gets them, then he keeps them safely in his phone for forever and he often looks at those pictures like 5-6 or 10 times a day or even more than that…..❣️

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..

Have a great day ahead and bye bye.🙏👍