Do Guys Remember Compliments? [Answered By A Guy]

If you want to know whether guys remember compliments or not then this post is for you….🌺

Because through this post I am going to tell you the exact answer whether guys remember compliments or not…..

So, without further delay, let’s start this post……⤵️⤵️

1. Yes, We Guys Do Remember Compliments🌺

The short and simple answer to your question is yes, we guys do remember compliments…..🌺

Probably, you are thinking that why do we guys remember compliments?

Well, we guys are rarely complimented, and most of the time only our mom compliments us…🌺

So, when a girl compliments a guy then that compliment goes straight into his heart and mind and gets saved there permanently for the rest of his life…..❣️

2. It Depends Upon Whether He Likes You or Not?

If you are really good looking and he has a crush on you or he likes you then trust me, he will remember your compliments throughout his life….🌺

It has been 7 years but I still remember the compliment from the girl I loved and still love…..

She used to study with me, one day when I was entering the class, she saw me and said “Good Morning Ashish, you are looking so beautiful” and I was shy in front of her so I just gave her a cute smile and said thanks…….😭❣️

Do you know, why I remember her compliment still after 7 years?

Because she was the girl I liked and loved, and I know very well that my heart still loves her….😭

If any other girl has complimented me that day, then I won’t remember her compliment so far…..🙏

So, if he has a crush on you or he likes you then trust me, he will remember every single compliment from you for forever..❣️

3. For How Long Do Guys Remember Compliments?

Well it completely depends upon whether he likes you or not…..🌺

If he likes you then he will remember compliments from you for his entire life and he can’t forget your compliments even if he wants to because those compliments are from you whom he likes not from any normal girl….

But if he doesn’t like you then he can remember your compliments for one day, for two days, for one month or for one year but it’s for sure that one day he will forget compliments from you…..💔

4.How Many Compliments You Should Make Of Him?

To make him know that you like him and to make him remember your compliments, I will say that you should only compliment him two to four times a year….🌺

He will easily get to know that you like him from just one compliment and if he likes you back then he will remember your compliment too….

So, don’t make too many compliments about him, just compliment him once in two months…..🌺

5. The Compliment Which He Will Remember❣️

A guy always remembers compliments from a girl about his appearance….❣️

So, make sure to only compliment how he looks nothing else…..

You can say “his name, you are looking so beautiful”

He will remember this kind of compliments for forever……🌺💕🌺

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Do guys like it when you compliment their clothes?

Yes, guys like it when you compliment their clothes, so, just go and compliment his clothes….

#2 Do guys remember when you compliment them?

Yes, guys do remember when you compliment them but make sure to compliment about a guy’s look only like how he’s looking because a guy always remember a compliment about his looks not about his clothes or anything else….

#3 Do guys like to hear they are appreciated?

Yes, guys like to hear they are appreciated because very rarely a guy is appreciated and if you appreciate him then he will like it….👍

So, this was my post, hope you liked it and I was able to clear all your doubts about him….

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..

Have a great day ahead and bye bye.🙏👍