Do Guys Talk About Their Crushes With Their Friends [When & Why]

Yes, a guy talks about his crush with his friends many times, especially when he is sitting with his best friend or in a group with close friends.

But it is not possible for every guy to talk about his crush among his friends as it depends on many things like how loyal his friend’s group is or how deeply they are connected with each other.💕

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With Which Friends Does A Guy Talks About His Crush?

Mostly a guy only tries to discuss about his crush with his:

1. Best Friend: Like you have your best friend, similarly, every guy has his best friend and this is the first one with whom a guy talks about everything that happens in his life including about his love(crush).

A guy’s best friend is the one he sits with, spends most of his time with, comes and goes to school with him, shares everything with him, shares his food, and more .💕

2. Close Friends: Usually a boy has 5-6 close friends in his class, these are friends who are close to a boy but not as close as his best friend.

These are the second ones with whom a boy tries to discuss about his love.💕

A boy WILL not try to talk about his crush other than the friends listed above because he knows that if he would try to talk about it with others then they can leak about his crush all over the school and not a single guy will want this to happen.💔

When Does A Guy Talks About His Crush With His Friends?

There are many moments when a guy discuss about his crush with his friends(my fav part of this post🤠):

1. When His Crush Flirts With Him

If a guy is sitting with his friends and his crush starts flirting with him and his friends see that she is flirting with their friend then there is a high possibility that either he will talk to his friends or his friends will talk to him about why she is flirting with him.

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2. When They Both Do Eye Contact With Each Other

A long eye contact between him and his crush can be easily noticed by his friends and they will talk about it with him.

It is also possible that after seeing that his friends have noticed him while making eye contact with his crush, he may start talking about his crush with his own friends.🤠

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3. When He is So Excited

When a guy gets so excited about his crush for some reason like if she told him that she likes him back, then he definitely tries to talk about it with his friends, especially with his best friend to tell him about the good news.🙏

4. When His Crush Tries To Come Near Him

When a boy’s crush tries to come near him in front of his friends like if she tries to sit on the same bench which him, then he will try to talk with his friends on the same day whenever he gets time because he knows that they(friends) have seen his crush’s love for him and now, he has to answer many questions of his friends.

5. When She is Absent in The Class

If a guy’s crush is absent in class then there is a very high possibility that he will talk about his crush with his friends like today she is absent & how is he feeling without her, possible reasons behind her absence, should he ask his crush’s friends why she doesn’t come today, & many more…

6. To Get Help To Impress His Crush

If a guy is not able to impress his crush then he can talk with his friends for help to make it easier for him to impress her.

He may talk about this topic with his friends when they’re standing together, entering or exiting the school.

7. During Lunch

Lunchtime is the moment when a boy mostly tries to have food while sitting with his friends.

As a boy I can tell you, a guy who has a crush on a girl talks about his crush to his friends during lunchtime on many things like what to do next, should he try to impress her, etc.

Even his friends can encourage him to share his food with his crush.💕

8. Before Classes Start

We all get at least half an hour before the first class starts and during this free time, a guy having a crush on a girl talks mostly with his best friend about many things related to his crush like things he would do today to impress his crush, where he will sit, how he will start talking with his crush, etc.

9. When He Hesitates To Confess in Front Of His Crush

Unwillingly, a guy feels shy before he is ready to confess in front of his crush, and during this time, he talks a lot with his best friend which mostly includes questions like should he go and tell her how much he loves her, does she likes her or not, and many other questions.

A good best friends always encourage him to go and tell his crush that he likes her because that best friend always wants to see his friend happy.💕

10. When His Friends Are Loyal

Loyalty is the biggest deciding factor that decides whether a guy will talk about his crush to his friends or not?

If a guy’s friends are loyal to him then it is more likely that he will try to talk with them about his crush and vice versa.

Why Does A Guy Talks About His Crush With His Friends?

Well, there are many reasons which makes a guy to talk about his crush with his friends:

1. They Are His Friends: Tell me with whom do you share most of the things that happen in your life?

Of course your answer would be ‘with my friends’, just like a guy shares about his crush with his friends.

2. They Can Protect His Crush If He Is Absent In The Class: If a guy is absent in the class then in his absence his friends can protect his crush from others guys who are trying to impress her, so, it becomes important for him to talk about his crush with his friends.

Even his friends take care of his crush in his absence as of course they are his friends.

3. They Are The Ones on Whom He Can Trust: Who can be more loyal than friends? It is because of this loyalty that a guy can easily talk about his crush to his friends, especially without worrying about privacy.

4. They Themselves Start Talking About His Crush: When a guy has a crush on a girl, he cannot hide his crush on her from his friends for a long time.

And the day when his friends become sure about his crush on a girl, then they start to ask various kinds of questions from him and as result, he has to talk about his crush to his friends.

5. He Feels Good While Talking About His Crush: Most of the guys feel happy while talking about their crush, so as per me, this can also be a reason which makes a guy to talk with his friends about his love(crush).💕

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