Does Banana Cause Acne? [Answered & Briefly Explained]

We all eat bananas almost everyday because they are really tasty to eat especially in summers and good for our health too.🌺

But if you doubt whether you can get acne from bananas or not then this post is for you because through this post I am going to tell you the exact answer whether you can get acne from bananas or not….✌️🌺

So, without further delay, let’s start this post……⤵️⤵️

1. What Exactly is in A Banana Which Can Cause You Acne?

Well according to science, bananas especially ripe bananas have a high glycemic index i.e they are digested quickly but they also increase the blood sugar level faster, and a high blood sugar level creates more facial oil….🌺

More facial oil means more clogging of pores resulting in more acne…..

So, bananas can cause you acne according to Science….

But in reality, things can be different, I know that excess facial oil can cause us acne but facial oil has many benefits too that’s why God has given us sebaceous glands on our facial skin to produce oil………🌺

Facial oil keeps your skin healthy, smooth and also brings up the shine on your face…

So, facial oil have benefits too….

My skin is oily and I find myself lucky that God has given me oily skin, I am happy with that…..🌺

Coming to the point, science says that eating bananas can promote more facial oil, which means more acne, but can bananas really cause you acne?

Read 2nd and 3rd points to get the answer…..⤵️

2. Understanding The Nature of Banana🌺

To know whether something can cause you ance or not, we first need to understand its nature that whether it is cold or hot in nature….🌺

If anything you are eating is cool in nature then it doesn’t give you acne instead it reduces the existing acne and prevents you from getting new ones….

But if it’s hot in nature then it will cause you more acne and make your existing acnes worse….🌺

And bananas are cool in nature i.e they lead out coolness upon eating, reduce your body heat, and make your body cool from inside from the digestive system to the excretory system…..

So, according to me, bananas are cold in nature and they can’t give you acne at all…..🌺

3. My Personal Experience🌺

Well, I am eating bananas everyday from last one year to gain weight and I haven’t got a single pimple from them…🌺

How many bananas I eat?

I eat 5-6 ripe bananas every night, I don’t eat them instead I make banana shake by adding milk, ice, and sugar and then grinding it…..🌺

I am drinking banana shake of 5-6 bananas daily at night to gain weight and make my face look more beautiful, shiny, smooth, and attractive….

So, I haven’t got a single pimple with bananas, therefore I strongly believe bananas can’t cause someone acne..👍🌺

4. There Are Multiple Benefits of Bananas Too🌺

Yes, bananas have too many health benefits like:

  • It promotes digestive health.
  • It makes your facial skin shiny and smooth.
  • Cools down your body.
  • Bananas are full with antioxidants which prevent acne and breakouts.
  • They taste nice.😂
  • Helps you to gain weight if you are interested in increasing weight.
  • There are many other health benefits of bananas too….

So, if bananas have so many health benefits then why stop eating bananas?

Happily eat bananas and I prefer banana shake, it’s so tasty, yummy, and healthy too….💝

5. It Helps You To Cool Down Your Entire Digestive System🌺

If you have a lot of heat in your stomach because of eating spicy and fast food then it can cause you pimples so fast like you can get 2-3 pimples on your face everyday…🌺

But as I said in the 2nd point that bananas are cool in nature so they make your entire digestive system especially your stomach cooler which directly stops getting new pimples and reduces existing pimples too…..✌️👍🌺

6. Bananas Help You With Constipation🌺

Constipation is also the biggest reason why most teenagers get acne on their faces….💔

And as bananas are rich in fiber so they can help you reduce and completely remove constipation…..

And when you are not constipated then automatically you stop getting new acne and your face starts to become clear..🌺

7. Bananas Have Many Skin Benefits Too🌺

Since bananas are rich in potassium and antioxidants so they help you fight pimples…..🌺

Banana also helps you in reducing acne scars, acne redness, and dark spots on the skin…..

I personally consider bananas really good for skin so I eat them on daily basis even sometimes I apply paste of them too on my skin too and the results are superb.🌺

8. We Can’t Only Blame Bananas🙏

According to me, only one thing is not responsible for causing acne, always there are two to three factors or things that are responsible for causing acne..🌺

Although I strongly believe that bananas can’t cause acne but still if someone is saying that banana is causing you acne then he/she doesn’t have a good knowledge about bananas and acnes.

Maybe you are constipated, maybe you are eating spicy food, maybe you are eating fast food, and all these things are causing you acne, not bananas….🌺

So, we need to consider all things to make an accurate conclusion and as per me, bananas are acne-safe…..👍🌺

9. Make Sure To Use Ripe Bananas🙏

If you are eating raw or green bananas which are not ripe then such bananas can cause you acne by causing you constipation…🌺

Whereas fully ripe bananas help you reduce acne by cooling your body and eliminating constipation….

So, always eat ripe bananas not raw/green ones….🙏

10. Bananas Promote Better Sleep🌃

If you are not sleeping enough then also you can get pimples so you should try to sleep at time….🌺

And bananas really help you to have a peaceful sleep, if you are taking banana especially banana shake at night then it can really help you to have a deep sleep….

I am saying this because this is my personal experience which I have got in last one year of drinking banana shake.🌺

11. You Wakeup Fully Energetic🌺

This is also one of the biggest reasons why I drink banana shake every night, actually along with making my face skin more glowing and soft, it also helps me to wake up fully energetic…..🌺

So, if you want to have glowing skin and wake up fully energetic in the morning then you can start drinking banana shake every night…..✌️👍

Final Thoughts🌺

Well, I have shared everything I know about banana fruit and if you have read the entire post then you have understood that bananas don’t cause you acne.👍🌺

Make sure to eat fully ripe bananas and if possible try to drink banana shake instead of eating them….🌺

So, that’s it for today’s post, hope you liked my post and I was able to clear all your doubts…..👍🌺

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..

Have a great day ahead and bye bye.🙏👍